Turkey Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

Are you interested in the Turkey Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

Turkey is a delicious meal in many cultures across the world. In American culture, this bird symbolizes the undying spirit of the Founding Fathers.

But, what does it mean when the turkey spirit animal comes into your life? It is the same as the Universe writing you a huge message across the sky – in capital letters!

This means you need to pay rapt attention to the guidance of this spirit guide.

What’s the Turkey Meaning and Symbolism?

Abundance and Plenty

The turkey is closely associated with the Thanksgiving meal. To many people, it is a sign of blessing. It urges you to reflect on the positive things in your world.

Fertility and Femininity

The turkey spirit animal represents fertility and femininity. It conveys the energies of love, nurture, and blessings.

Harmony with Nature

The turkey spirit animal encourages you to live harmoniously with your family, friends, neighbors, and workmates.

It also motivates you to take care of your natural environment.

Symbolic Turkey of Monkey Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Turkey Symbolism in Christian Culture

American Christians have had a long-standing tradition of having the turkey as part of their Thanksgiving meal.

So, although this bird may not be openly mentioned in the Bible, it has gained a lot of traction in Christendom.

To American Christians, the turkey represents a period of reflecting on one’s place in the world. This bird encourages believers to count their blessings, and to realize they have a lot going for them.

Whenever a Christian comes across a turkey, it reminds them to have an attitude of gratitude.

Legend had it that President Benjamin Franklin made a favorable comparison between the turkey and the bald eagle.

This is saying something significant about the turkey considering that the bald eagle is the badge of honor and pride in the American flag.

It is also believed that Ben Franklin named male turkeys ‘tom or tomcat’ in reference to a wild man who represents male virility.

Turkey Symbolism in African Culture

Legend has it that the turkey initially originated in Africa. The wild version of the turkey consumed in America today is widely found in African plains and savannahs.

From Africa, this bird was initially exported to the Ottoman Empire – specifically Turkish lands– where Westerners encountered it for the first time.

It is from here that this bird got its Western name.

In some African tribes, the turkey was believed to have spiritual powers. It could convey the souls of the dead safely from this world to the next.

Indeed, evidence shows that the ancient Egyptians mummified this bird and buried it with nobles for companionship in the afterlife.

Apart from its spiritual significance, the turkey is considered a succulent addition to African dinner tables.

In every respect, this bird had a special status in the African culture.

Turkey Symbolism in Native American Culture

Native Americans see the turkey as a symbol of fertility, providence, and community life. Many tribes had annual turkey dances that brought the people together.

Turkey feathers were believed to have special magical and healing properties, and would often be used in sacred rituals and ceremonies.

Some tribes such as the Creeks and the Dakota believed that turkeys had the power of prophecy. They appealed to this spirit animal for intervention to understand what the future holds.

Other tribes such as the Pima and the Iroquois believed that turkeys worked well alongside human rainmakers to bring rain, especially in situations of protracted drought.

In many tribes – such as the Zuni, Navajo, and Shawnee – there were turkey clans that regarded the turkey spirit animal as their totem.

These clans considered the turkey sacred with divine intercessory powers to help avert calamities.

Turkey Symbolism in Eastern Culture

Generally, Eastern cultures regarded the turkey as a bird with magical powers. This is probably because it could change its face to reflect its mood.

Among the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans, this bird was regarded as a symbol of wealth, abundance, and success.

Keeping a turkey in the home was considered prestigious amongst many tribes. It was believed to invite not only good luck and fortune, but also protective powers against evil forces.

Turkeys were offered as sacrificial animals in temples and shrines to invite good harvests. Farmers would choose the fattest and most desirable of these birds for this purpose.

Some communities organized turkey dances in anticipation of good times.

For example, farming communities would dress up their turkey birds on joyful occasions to show the approach of a bumper harvest.

In some communities, the male turkey was seen as a symbol of valor in battle.

When Turkey is Your Spirit Animal

The turkey spirit animal comes into your life with guidance about your relationship with people and the natural world around you.

You stand to gain a lot by creating peace and harmony in your world. This is your cue to create strong bonds with your family and loved ones.

At the same time, the turkey spirit animal asks you to stand up for your loved ones. Let them know they can depend on you through rain and shine.

Keep challenging yourself to scale even greater heights of success. The only way to make yourself better is to face the difficulties that force you to unleash your hidden potential.

Having the turkey as your spirit guide means you have the traits of this bird. You should acquaint yourself with the spiritual traits of the turkey to understand where this link places you.

The Turkey Power Animal

You need the support of your turkey power animal if you hope to successfully pursue your goals. This power guide helps you focus on what’s truly important in your life.

The turkey power animal wants you to get your priorities right. Align your resources with the objectives you desire to achieve before you start implementing your projects.

When this power animal comes your way, you’ll see the need to focus on your spiritual growth and development.

You will be motivated to unleash your personal power so that at the end of the day, none of your goals is left unattended.

Repeatedly seeing the turkey power animal is an invitation to unleash your hidden skills and talents. This bird reminds you that you’ve got what it takes to create a difference in your world.

The Turkey Totem Animal

If you have the turkey as your totem, you are kind and generous. The turkey totem people are known for sharing their blessings with their communities.

You have a way of attracting an abundance of blessings from the Universe. This stems from the fact that because you are willing to share, the Universe is kind and gentle with you.

The only problem with the turkey totem people is that they often neglect their own needs. You are too preoccupied with the needs of others that you overlook tending to yours.

You need to create the right balance not to put yourself at a disadvantage. If you are kind and generous in giving, learn to open your heart and mind to receive, as well.

Turkey Encounters and Omens

Turkey encounters and omens call on you to reflect on what this bird means to you. How did you feel during the encounter?

Did you feel peaceful, serene, and uplifted?

If you felt anything positive during this meeting, it means you should study more closely the turkey spiritual meaning to understand how it applies to you.

Bear in mind that any notable encounter does not happen by accident.

If you get a feeling of resonance and kinship from this bird, it is trying to communicate something important about your life.

If you encounter this bird in a place you ordinarily wouldn’t see it, something significant is happening.

A turkey encounter doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll see this bird in the flesh. It may appear to you in a picture, movie, dream, or TV documentary.

Turkey Tattoo Meaning

People with the turkey tattoo are trustworthy and dependable. They can be relied upon to be there for other members of their family and community.

A turkey tattoo confesses your love for adventure. You enjoy being on holiday and visiting exotic places.

This tattoo also shows your faith in the wisdom of the divine. You hope for your family and businesses to grow.

This kind of faith is important as it enables you to put in the work necessary to see the transformation needed.

Wearing a turkey tattoo shows your faith in the guidance of the turkey spirit animal. You resonate well with its spiritual symbolism, and you feel a strong sense of kinship with this bird.

What’s the Meaning of Turkey Dreams?

  • To see a turkey flying in your dreams tells you to expect an abundance of blessings. Your career or business will finally gain flight and you’ll attract considerable rewards.
  • To dream of a turkey roosting on a tree tells you to have some rest. Maybe, you have been working too hard or moving too fast for your own good.
  • Dreaming of a turkey feather reminds you to take action about a pending issue. It could also be a sign of emotional healing.
  • To see a turkey swimming tells you to consider taking a holiday.
  • When a turkey crossed your path, you are being called upon to help your community. Someone close to you urgently needs help.

Final Thoughts…

As you can see, there are many different spiritual connotations associated with the turkey. This amazing bird holds messages of an abundance of blessings, harmony with nature, and feminine energy.

Take the time to reflect on your feelings and thoughts about this bird, for this will enable you to better understand the turkey meaning and symbolism in your life.

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