Unicorn Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

Are you interested in the Unicorn Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

The exact origin of the unicorn is in dispute. However, what is agreed on is that this one-horned creature has been a poetic beast of fables in many cultures.

For example, early Christians used the unicorn as a symbol of virtue, divine power, and chastity. Other cultures regard this creature as a symbol of positivity, mystery, magic, and love.

When the unicorn makes its way into your life, it wants you to take charge of your future. This fabled creature wants you to understand you have the power to run your life.

You can do this best by remaining true to your principles and personal truths.

What’s the Unicorn Meaning and Symbolism?


Symbol of Spiritual Enlightenment

In many cultures, the unicorn is seen as a spirit animal that guides people on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Your spiritual guides take the form of the unicorn and appear to you in dreams to assure you of your safety.

They want you to know that you’ve got their support on your spiritual journey.

Symbol of Intuition and Inner Wisdom

The presence of the unicorn urges you to listen to your intuition. This is particularly important if you find yourself in the snare of false beliefs and false prophets.

This spirit guide reminds you that just because someone has told you they saw a unicorn doesn’t mean they have.

Symbol of Beauty and Virtue

The unicorn may appear to you in a variety of ways. For example, you may see it in a movie, on TV, in books, in art, and even in dreams.

When this mystic beast appears to you in a variety of ways, it wants you to know that you are beautiful – both inside and out.

Conduct yourself virtuously, for your beauty to radiate to the world.

Symbol of Strength and Courage

Your courage, strength, and power are best seen by the way you treat the weak and vulnerable. The unicorn spirit animal calls on you to share your blessings with the less fortunate.

Show courage by being kind and generous to all, including those who consider themselves beneath your station.

Symbol of Fortune and Abundance

Dreaming of the unicorn indicates you should prepare for a positive change in your finances. This mystic animal is closely associated with cornucopia, which is the symbol of plenty.

The abundance you receive from the unicorn is not limited to material growth. Your spirituality will also benefit immensely.

Symbolic Meaning of Unicorn Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Unicorn Symbolism in Christian Culture

The unicorn features prominently in the Bible and Christian traditions.

For example, the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament records that God gave the children of Israel the strength of the Unicorn to move out of captivity in Egypt.

In several places in the Old Testament, the strength, courage, and wisdom of the unicorn are underscored.

In the Book of Job, the unicorn is described as irresistible, and it cannot be subjected to man. This means that the power, majesty, and mystery of this beast are far superior to that of man.

Tradition says that the power of the unicorn could only be harnessed by a virgin.

This alludes to the Virgin Mary in the New Testament, who became the mother of Jesus without having slept with any man.

For this reason, many Christians, such as the renowned St. Basil, believe that Jesus is the Son of the Unicorn.

To Christians, this is proof that the unicorn does not only exist in the physical realm, it also strides the divine places.

By around 300AD, the Unicorn symbol had become commonplace in Christendom. It was depicted in art and writings as a majestic creature, whose power was only comparable to that of Jesus.

Unicorn Symbolism in African Culture

Some early reports on the travels of the early explorers to Africa indicated that some of these explorers had spotted unicorns in some parts of Africa.

For example, the reports indicated that John Hanning Speke, a British explorer, spotted this one-horned horse on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Another said that Dr. David Livingstone saw this legendary creature near Lake Nyasa.

These reports were treated with disdain because they were not from official sources. What’s more, the explorers quoted did not themselves admit to having seen the unicorn.

Probably, what they had seen was the rhino – a small elephant-like animal with a single horn at the center of the head. The explorers’ reports must have been taken out of context in some quarters.

However, for quite some time, visitors to these parts of Africa tried to locate these mystical creatures.

What these rumors and stories illustrate is that these creatures were at the center of many myths and fables.

In African mythologies, unicorns are said to be the guardians of kings, emperors, and princes.

King Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire is reputed to be the wealthiest man who ever lived. Legend has it that among his stable of fighting horses and camels were hundreds of unicorns that gave him decisive victories over his enemies.

The legend describes Mansa Musa’s unicorns as creatures with the body of a strong horse, the legs of an antelope, a tail of a lion, and a strong rhino horn at the middle of the head.

Unicorn Symbolism in Native American Culture

In the Native American culture, unicorns are said to be powerful astral beings. These mystical beasts could be on earth but still travel to the divine realm.

Much like in the Christian tradition, Native American tribes believed that this animal was so strong that no man could tame it.

It could only be broken by a virgin.

The Native Shamans held that the Unicorn represented powerful male vitality and masculine spirit. This beast was the epitome of everything desirable in a man.

According to legend, a virgin daughter of a Hopi chief was tasked with taming this beast so that people could harness its power.

This beautiful girl used her charms and lured the unicorn into a trap. The unicorn was delivered to the chief, where it was kept in captivity providing him with valuable counsel in times of crisis.

However, the unicorn broke free and fled as the tribe was engaged in a fight with some enemies.

Up to this day, the Hopi and other tribes that benefitted from its presence mourn the loss of one of its most powerful assets.

To remember this mystical beast, they painted its images on rocks and caves. These images can be seen today in several Native American settlements.

The elders also immortalized the unicorn in oral traditions such as songs, poems, dances, and narratives, which are still carried on to this day.

Unicorn Symbolism in Celtic Culture

The ancient Celts were highly spiritual. They were strong believers in magic and the mysteries of the Universe.

They could see a clear line of connection between all living things, their ancestors, and the deities. They also believed that magical beings – such as unicorns, goblins, and fairies – moved across all the realms.

The Unicorn was so prominent in the Celtic culture that he is believed to be the force behind the first letter of the Celtic alphabet.

This mystical creature is placed in a very unique position in the astrological zodiac sign.

The Celts believed that the unicorn is closely associated with those born between 4th July and 8th August.

From the early Celtic times, the Unicorn has been a central symbol of worship and spiritual rituals.

As the Celt traditions spread from central Europe to other parts of the continent, the symbolism of the unicorn spread with it.

Although there are variations to the symbolism of the Unicorn in different parts of Europe, one thing remains: it is revered for its magical and mystical powers.

Some tribes believed that the Unicorn was purely benevolent and was incapable of evil or committing any atrocities.

Others held that although the unicorn is inherently good, it could be used by the gods to seek vengeance.

Myths abound showing the unicorn being sent by certain deities to mete justice against evil-doers.

If a god realized that a ruler’s heart was not virtuous, a unicorn would be dispatched to convince him to change his ways.

Overall, Celts looked at unicorns as symbols of endurance, fertility, innocence, purity, and justice.

Unicorn Symbolism in Eastern Culture

Unlike the Western image of the unicorn, the Eastern is more like the African one. It has the body of a deer, a horse’s legs and hooves, and an ox’s tail.

The Eastern unicorn is also multi-colored unlike the Western one, which was usually depicted as monochromatic.

The Chinese call this unicorn K’i-lin. According to myth, K’i-lin is said to be the son of the King of the Dragons.

Legend has it that this Ki’-lin was sent by his father to the people with gifts of longevity, kindness, wisdom, joy, and knowledge.

The people welcomed this mystical beast with open arms because he came with what they had been looking for.

When the corn returned back to his father, the Chinese incorporated him in Feng Shui to benefit from his positive energies in their homes and workplaces.

It was agreed that the unicorn should also be made to face the back door where he could be regaled with beautiful songs.

They believed that this offering would entice him to come again with more gifts. Legend says that the Unicorn became a frequent visitor, helping the people with their various problems.

When the Unicorn is Your Spirit Animal

The Unicorn power animal comes into your world to bring a special message from the magical world of the fairies.

This spirit guide reminds you that everything in the Universe is interconnected. This means that what you do in the physical realm is felt in all the other realms.

The unicorn spirit animal wants you to be conscious of your thoughts and actions. It tacitly reminds you to do to others as you’d like done to yourself.

At the same time, this magical creature introduces you to the world of innocence and purity. Likely, you have gone through a rough past that robbed you of your virtuousness.

The unicorn spirit animal comes to help you clear any negative energies from your past. It will gently guide you on the path of renewal to focus on the important things in your life.

Your innocence will return, and your eyes will be opened to the wonders you’ve been missing in the world.

The Unicorn Power Animal

The Unicorn power animal wants you to appreciate your beauty. Once you acknowledge your gifts, you’ll see the need to pursue endeavors that add value to your existence.

This power guide encourages you to pay attention to the special symbols and signs around you. Being a magical creature, the unicorn opens your eyes to a world of possibilities.

It wants you to realize that you’ve been sitting on a mountain of opportunities – and do something about it.

The unicorn power animal introduces you to the power of the unicorn medicine. It contains the magic you need to pursue your goals and manifest your dreams.

The virtue of purity counts very high in the unicorn’s world. You can call on this power guide when you want to explore this virtue.

Being pure means you have overcome all toxic people and situations that have been weighing you down.

It means you can now focus your thoughts on the changes you’ve always wanted to see in your life.

The Unicorn Totem Animal

The unicorn is a great traveler with astral ability. He can comfortably move between the physical and spiritual realms.

If this is your totem animal, it wants you to move beyond the normal. It wants you to challenge yourself so that you can unleash your full potential.

People with the unicorn totem are intuitive. They know where they are coming from, and have a clear vision of where they are headed.

The unicorn totem animal encourages you to be resolute and single-minded. You must never lose focus of your goal, no matter what is happening in your life.

When you embrace your totem guide, you’ll be motivated to open your spiritual doorways to clearly understand your higher self.

You’ll desire to create a strong connection with the Ascended Masters, the Devas, and the Divine.

Virtue and beauty are at the very center of the unicorn totem animal. This totem guide will help you to get rid of resentment, discord, anger, and other forms of negativity.

Only when your mind and heart are clear can you comfortably radiate your inner and express your virtues.

Unicorn Tattoo Meaning

Unicorn tattoos have grown in popularity in the recent past. Their uptake has been given impetus by celebrities that wear the unicorn – such as Ruby Rose, Lady Gaga, Bet Lucas, and Taryn Manning.

Before you have your skin inked with a unicorn, talk to your tattoo artist to discuss your options.

A unicorn tattoo is a statement that you know where you are going. You understand your roots, and you know what you need to do to achieve your goals.

People with the unicorn tattoo are not greedy or impatient. They are some of the virtues people you can find anywhere.

Having a unicorn tattoo indicates you appreciate your inner beauty. You are in touch with your inner self and are not afraid to express what you stand for.

A black unicorn tattoo indicates you have a dash of mystery. Likely, you are attracted to the world of magic or the occult.

Modern mythology indicates that some unicorns can fly. Having a tattoo of a flying unicorn shows you won’t compromise your values and principles.

Wearing a tattoo of a multi-colored unicorn boldly proclaims your power and freedom. You love your individuality, and you are not afraid to express it.

Overall, unicorn tattoos stand for magic, goodness, and positive energies.

What’s the Meaning of Unicorn Dreams?

Dreaming of being friends with a unicorn means you are sitting on your potential. This dream asks you to push yourself beyond your limits.

To dream of talking to a unicorn is a commendation for being virtuous. You are honest, principled, and true to yourself.

To see a unicorn running away from you means your innocence and purity are under threat. Likely, you have started associating yourself with toxic people who are likely to bring you down.

Dreaming of a unicorn running towards you means you’ll meet new people and start a new, exciting relationship.

Dreaming of encountering several unicorns is a wake-up call. Are you still on course to your goals and dreams? If not, where did you go wrong, and what can you do about it?

When a unicorn appears to you during meditation is an assurance that you’ll get the healing you seek. Your pain and suffering are over; you can look forward to a better life ahead.

To dream of riding a unicorn asks you to tap into the benevolence of the Source Energy. You will receive blessings of love, abundance, and spiritual freedom.

Final Thoughts…

Has the unicorn spirit animal appeared to you? This spirit guide wants to attract your attention to inform you about your limitless potential.

The unicorn spirit guide is all about infinite possibilities. You are surrounded by boundless opportunities that you can use to change your life.

The unicorn power animal gives you the eyes to see these opportunities, and the motivation to take positive action about them.

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