Bluebird Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

Are you interested in the Bluebird Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

The world over, the bluebird is associated with peace, happiness, and contentment. This is because of its beautiful colors and the melodious songs it sings wherever it goes.

People are unconsciously attracted to the color blue because it gives a feeling of calmness. In Feng Shui, blue is used to focus emotional energy and relieve stress.

The bluebird spirit animal comes into your life to help you connect with your inner self. This spirit animal guides you to center on your spirituality.

It is the perfect companion in times of prayer, meditation, yoga, and other calm-inducing spiritual practices.

What’s the Bluebird Meaning and Symbolism?


Symbol of Self Awareness

The bluebird spirit animal helps you connect with who you truly are. To achieve this, you must be in touch with your inner being.

This basically means that you must learn to center on your intuition and inner wisdom. When you master yourself, you can then control the world around you.

This is precisely what this spirit guide wants you to achieve.

Symbol of Success and Progress

The bluebird’s songs talk of happiness and contentment. They foretell success in all areas of your life. This spirit animal encourages you to keep working hard.

Through its songs, it reminds you that success is the product of hard work, a positive attitude, and patience.

Symbol of a Peaceful, Stress-Free Life

Who doesn’t love the color blue? The very picture of this bird induces a feeling of calmness in the brain.

When this spirit guide flies into your life, it wants you to stop worrying. Your struggles are soon coming to an end.

If you have been facing a particularly difficult period, the bluebird assures you that things are about to get better.

Symbol of Focus and Determination

The bluebird is a happy chap wherever he goes. He sings like he is living his best life. This should tell you to live your life to the fullest.

Be happy even in the face of challenges. Don’t allow anything to stand between you and your goals. With this spirit guide in your life, focus and determination should be your keywords.

Symbol of Divine Protection

The bluebird is highly spiritual. People from many cultures take this bird as a special messenger from the spiritual realm.

As your spirit animal, the bluebird wants you to know that you are not alone on this journey of life. Your divine guides are constantly watching over you, ready to intervene whenever you need their help.

Symbolic Meaning of Bluebird Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Bluebird Symbolism in Christian Culture

In the bible, the bluebird has many symbolisms.

While you may not get a straight answer from the Bible, it is easy to deduce the meaning of this bird from two things: the characteristics of this animal and what the Bible stands for.

Christians associate any messengers from the Bible with calmness and peace. This is precisely what is represented by the bluebird with its peace-inducing blue color.

As such, many believe that this bird is a special messenger from heaven that teaches you to be calm.

The Bible teaches that we should both be overly concerned about tomorrow.

If God can provide for the birds of the air, such as the bluebird, how much more shall he do for you, His most favored creation?

Also, messengers from heaven always come accompanied by heavenly music. The Bible records that God sits on His throne surrounded by a host of angels singing melodious music.

This is akin to the wonderful songs the bluebird sings as it goes about its business. It tells Christians to be happy; every little care in their lives is being taken care of.

The bluebirds’ songs remind Christians they are not alone. Their angels will accompany them every step of the way.

Bluebird Symbolism in African Culture

Like in many other cultures, the Africans believed that the bluebird was a special messenger from the spirit world.

Bluebird medicine was quite popular among African communities. Shamans and spiritual medicine men would use it to cure cases of troubled minds.

It was particularly useful if the individual had trouble achieving certain goals in the community.

For example, if a man was too late in getting a suitable bride, the bluebird medicine would be used to remove any curse holding him back.

If a woman was having trouble conceiving because she had wronged the spirits of her ancestors, bluebird medicine would be used on her to calm these spirits, and she’d be able to have babies.

The bluebird spirit guide also taught Africans important lessons about the value of the family. Bluebirds take considerable time tending to their nests.

They enjoy being around their loved ones, and are unlikely to move far away from them. To an African, this meant that family is important.

They would often meditate and tell fables from the bluebirds’ lessons to create stability and security in their homes.

Bluebird Symbolism in Native American Culture

The bluebird is featured in fables from many Native American tribes. For example, the Cochiti indicates that the bluebird was the Sun’s most favored child. He was also the firstborn.

This means that this little bird was given a position of prominence among other birds.

The Iroquois and the Navajo used bluebird medicine to treat couples with fertility issues. Seeing a bluebird in your home was considered a good omen of fertility, plenty, and abundance.

These tribes believed that such an encounter would expand their families and increase farm yields.

Hunting parties that encountered bluebirds considered themselves lucky. They knew they’d return home with enough for the community.

Some tribes considered the bluebird their spirit totem animal. For example, the Navajo and the Cochiti believed that the bluebird song was a blessing to the tribe.

If anyone was woken up in the morning by the song of the bluebird, they were assured of a great day ahead.

The Iroquois, the Ye’iiBiCheii, and the Chippewa believed that the bluebird was the guardian of winter.

As such, they held elaborate ceremonies to appease this demigod so that the winter would not particularly harsh.

They would also offer sacrifices at the end of winter to thank the bluebird demigod for his benevolence.

Most Native Americans went to great lengths to attract the bluebird to their homes. They would entice them with grain and gourd nests to bring them closer to their homesteads.

They believed that the close proximity of these birds brought blessings to the community. As a bonus, the people would enjoy the melodious bluebird music from dawn to dusk.

Bluebird Symbolism in Eastern Culture

The Chinese associate the bluebird with the protection of women and all women-related careers. This bird was said to be the embodiment of Xi Wangmu, the Queen Goddess and protector of women.

Priestesses, nuns, and women looked to the bluebird for inspiration. The bird was featured prominently in their prayer rituals, especially if they were making an entreaty to Xi Wangmu.

Any woman or girl who encountered this bird in her daily endeavors considered herself lucky. She knew that her goals would be met with a minimum fuss.

In the Shang Dynasty that existed between 1766 and 1122 BC, the bluebirds symbolize illumination and intelligence.

Anyone who sought to increase their knowledge or wisdom would focus on the energies of the bluebird spirit guide for illumination.

In the Korean peninsula, the bluebird was believed to be a special messenger from the divine realm. It was believed that this bird could easily shuttle between the physical and divine realm.

It provided an important avenue for communication between the living and their ancestors.

When the Bluebird is Your Spirit Animal

The bluebird spirit animal comes into your life to open your eyes to the important things in your life.

This is particularly important if you have been going in circles, working hard but with little to show for it.

The bluebird spirit animal wants you to use your intelligence, wisdom, and confidence to put your life in order.

At the same time, this spirit guide brings a powerful message of peace and contentment. The color blue stands for the positive energies that induce peace and calmness.

The bluebird spirit animal wants you to be happy with yourself. Part of the frustration in your life is because you don’t recognize the good things you have going.

You are too busy comparing yourself with others that you forget to count your own blessings. When you spot this spirit animal, know that it’s time to slow down.

Allow peace and positive energies to permeate your life. Start appreciating yourself for who you are and what you have.

Having this kind of a positive mindset attracts joy and happiness.

It opens your mind’s eyes to the possibilities in your life, and you’ll suddenly see the opportunities that had been sitting right before your eyes.

The Bluebird Power Animal

Call on the bluebird power animal when you feel that things are not working out. Have you been exerting yourself with little success?

This is where this spirit guide comes in. It wants you to be peaceful and happy. Through its unique power medicine, the bluebird will help you to heal, recover, and renew yourself.

This power guide reminds you that although pain lasts through the night, joy shall surely come in the morning.

Your winter is coming to an end; start opening your mind and heart to welcome the beautiful spring that follows.

The bluebird power animal also helps you to overcome the anger, resentment, and pain that has been slowing you down.

Perhaps, you suffered a childhood trauma that has never left you. You lost your innocence, and you no longer believe in the world.

Allow this power guide to lighten you so that you can unleash your full potential. The bluebird power animal wants you to live your truth.

It teaches you to be gentle with yourself and to appreciate yourself for the great person you are.

The Bluebird Totem Animal

Is the bluebird your totem animal? You’ll know it if you have a unique affinity for this bird. You keep noticing it whenever it appears, and its song is music to your years.

Having a bluebird totem calls on you to create a comfortable home life. Bluebirds love their nests, and this totem wants you to do the same.

It also encourages you to create a stable and lasting relationship with the people you trust.

People with the bluebird totem are well motivated to live life to the fullest. They allow the positive attitude of this bird into their minds, and its melodious music into their hearts.

These people are keen to lay solid foundations for themselves. Just like the bluebird has a keen attachment to its territory, these people are averse to moving through life aimlessly.

Bluebird totem people are keen to create the right stability in their families and careers. With the guidance of this totem, you can focus on your goals without allowing distractions to derail you.

Bluebird Encounters and Omens

Many cultures from across the world portray the bluebird as an optimistic omen. It is said to help estranged partners find love again.

The bluebird also has a special connection to children.

According to ancient tales from German Lothringian, bluebirds would congregate around the home of a sick child to sing them healing songs.

It was believed that an encounter with bluebirds brought peace and happiness to the entire home.

An encounter with the bluebird in the evening indicates that the struggles of the day would turn into the joys of tomorrow.

In this case, your spirit guide turns into a bluebird to urge you not to give up. This bird tells you to keep pressing on; your struggles will not last forever.

For sailors, a bluebird encounter indicated good luck and a safe voyage.

Bluebird Tattoo Meaning

Are you considering having a bluebird tattoo? This is a good idea if you want to invite the energies of good luck, happiness, and prosperity into your life.

This tattoo is associated with the end of a difficult phase and the start of better times.

The bluebird tattoo illustrates happiness that does not end with the individual. You have the capacity to spread good cheer to your family, friends, and loved ones.

Wearing a bluebird tattoo is a sign of trust. It indicates you have faith in your closest and dearest. This tattoo constantly reminds you to be there for your family and loved ones.

Having a bluebird tattoo shows your willingness and determination to deal with your darker side. You are ready to face your demons and put them to rest.

This tattoo is a sign of childlike innocence. It means that your heart is pure, and you have goodwill for all.

What’s the Meaning of Bluebird Dreams?

Seeing a bluebird in your dreams gives you hope for a better tomorrow. It is an assurance that your struggles are coming to an end; the past is firmly behind you.

To hear a bluebird singing in your dreams means you need to lighten your emotional load. This dream asks you to deal with your past and get rid of all negativities.

Dreaming of a bluebird flying towards you means your angels and other spiritual guides are watching over you.

This should give you the confidence to move through life in the full knowledge that you have divine protection.

To dream of a bluebird flying away from you means your deceased loved ones are reaching out to you. They want you to do something about your life.

Likely, your habits and attitudes are putting you in harm’s way – even though you may not know it yet.

To dream of a dead bluebird is a warning. It tells you that something is dangling precariously over your life.

A bluebird feather in your dream asks you to count your blessings. Don’t take the things in your life for granted.

Final Thoughts…

Bluebirds rarely move far from their homes. Unlike most other birds that like exploring the world, the bluebirds are happy with their surroundings.

They enjoy the stability and security that comes with being in familiar territory. They are happy and content to be around their loved ones.

If there’s one lesson you must take from this spirit guide, it is that you should be happy with yourself. Be grateful for the small blessings in your life even as you wait for bigger things to happen.

Remember, what you consider small blessings is a big deal to someone else.

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