Mockingbird Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

Are you interested in the Mockingbird Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

The mockingbird is well respected for its charming songs. It reminds its audience to take care of their souls and mind.

When the mockingbird spirit animal comes into your life, it wants you to take create the right balance in life.

To be happy, you must ensure that all your faculties work in tandem, harmoniously existing with each other.

What’s the Mockingbird Meaning and Symbolism?


Fertility and Parental responsibility

The mockingbird makes an effort to have as many offspring as possible during the breeding season. They are also known to tend to their young ones until they are strong enough to face the world.

Seizing Opportunities

The mockingbird does not pass an opportunity to grab food when it is available. As it goes about this, it keeps an eye out for predators.

As your spirit animal, the mockingbird wants you to use your abilities to take advantage of the opportunities in your life.

Strength and Protection

The mockingbird is well built to thrive in the environment in which it operates. This bird is strong enough to ward off predators from its territory.

As your spirit animal, you can be sure you have a powerful helper watching over you.

Symbolic Meaning of Mockingbird Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Mockingbird Symbolism in Christian Culture

According to the Book of Acts, Christ’s disciples received the power to speak in tongues on the day of Pentecost.

Christians can, therefore, relate to the mockingbirds ability to mimic different voices. Christians look to this animal as the symbol of the Holy Spirit.

It reminds them of the importance of receiving the Helper promised to them by Jesus as he ascended into heaven.

At the same time, the mockingbird songs remind Christians to praise their Maker for the good things happening in their lives.

The mockingbird’s sweet melody is a reflection of the praise and worship songs Christians will sing on the day of rapture when Christ finally comes for them.

The mockingbird is a powerful symbol of everything pure and holy in the Christian faith.

Mockingbird Symbolism in African Culture

The African mockingbird, more commonly referred to as the mocking chat, is a special messenger that helps humans understand the other birds.

The African mockingbird can imitate the songs and sounds made by other animals, especially birds.

It was taken that this bird was tasked with translating what the other animals were trying to communicate from the divine realm.

The African mockingbird is known for its incredibly powerful bursts of energy. It can move from a quiet sleeping posture to a flight speed of well over 40mph in a moment.

To the traditional African, this is not an ordinary bird; it carries the spirits of the ancestors. No wonder it has such a rich resume as an interpreter and conveyor of divine messages.

Mockingbird Symbolism in Native American Culture

The northern mockingbird is featured widely in Native American myths and folklore.

Many Natives believed that this bird was there at the very beginning when the Great Spirit was putting the world in order.

According to legend, the mockingbird was tasked with teaching humans the art of speech. Although humans learned fast from this able teacher, they did not get everything.

Up to this day, the mockingbird tries to give humans additional language lessons through its songs and mimicry.

The Hopi, Maricopa, and Pueblo had a lot of respect for the intelligence this little bird displays.

They believe that the mockingbird was given this quality so that he could report accurately to the gods about what was happening on earth.

As such, these tribes sometimes mentioned the mockingbird in their prayers, asking the little messenger to take favorable reports about them to the deities.

According to Mayan and Pima myths, the mockingbird is a mediator. It uses its excellent communication skills to foster peace and understanding between the inhabitants of the physical realm and those of the world of the spirit.

Mockingbird Symbolism in Celtic Culture

The mockingbirds were taken to represent change and renewal by the Celts.

This spirit animal provided people with the motivation they needed to transform their lives to meet their personal and communal goals.

It was believed that the druids could communicate intelligibly with the mockingbirds. The birds revealed to the druids some happenings of the spiritual realm.

For example, it is from the mockingbird that the druid learned the identity of a new soul. The druids believed that the soul is immortal; it only passed from one person to another when a person died.

The identity of the new person was a mystery to mere mortals. The druids would get this information from the mockingbird, and this would help these priests in their spiritual duties.

Like the Native Americans, the Celts believed that the mockingbird taught humans the art of communication.

This bird would guide people to express themselves fearlessly. It was the desire of every person chosen to speak in public to be guided by the spirit of the mockingbird.

Mockingbird Symbolism in Eastern Culture

In India, the mockingbird symbolizes strength, harmony, and grace. Many people looked to this bird for inspiration when starting out afresh.

To many, the mockingbird was a symbol of renewal and new beginnings.

The Gujarati believed that mockingbirds had a special connection to the gods. These birds symbolized the power of speech, wisdom, and knowledge.

It was believed that the mockingbird spirit would help an individual to express their thoughts and feelings clearly, especially when they were called to do so in a large gathering.

In China, the mockingbird is believed to bring good luck to a newly married couple. This is probably because communication is an important pillar in any relationship.

It was a popular tradition to give a newly wedded couple a pair of mockingbirds as a gift. This was a way of wishing the couple wealth, abundance, and prosperity in their marriage.

When the Mockingbird is Your Spirit Animal

The mockingbird spirit animal comes into your life to help you unleash your hidden skills and talents. With the mockingbird spirit guide on your side, you’ll discover that you are uniquely talented.

The mockingbird wants you to express yourself fearlessly. Don’t allow other people to treat you anyhow they deem fit.

You must learn to speak for yourself, stand up for what is right, and proudly safeguard your interests.

People with the mockingbird spirit animal have a high sense of justice. They are keen to help others deal with their challenges to make meaning of their own lives.

At the same time, the mockingbird spirit animal gives you the power of discernment. You need to have inner insight to distinguish between those who are for you and those who are against you.

The Mockingbird Power Animal

When the mockingbird power animal comes into your life, it gives power to your wings. You are able to take flight quite effortlessly and effectively pursue your ambitions and goals.

Call on this power guide when you feel that the music in your heart is lowering, that your happiness is draining away and things are becoming harder.

The mockingbird power animal will boost your vibrational power with its wonderful songs. It will assure you that your dreams are very much valid, and that you should not give up.

The mockingbird power bird reminds you that the pains and anguishes of today form the basis for the joys and jubilations of tomorrow.

Your struggles and suffering are coming to an end, hold on to your faith and do not let go.

When the mockingbird power bird comes into your life, it wants you to sing. Sing your happiness at being alive and having the chance to make your world more habitable.

Sing at the discovery of the many resources at your disposal. This power guide opens your eyes to your hidden skills and abilities.

The Mockingbird Totem Animal

People with the mockingbird totem know the value of trusting their intuition and inner wisdom. You know that with these two tools, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

The mockingbird totem encourages you to sing your way through challenges. Be happy regardless of what is happening in your life.

This bird draws your attention to the fact that challenges are but the other side of opportunity. This means that when things seem to be at their toughest, you have the potential for the greatest growth.

This bird totem warns you of the dangers of being proud or too arrogant. It reminds you that despite your high levels of success, you are interconnected with those who are still struggling.

This encourages you to be kind and more considerate to those who consider you to be of a higher station.

Mockingbird Encounters and Omens

An encounter with the mockingbird spirit animal encourages you to take new situations in your stride.

A lot of changes are happening in your life; you should remain alert to take advantage of the opportunities that accompany such changes.

Seeing a mockingbird is a gentle reminder that you should have your wits about you. This is particularly important if you are planning to enter into a business contract with new partners.

Do not take people at their face value. Let them prove themselves to you before you can open your heart to them.

A mockingbird encounter urges you to use your brain to learn new things. Do not be content in your comfort zone; the Universe has planned wonderful things for you out there.

Get up, get out, and open your mind and heart to new knowledge.

Mockingbird Tattoo Meaning

A mockingbird tattoo tells the world you are not afraid to stand by your truth. You are outspoken when it comes to your rights and the rights of your loved ones.

Having a mockingbird tattoo means you respect your past, but you are not tied down by it. You clearly understand where you are coming from and where you are going.

People with the mockingbird tattoo are keen to listen to the song of their heart. Although they do listen to public opinion, they are primarily motivated by what makes them happy.

This means you are genuine to yourself and honest with the world around you.

Find out what the mockingbird symbolism means to you and choose a tattoo that agrees with your outlook in life.

What’s the Meaning of Mockingbird Dreams?

  • To dream of a singing, mockingbird tells you to listen to your heart. Pursue things that add value to your existence and make you happy.
  • To dream of a lone mockingbird reminds you of your independence and individuality.
  • To dream of an angry mockingbird is a warning against being arrogant or conceited.
  • To see a mockingbird nest in your dream asks you to pay close attention to your home and your loved ones’ needs
  • A dream of a tweeting mockingbird reflects your own doubts, uncertainty, and nervousness.

Final Thoughts…

The mockingbird totem can teach you its powerful skill of mimicry. This means you’ll have the power to tap into the positive energies in your environment.

As your spirit guide, the mockingbird wants you to open your mind and heart to learning.

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