Finch Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

Are you interested in the Finch Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

Finches are found in every part of the world, except for Australia and the Polar Regions. This means that you’ll find myths and fables about this animal in almost every culture.

Their behavior and influence on people are captured in sayings, songs, and oral narratives.

To many, finches are symbols of wisdom. They are said to predict rainfall and were therefore much beloved by communities that depended on rain.

Some finches also provide advanced information in case of danger.

Those who keep these birds as pets have reported they’d get a promotion of something about to happen when the finch behaves in a certain way.

What’s the Finch Meaning and Symbolism?


Symbol of Vulnerability

The finches are really small birds. They paint a picture of vulnerability. Although they are generally strong and vigorous in life, they pull their vulnerability card whenever attacked.

As your spirit animal, the finch tells you to be considerate of the weak and vulnerable in our community.

Symbol of Adaptability and Variability

The finches have been here since time immemorial. They are also found in some of the most exciting places in the world.

Nothing seems to limit these small birds. Legend has it that a number of them accompanied Charles Darwin on his scientific voyages around the world.

The finch spirit animal asks you to have a resilient attitude. Don’t allow the challenges you encounter in life to slow you down.

Symbol of Great Expectations

Finches are some of the most energetic small birds we have on our planet. They go about their business happily and vigorously, with little care for tomorrow.

This spirit guide teaches you to expect good things. It is a waste of time and energy to worry about what tomorrow brings.

As long as you live right today, you can be sure tomorrow is sorted.

Symbol of Freedom

These birds are very much at home in the air element. They glide freely through the air, and when they perch on trees, their music cannot go unnoticed.

It is said that a caged finch does not sing. This means they are truly free in their element.

The finch spirit animal asks you not to limit yourself. Do not allow negative energies to hold you hostage or rob you of your freedom.

Symbolic Meaning of Finch Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Finch Symbolism in Christian Culture

Christianity looks at the finch in a positive light. The European Goldfinch was among the birds that came to commiserate with Christ as he hung on the cross.

It is said that the vivid scarlet patch on the finches head was from contact with Christ’s blood. This patch came about as the finch tried to remove the crown of thorns placed on Christ’s head.

Although the Goldfinch did not manage to dislodge the crown, it succeeded in two other ways. One, this bird strengthened Christ during his last moments before he gave up the ghost.

Two, the Goldfinch received a special blessing for its efforts. This can be seen in the scarlet plumage on this bird’s head.

The legend further explains that to this day, the European Goldfinch has a special place reserved for it upon death.

This analogy is meant to fill Christians with courage, faith, and hope as they do Christ’s work on earth.

It tells them that despite the tribulations they go through as Disciples of Christ, a better place awaits them in the afterlife.

Finch Symbolism in African Culture

African communities associated fiches with their ancestral spirits.

They believed that these birds carried the souls of the ancestors, who would watch over the people as they went through their endeavors.

Fiches were taken to be spirit guides meant to help people make meaning of their lives.

To the Egyptians, this small bird was seen as a blessing from the gods. It was meant to bring joy, peace, and happiness into Egyptian homes.

This spirit animal helped people create stronger bonds with their families and neighbors. As such, the finch was very much welcome around homes.

In African mythology, finches are painted as bringers of joy and happiness.

Whenever a conflict existed, the finches would be chosen by the gods or the ancestors to quell it and restore things back to normalcy.

African Shamans used finch feathers as part of their healing paraphernalia when dealing with an emotionally or mentally disturbed person.

Finch Symbolism in Native American Culture

Many Native American communities have kind words for the goldfinch.

From their traditional narratives to songs and artwork, it is evident there’s a close bond between this bird and humans.

The goldfinches are shown to be kind and considerate.

A popular Iroquois oral narrative illustrates how this bird got its gold plumage. It is said that initially, the goldfinch was not gold at all, but was a lackluster grey or black.

As the legend goes a fox fell asleep under a pine tree one day. Unknown to him, the pine started oozing pain-inducing sap – drops of which fell into his eyes and sealed them shut.

In horror and dismay, the fox howled and wailed, asking the other animals to help him remove the sap from his eyes.

They all declined, saying they were too busy with other things to take care of him.

However, hearing his cries, the finch took pity on the fox and came to his aid. Gently and painstakingly, the finch worked with his brothers and sisters to remove the sap until the fox could see.

The fox was so elated that he asked the finches to make a wish and he’d grant it. They had but one request: brighter colors.

The fox worked with a mixture of flowers to produce a bright yellow color, which he applied to the finches’ plumage.

That’s how these birds changed their color and name to the goldfinch.

This analogy illustrates how these birds were highly regarded by the community. The people thought them kind, considerate, and helpful.

Finch Symbolism in Celtic Culture

According to Celtic mythology, the finch is a symbol of good luck and fortune. It was believed that the presence of a flock of these birds brought wealth and prosperity to the community.

Celtic cultures depict a strong connection between the finch and the well-being of the family.

For example, it was believed that if a man accidentally killed this bird while on a hunt, his family would suffer for the remainder of the year.

This suffering would be intensified if no appeasement was made.

On a more positive note, it was good luck if a young maiden encountered a goldfinch – either in their waking life or in dreams.

It means that this girl would marry a dashing, handsome man who’d provide her with everything she wanted.

The ancient Irish considered the finch sassy, charming, and naughty. It is said that the fiches worked in cahoots with the fairies to create mischief in the world.

The Irish elders regaled their children with humorous tales of the finches’ exploits. Such fables depicted the finch as a bird that was meant to make the people’s lives livelier and more enjoyable.

The Anglo-Saxons were inclined to hold beliefs similar to those of Christians. They believed that these birds got the color of their plumage from the blood of Christ on the cross.

Finch Symbolism in Eastern Culture

The Chinese consider the finch a good omen that brings wealth, abundance, and prosperity. It was also believed that this bird could help someone escape their dark past.

This notion probably came about because finches are small in size, and it is quite hard to trap them.

In Feng Shui, finches are used to invite positive energies into the home. They are placed near windows or doorways to attract any good luck that would be passing close to the house.

The placement of this bird must also consider color themes. It should be put together with colors that enhance stronger bonds in the family.

It was an established custom for the Chinese to keep finches as pets. They agreed that one could not keep one bird on its own.

The practice was to keep it with one or more of its companions. This way, they could have the strength to pull in the energy the homeowner wanted in their household.

When the Finch is Your Spirit Animal

Has the finch spirit guide approached you? You’ll know it if this bird keeps making contact with you. Your finch spirit guide wants you to listen to the song in your heart.

Likely, you have been listening to the songs of others for too long. This spirit guide wants you to turn your attention to your needs.

It is time to focus on your desires and ambitions.

Being a small bird, this spirit guide has a special message for you. It asks you to appreciate the small strides you have made in life.

Celebrate the milestones you have covered this far even as you continue working for the huge successes you desire to see.

The finch spirit guide asks you to pause every now and then to appreciate the far you have come.

You’ll realize that although you have made some mistakes along the way, the future looks bright. Those mistakes should provide you with the lessons to make better moves in the days ahead.

When the finch spirit animal makes its way into your life, you should put your priorities in order. Use the resources at your disposal wisely.

It is your responsibility to take care of what the planet has given us.

The Finch Power Animal

The finch power animal comes into your life when you are going through struggles and hardships. Although this bird is small in stature, it is a power animal that should not be trifled with.

It will help you find fulfillment and contentment in your life. The finch power animal enables you to appreciate challenges as inverted opportunities.

Those guided by the finch spirit guide are highly energetic. This is more so because they have seen the need to leave all negativity behind.

They are fueled by the power of a positive mindset.

When the finch power guide locates you, you’ll start enjoying living in the moment. You will not downplay your achievement, and neither will you be blind to the milestones you have covered.

Call on the power guide if you feel that your energy levels are going low. Allow the finch to spruce up your emotional and mental energy levels.

The finch power animal helps you to get rid of the feelings of self-pity and hopelessness.

The Finch Totem Animal

Were you born with the finch as your totem? You have a very good companion in this journey of life. People who associate with this totem are characterized by optimism, happiness, and buoyancy.

They take life for what it is. These people quickly rise out of their setbacks because they know the futility of crying over spilled milk.

The finch totem animal asks you to go through life boldly, with the confidence of a winner. It reminds you that success belongs to the brave.

When you associate with the finch totem, you take joy in the changes you have brought into your world.

The positive changes you make in your life motivate you to keep aiming higher.

The finch totem asks you never to go back to wasted time and energy. Once you find your path to joy, stick with it and don’t let go.

Finch Encounters and Omens

An encounter with a Star Finch indicates growth and progress in your love relationship. This is an omen that you need to pay closer attention to your partner’s needs.

Seeing a House Finch is an omen that you need to create the right life-work balance. Create more time for your loved ones and help them deal with the challenges they are going through.

Meeting a Euphonia Finch asks you to be colorful, happy, and vibrant. These little birds are magnificent in their blue and yellow feathers.

The sight of a Melba Finch is an omen that you should not give up no matter how hard things get. Like this finch that is known for thriving in the harshest hot deserts, be strong and resilient.

A Spice Finch makes its presence known to advise you to take better care of yourself. Have some time for self-care, meditation, and self-reflection.

The sight of a Goldbreast Finch reminds you to listen to your intuition and inner wisdom. These tools will guide you to pursue what truly matters in your life.

When a Strawberry Finch crosses your path, it asks you to spend more time with your partner. Your effort will create the kind of relationship both of you want.

Seeing a Gold Finch is an omen of success in your personal and professional endeavors. These birds are closely associated with happiness in all spheres of our lives.

An encounter with a Purple Grenadier asks you to put on integrity. Make a deliberate effort to live your life honestly, truthfully, and sincerely; this is the path to true peace.

Finch Tattoo Meaning

Are you considering having your skin inked with a finch image? This is a sign that you are ready to enjoy life to the fullest.

A finch tattoo indicates you don’t take even the smallest of your blessings for granted.

People with the finch tattoo are saying they want to create a memorable life. They don’t do anything in half measures; they know they deserve to be happy.

If this defines you, then a finch tattoo is a good idea for you.

A finch tattoo signals your desire to add color to your life. You want to make choices that bring joy, peace, and contentment into your life.

The finch tattoo marks you out as an adventurous spirit. You enjoy visiting new places and making new friends.

Having the finch tattoo indicates that you identify with the finch spirit animal. You know you can always call on this little bird when you want an injection of positivity into your life.

Final Thoughts…

Has the finch spirit animal flown into your life? Do you keep noticing this little bird wherever you go? This is a sign that your finch spirit guide is reaching out to you.

Acquaint yourself with the finch symbolism and omen to understand your spirit animal better.

The finch spirit animal has chosen you because there’s something it has seen in you. It wants you to open your eyes to the infinite possibilities in your life.

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