Grasshopper Spirit Animal Symbolism and Dreams

Are you interested in Grasshopper Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

Grasshoppers are very good hoppers. When the grasshopper spirit animal comes into your life, it’s asking you to put your skills and talents to good use.

This entails that you challenge yourself to do better than you have ever done before. The grasshopper spirit animal calls on you to take a leap of faith.

If you have some ideas and plans about your growth and progress, this spirit guide asks you to go ahead and implement them.

Granted, it will not be easy at first. You’ll face doubts and uncertainties as you start. But, go ahead and do it anyway. You don’t have to be sure of the outcome.

With the grasshopper spirit animal in your life, things cannot go wrong.

The grasshopper spirit animal will come into your life when you need to make a drastic change of direction.

This spirit guide wants to draw attention to the state of your career, family, health, or love life. There’s something you can do to tremendously improve the quality of your life.

With this spirit guide comes hopping into your life, you are bound to achieve positive outcomes.


What’s the Symbolic Meaning of Grasshopper Animal Totem?

Symbol of Harmony and Balance

We have already seen that the grasshopper is an awesome jumper. This style of movement gives this spirit guide a high level of independence and freedom.

All the same, it can’t keep hopping all the time. At times it has to come to the ground to find its footing.

This tells you that you can’t keep running up and down all the time. You have to pause every now and then to find your bearing.

Symbol of Accomplishment and Success

You are indeed lucky if the grasshopper chooses to camp in your life. This spirit guide will open your mind’s eye to the many opportunities in your life.

Everything you engage in will attract massive success and accomplishments. The grasshopper totem animal will keep pushing you to be better and better each new day.

You’ll be keen to keep moving forward to discover new opportunities and openings for success.

Symbol of Change and Growth

The appearance of the grasshopper spirit animal alerts you that it’s time for change. Likely, you have stayed in the same station for too long.

Your grasshopper totem animal is urging you to aim higher. You are denying yourself great opportunities by failing to move forward.

This spirit guide is encouraging you to have a close look at your life to see what you need to change. Is it your personality or love life?

Do you need to safeguard your health and the wellbeing of your family? To achieve these goals, you need to take positive action concerning your life.

Symbol of Liberty and Autonomy

The grasshopper spirit animal enjoys complete freedom when he’s jumping from one place to another.

People with grasshopper totem animal know the true meaning of liberty and autonomy. They are not constrained by the limitations that would hinder the progress of most other people.


Symbol of Intuition and Insight

The grasshopper depends on its own internal rhythm and melody to achieve its goals. When this spirit guide is your totem animal, it will urge you to listen to your instincts.

The grasshopper spirit animal tells you to listen to your heart whenever you encounter uncertainty.

The music inside of you is special, and you should never take it for granted.

Symbol of Generosity and Kindness

The grasshopper spirit animal will teach you to love and help others. This spirit guide is the epitome of kindness.

Symbolic Meaning of Grasshopper Totem Animal in Various Cultures

Symbolism of Grasshopper in Christian Culture

From the Early Church, Christians have always had encounters with grasshoppers.

For example, the Bible records that John the Baptist spent considerable time in the wilderness feeding on grasshoppers.

The grasshopper is always used to showcase God’s power. This insect, though tiny, can jump over 20 times its size.

Also, the grasshopper is mentioned as the Israelites were making the long trek from captivity in Egypt to the Promised Land.

Just before they entered the new land, Moses sent Joshua and other scouts to see the lay of the land. They came back with the report that Canaan was a land filled with milk and honey.

However, two of the scouts brought the terrifying report that the land was inhabited by giants. Compared to the giants, the Children of Israel looked like tiny grasshoppers.

Symbolism of Grasshopper in African Culture

In ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh enslaved the Children of Israel and made them do all the hard labor. God sent the ten plagues to compel the Pharaoh to release the Israelites.

Each of the ten plagues was meant to accomplish some level of victory for the Israelites. After sending 7 plagues, God decided to send one of the most destructive of the plagues.

He unleashed the 8th plague (grasshoppers and locusts) to invade the Egyptians’ fields.

According to legend, this plague was so effective that Egyptian children were taught about the power of the God of Israel for generations to come.

The destruction wrought on the 8th plague led to widespread famine in the land.

Symbolism of Grasshopper in Native American Culture

To the Native Americans, grasshoppers symbolize destruction. This is because these insects are known for destroying their crops and animal feeds.

Native Americans consider the grasshopper greedy, uncaring creature. Indeed, myths about the grasshopper show that this animal brought hostility and bad luck to the land.

A Hopi tribe myth that featured the grasshopper was used to scare children into disobedience.

The children were told that unless they were good and obedient, grasshoppers would lodge in their noses and eat them from the inside.

This was guaranteed to put the naughtiest of children back in line.

However, not all Native American tribes detested the presence of locusts and grasshoppers. The tribes that survived through hunting had positive attributes for these creatures.

They actually respected them for their ability to positively transform the weather.

Symbolism of Grasshopper in Celtic Culture

A golden grasshopper image decorates the entrance to the Royal Exchange House in London. But the story of this grasshopper totem started years before.

Legend has it that this totem was created by Sir Thomas in memory of his Celt ancestor. It is said that as a baby, this ancestor was abandoned in the fields.

A Celtic woman discovered him and raised him as her own. She was alerted of the presence of the baby by the call of a grasshopper.

Years later, Sir Thomas decided to honor the memory of the grasshopper that saved his ancestor.

In Celtic culture, grasshoppers were seen as symbols of help, nobility, and wisdom.

Some people also regarded these insects as symbols of the fairies that used to commune with deities in the divine realm.

All the same, an infestation of locusts or grasshoppers was not welcome. It was believed to be a bad omen of bad luck and misfortune.

Whenever such an infestation was sighted, the Celts would get out of their houses with pans and pots which they would drum repeatedly to scare the insects away.

Symbolism of Grasshopper in Eastern Culture

The grasshopper is a most welcome sight in Chinese culture. The Chinese connect it with long life, good luck, and good health.

They believed that grasshoppers would bring the positive energies of fertility and wealth. As such, almost every household tried to keep these insects as pets.

Some ancient Chinese cultures believed that the appearance of grasshoppers indicated that a loved one had come back to life.

In Feng Shui, grasshoppers symbolize defense, immortality, wisdom, and protection from enemies.

It’s only in recent years that the full destructive power of grasshoppers and locusts was witnessed in China.

The Chinese were forced to send well over 10,000 ducks to save their fields from this plague.

In Japan, grasshoppers are kept as pets. People believe that listening to music from these insects would invite good luck and other blessings into the home.

The Japanese make a delicacy of locusts and grasshoppers. They believe that this improves their fertility and makes them more admirable in the eyes of their lovers.

Koreans, too, enjoy a meal of grasshoppers and locusts. Actually, there are even some cafes that are shaped like grasshoppers in Korea!


What’s the Meaning of Grasshopper Dreams?

Have you had a grasshopper dream recently? Rejoice because this is a sign of good luck. Seeing a brown grasshopper tells you that you have a solid connection to the earth.

Seeing a green one tells you that you’ll enjoy plenty in the days ahead.

Having a dream of a white grasshopper is a sign that your relationships will improve. This tells you to put more effort into creating meaningful connections in your social and professional circles.

Your dream can also feature an albino grasshopper. This tells that you’ll experience an increase in your finances.

You’ll enjoy delight and success in your work.

If you dream that a grasshopper has come calling on your house, it means changes in your career. This is a good time to apply for a pay rise or a promotion.

A visitation from a young grasshopper reminds you of your aptitude. This means you can achieve anything you set your mind on.

Final Thoughts…

The grasshopper spirit animal jumps into your life because you need support. This spirit guide is encouraging you to take a leap of faith.

The presence of a grasshopper totem animal asks you to aim high. Don’t underrate your skills and talents in any way.

The grasshopper spirit animal has chosen you because you desire to move up in life.

When this spirit guide hops into your life, it’s asking you to be progressive and innovative in your approach to problem-solving.

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