Dodo Bird Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

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The dodo bird has for long been associated with naivety, foolishness, and ignorance. This stems from the fact that this bird was so naïve that it inadvertently exposed itself to danger.

The dodo bird was discovered by Dutch explorers on the Eastern African Island of Mauritius in 1598. Barely 80 years after the discovery of this island, the dodo bird had become extinct.

Today, specimens of this bird are to be found in select museums around the world.

The story of the dodo bird draws attention to the heartbreaking consequences of human recklessness. Some people think that the dodo became extinct because it was too clumsy and foolish.

But, hadn’t the dodo been flourishing in Mauritius for centuries before the island was invaded by human settlers?


What’s the Dodo Bird Meaning and Symbolism?

Symbol of Peace and Purity

The dodo was so pure that it had no concept of violence, treachery, or betrayal. Mankind’s blunder and irresponsibility wiped off this bird from the face of the earth in less than 100 years.

The dodo spirit animal stands for peace, non-violence, and reconciliation. Indeed, it has been embraced as the national symbol of Mauritius for this reason.

Warning Against Ignorance

Stories of the dodo diving down into volcanoes or going down the cliff are many. Some people think that such stories are exaggerated, but this is debatable.

All the same, what is without a doubt is that the dodos put themselves in harm’s way through their ignorance.

This is a warning against embracing idiocy of the mind.

Warning Against Stupidity

Most works of literature depict the dodo bird as an exaggerated, comical creature.

Even if they were brighter than the reputation they have acquired over time, they would still be seen as clumsy creatures that represent stupidity.

This is a lesson to humans that stupid actions lead to pain, loss, and even death.

Warning Against Gullibility

Although it is good to be humble, you should not be too naïve to the point that you are taken advantage of.

Had the dodos made it hard for the Dutch settlers to capture them, they would still be alive today. But, they toddled right into the waiting arms of their killers.

Symbol of Ending, Death, and Extinction

From its history, the dodo bird has come to be associated with extinction, death, and ending. Dodo birds were wiped out of this planet within 80 years of being discovered by humanity.

This tells you to be wary of doing things that would make you ‘go the way of the dodo’ – that is, become irrelevant.

Symbol of Change

From the history of this bird, we learn that you have to be adaptable to survive. The dodo bird teaches us to change with the times.

Things will not be the same today as they were yesterday. You should have a keen mind to learn new skills to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Symbol of Environmental Conservation

The dodo bird’s connection to death and extinction encourages us to take up conservation activities. The dodo spirit animal tells you to do something to make your environment more sustainable.

In this sense, the dodo bird is the perfect symbol of hope for the future of our world.

It tells us that if we can tone down on our recklessness, love for violence, and pollution, we can make the world a better place for all.

When the Dodo Bird is Your Spirit Animal

When the dodo bird spirit animal walks into your life, it draws attention to the beauty in your environment.

This spirit guide wants you to appreciate and take care of the natural resources around you. The dodo spirit advocates for peaceful co-existence between humankind and all things, living and non-living.

This should remind you that everything in the Universe is interconnected. In the words of a wise sage, ‘I am because you are; and because you are, I am.’

This means there’s no me without you and vice versa.

Also, the dodo bird spirit animal calls on you to guard yourself and your loved ones against unscrupulous individuals out to rob you of your achievements.

Not everyone you come into contact with wants to see you grow or prosper.

Some pretend to be your good friends, while their sole agenda is to study your ways so that they can bring you down.

This message tells you that your trust is not to be dished out to just about anyone. Let anybody who wants your trust work for it; earn it.

This goes for matters of love and the heart as it does to anything else in your life.

The dodo bird walks into your life to help you reclaim your lost glory. This spirit guide encourages you that you can rise again if you put in the right effort.

People with the dodo bird spirit animal tend to have highly developed psychic gifts. This means that anything that happens in their environment rings a bell to awaken their awareness.

They are rarely caught unawares by events happening in their lives. They know when they are about to be betrayed or when their lives are in danger.

These are the kind of abilities your dodo bird spirit animal wants you to develop. This extinct flightless bird is guiding you not to go out of this world as it did.

The Dodo Bird Power Animal

The dodo bird can come to your aid when you are in trouble. You can call on this power animal should you feel that your innocence is threatened.

The dodo bird power animal will be your guard and guide should you find yourself in a toxic environment.

Whenever you find yourself in dangerous, dark, corrupt, or immoral situations, the dodo bird power animal asks you to maintain a positive mindset.

It is only when you are optimistic that you can ward off any evil directed toward you. A positive mindset enables you to see and acknowledge all the opportunities in your life.

The dodo power animal comes into your life to awaken your hidden talents. You should no longer think of a goal as unachievable.

If your mind can conceive it, nothing should stop you from achieving it.

Talk to the dodo power animal whenever you feel lonely, lost, or taken advantage of. This animal will help you find a peaceful space where you can have more faith in yourself.

People with dodo power animal tend to be assertive. This is because they learn from an early age that they need to be their own best cheerleaders.

When this animal comes into your life, you know when to pause and appreciate yourself for a job well done.

You don’t need anyone’s approval or commendation to know you are on the right track.

The dodo power animal asks you to keep going even when faced with multiple impediments.

Believe in yourself; you have what it takes to create the life you envision for yourself and your loved ones.

You can call on the dodo power animal when you want to take charge of your destiny.

The Dodo Bird Totem Animal

The dodo bird totem chooses to come your way whenever you feel threatened. People with this totem are alert, diligent, and industrious.

They know that lowering their guard could be disastrous to their future.

The dodo totem tells you not to trust anyone just because they keep smiling at you. Not everyone that comes to your doorstep asking for help actually needs it.

Learn to interrogate the intentions of those around you. Trusting blindly can be costly – this is one precious lesson you get from the dodo totem.

Also, the dodo bird totem encourages you to put your skills and talents to good use. You have unique abilities that are highly needed by your community.

If you believe in your power to change your world, you will never run away from your duties, responsibilities, and challenges.

You’ll embrace the dynamism that comes with seeing opportunities where most other people see problems.

Dodo Bird encounters and Omens

Seeing a dodo bird could mean that you have been too serious with life, you need to loosen up a bit. This bird often appears to people who are too sour with life.

You put your soul under a heavy weight when you conduct yourself too seriously. Learn to mingle with fun-loving friends and associates.

Hook up with people that make you laugh, or those that laugh at some of the silly things you do. After all, going through life should not be a prison sentence.

Life is meant to be fun.

At the same time, a dodo bird encounter asks you to be wary of the kind of company you keep. Dodo birds were annihilated because they trusted the wrong species.

This is your cue to know who your friends are. Most importantly, know your enemies and keep tabs on them.

You should never be caught defenseless when your enemy decides to strike.

Meeting a dodo bird could draw attention to the habits that keep pulling you back. This spirit animal wants you to reflect on your behavior and conduct.

You may be surprised to discover that in many ways, you are your own worst enemy. This realization should encourage you to cast aside things that you no longer need.

Dodo Bird Mythology and Folklore

Dodos don’t feature much in many myths and traditions of cultures from across the globe because they were only discovered in 1598.

And, even after this discovery, it wasn’t long before this bird became extinct.

Because of their sad history, many people believed that the dodo bird was a myth, that it never really existed.

This was further given credence by the fact that many people had not imagined that animals could actually die off, leaving no offspring to take after them.

The history of this flightless bird had created a tradition of doubt and confusion.

It was not until the advent and growth of evolutionism, in the late 1800s, that people began to accept that dodo birds were indeed real.

Dodo Bird Tattoo Meaning

People with a dodo bird tattoo convey the message that life is not all that serious.

They believe in being themselves, even when some aspects of their personality may be perceived to be silly.

A dodo tattoo could communicate that you have cut off certain aspects of your life, and you will never go back to them as long as you live.

It could also point to the end of one phase of your life and the beginning of another.

Although the dodo became extinct, their death may have contributed to the birth of modern conservation efforts.

This tattoo implies that good stories can come out of a negative past.

A dodo bird tattoo often communicates that the bearer is aware of the challenges they have to contend with in life.

They are in touch with their strengths and shortcomings, and they are ready to do everything in their power to get the best out of their circumstances.

These tattoos indicate that you are not as naïve as the dodo; you know when to bail out of a situation that is not working in your favor.

Mauritians abroad often wear dodo tattoos to remind them of home. The dodo bird is one of the most revered symbols of Mauritius.

What’s the Meaning of Dodo Bird Dreams?

The dodo bird spirit animal appears in your dreams and visions to convey important messages concerning your life.

Seeing a dodo bird indicates that some aspects of your life are coming to an end. This alerts you to get ready to embark on a new phase.

Dreaming of a dodo walking towards you indicates you are looking down on someone, thinking they are stupid.

Time will prove that you are wrong, and the person you thought stupid is likely to grab the opportunities meant for you.

To dream of a dodo bird calling out to you means your life is in danger. Someone – or something – intends to hurt you badly.

This tells you to remain alert to protect your interests and those of your loved ones.

A dream that shows a dodo coming to your arms indicates you will recover from a setback you had suffered.

Perhaps, you had encountered a serious financial loss. This dream tells you that with the right effort, you will recover.

Some dodo bird dreams carry negative meanings. They remind you of failure and disappointment ahead.

Others talk of loss, sickness, and pain.

Final Thoughts…

The story of the dodo is not so much about the stupidity of this bird as it is of human irresponsibility.

Were it not for humans meddling with nature in Mauritius, the dodo would be alive and thriving today.

The dodo spirit animal comes to teach you many things about your life, key among them the importance of being conscious and responsible.

There’s much you can do with the resources at your disposal to avoid tragedies like the ones that befell the dodo.

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