Elk Spirit Animal Symbolism and Dreams

Are you interested in Elk Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

The Elk spirit animal is a highly flexible animal that is also referred to as wapiti. This animal has featured greatly in many mythologies.

The elk is a native of Northeast Asia and North America. It was originally given the name wapiti by the Native American tribes of Cree and Shawnee.

When European explorers first laid eyes on this animal, they thought it resembled the elk (moose) of Eurasia.

It’s not easy to see an elk. This means that sighting one is a clear sign that this spirit guide is trying to get in touch with you.

By welcoming the elk spirit animal into your life, you allow it to fully guide and support you to make your life more meaningful.

The elk spirit animal has a lot in store for you.


What’s the Symbolic Meaning of Elk Animal Totem?

Symbol of Grace, Harmony, and Feminine Energy

Unless they are agitated by the behavior of other animals, elks are largely docile. Their big size may appear intimidating, but the truth is that elks are non-aggressive.

This spirit animal comes into your life to teach you the importance of tenderness, grace, and harmony.

Symbol of Masculinity and Dominance

Elks are big animals – just like large deer or moose. The males, in particular, are quite impressive in size, and they have awesome antlers.

Looking at the elk creates a mental picture of strength, masculinity, leadership, and dominance. This spirit guide teaches you to be courageous, brave, and self-confident.

Symbol of Peace and Success

As noted above, elks are rarely aggressive towards other animals. They represent the perfect picture of peace, beauty, and success.

Looking at this animal makes you want to radiate the same qualities. The elk spirit animal tells you that you can achieve this by being at peace with yourself.

Symbol of Flexibility, Endurance, and Protection

The intimidating stature of the elk conveys a picture of endurance, adaptability, and protection. These animals are so strong that they can survive the severe cold weather that’s often found in North American landscapes.

What’s more, these creatures can go for days without water, food, and shelter. They can trek for miles in search of these things.

When this spirit animal comes into your life, it brings with it powerful lessons on flexibility, strength, endurance, and defense.

Symbol of Community and Guardianship

Elks usually walk in single-sex groups. They only join members of the opposite sex during the mating season.

Their coming together creates the image of parental love, care, protection, and nurture. These are important traits that you can learn from your elk spirit animal.

Symbolic Meaning of Crow Totem Animal in Various Cultures

Symbolism of Elk in Christian Culture

Records indicate that elks had found their way into ancient Egypt before the Christian era. Ancient texts describe the elks as deer-like animals that were sacred to Isis.

The same ‘deer-like animals are featured in the Old Testament. The Bible records that they were considered clean for human consumption.

Some of these creatures found their way into artwork done by monks from the early church. The artwork depicted these animals in pairs of male and female.

The early Christians took this as a representation of Bride and Groom. According to Christian literature, the Bride is the Church while the Groom is Jesus Christ.

The meaning of elks in the Bible stands for innocence, simplicity, and faith. Sometimes, the elk and the deer are used interchangeably – especially in the Old Testament.

These animals are often shown stooping to drink from the well of faith. This is indicative of acquiring faith through the Christian spiritual practice of baptism.


Symbolism of Elk in Native American Culture

Native Americans place much value on animal medicine. When it comes to the elk spirit animal, Native Americans believe that there’s much we can learn from this spirit guide.

From their interactions with the elk, Native Americans have come to respect this animal for its agility, stamina, and strength.

The Cree and the Shawnee nations called this animal ‘wapiti’. This loosely translates into ‘the beast with white rump’.

This clearly shows that they had lots of respect for the size, power, and strength the elk represented. Native Americans consulted the spirit of the wapiti when they wanted to move forward in life.

The wapiti spirit guide stands for courage and willingness to carry out one’s responsibilities.

This animal also had symbolic significance to the Lakota tribe. The male elk, in particular, stood for health and long life to the Lakota.

At the same time, young men who were looking for suitable brides would always look to the elk for inspiration.

They would paint elks on their clothes to signify their willingness to keep a family. This signaled to the prospective bride that such a man was responsible enough to take care of her and her family.

The elk spirit animal is held in such high regard that it has found its way in the flag and state seal of Michigan.

It is also the official animal for Utah State.

Symbolism of Elk in Celtic and Norse Cultures

The Celts were a highly spiritual people. They attached spiritual significance to all animals they encountered in their dreams and waking life.

When it came to elks, the Celts believed that this spirit guide was symbolic of the fairies used by ancient divinities.

In medieval times, the elk symbolism spread to many of the predominately Celtic communities.

Paintings and artwork of elks featured prominently in pagan pilgrimage sites. Indeed, this spirit guide has been documented almost everywhere the Celts left their footprint.

By around 2000 BCE, this animal was being used as a divine symbol in most parts of Europe.

Among the Norse people of Scandinavia, the elk was taken as a sign of wisdom, grace, strength, and courage. The Norse people had a special name for this animal.

They referred to it as ‘King of the Forest’. The Norse people would take it as a good sign to see the elk in their dreams or real life.

It was proof that the divine realm was watching over them.

Symbolism of Elk in Eastern Culture

In some Eastern cultures, such as China, the elk spirit animal represents wealth and financial prosperity.

In other countries, the elk’s velvet is used to decorate clothes – especially when one is in love. As such, hides from elk spirit animals were referred to as love apples in some Eastern cultures.

This animal is bred in some parts of Russia, Turkey, Korea, and China for its amazing antlers. The antlers are ground and sold as a traditional medicine to cure chronic conditions.

In Turkey, this animal is closely linked to long life and prosperity. It is also associated with love. Elk antlers are ground and sold as a cure for broken in several countries in the East.

Images of this animal would depict it surrounded by autumnal leaves calling for their lost partners.

What’s the Meaning of Elk Dreams?

To fully comprehend the meaning of elk dreams, you must take into account all other associated symbolism.

This means that you should not overlook any details related to the dream.

Generally speaking, seeing an elk in your dream indicates strength, vitality, and masculine power. Your spirit guide wants you to exude these qualities because an important change is coming your way.

What plans and objectives have you been pursuing? Having this dream shows this is a good time to give all due consideration to your goals and dreams.

You are likely to see this dream when you are going through some hardships. Your elk spirit animal wants you to keep fighting for what you believe in.

This spirit guide encourages you to keep pressing on even when the going is tough. You can borrow a leaf from the power and resilience of this animal to make your life better.

The elk spirit animal comes into your life because it wants to work with you. This is very much possible because elks like working in groups.

The good news is that the elk spirit animal is hardly aggressive – unless you are determined to make a formidable opponent.

Elks are highly energetic. By coming into your life, this spirit guide wants to share its energies with you.

As such, you should count yourself lucky that this spirit guide has chosen you. You can never go wrong with the elk spirit guide on your side.

Final Thoughts…

The elk spirit animal comes into your life to help you make the best possible decisions. This spirit guide wants to help you pursue a life of peace, harmony, and prosperity.

The meaning and symbolism of the elk spirit animal will benefit you and your loved ones. Don’t be quick to ignore this spirit guide because it will steer you in the right direction.

This is one of the most wonderful creatures that can pay you a visit – either in your dreams or in your waking life.

Spiritually speaking, the elk spirit animal is a link between our world and the divine realm. It comes to teach you how best to pace yourself.

You don’t have to work too hard to the extent you overextend yourself. Learn to delegate some of your chores and responsibilities.

This will give you the time and energy to focus on your strong points. This is exactly what the elk spirit animal wants for you as you cover the road ahead.

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