Are you interested in the Possum Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

Ever heard of the common adage ‘Playing Possum/Opossum’? Well, this is in reference to the Possum’s trick of playing dead whenever it faces danger.

It fakes death to avoid confronting the enemy.

This is an important lesson that the possum spirit animal wants you to learn. It comes into your life to teach you the art of tact and diplomacy.

You don’t have to solve every small problem with a sledgehammer.

Actually; when you learn to employ diplomacy, you may never need that sledgehammer regardless of how big the problem is.

The possum spirit animal wants you to understand that using diplomacy is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it is a tactful way of problem-solving.

This spirit totem encourages you to use intelligence instead of brawn.

You will cover far much more ground when you appeal to people’s sensibilities than when you try to push them around.


What is the Significance of the Possum Spirit Animal?

The possum spirit guide appears in your life to protect you from danger. Likely, you have taken a treacherous path and things may not end well.

Your possum animal totem is here to tell you, ‘Danger ahead: play dead!’ This animal companion wants to gradually guide you back to the right road.

This animal helper is likely to appear to you when you feel lost and confused. You are likely at crossroads; at a loss on the direction to take.

The possum spirit totem urges you to think of the alternatives at your disposal. What issue are you dealing with and what are the hidden traps?

This is the time to put your unique abilities to use. Your possum/opossum spirit guide is here to assure you that you have all the resources you need to achieve your goals.

People with the possum spirit guide tend to be very adventurous. They enjoy venturing out to see what the world has to offer.

By reminding you this, the possum totem is asking you to get out of your comfort zone. However, you need to move out cautiously.

Remember; not everyone out there is trustworthy. And neither is everything you encounter worth keeping.

What do you do when you find yourself pushed to a corner?

You listen to your intuition; it will guide you on the best ways to protect yourself. If the situation calls on you to ‘play dead’, please do so.

However, don’t be afraid to fight to protect yourself if your instincts tell you to do this. Your possum totem has a lot to teach you when it comes to survival tactics.

Your possum spirit animal is saying that you have the mental acuity to deal with whatever life throws your way.


What’s the Symbolic Meaning of the Possum Animal Totem?

Symbol of Planning and Strategy

Your possum spirit guide is asking you to learn to use winning strategies in solving life’s problems. People with the possum spirit animal plan well before they get to the implementation stage.

Think of your end goal before you embark on any project.

Symbol of Mind Over Body

The possum spirit guide wants you to understand that your mind is stronger than your body. This calls on you to employ intelligence and ingenuity in solving problems, rather than resorting to the use of brute force.

Symbol of Caution

Your possum animal totem teaches you to tread carefully – especially when dealing with people you don’t know very well.

The truth is that not everyone out there wishes you well. Some of your friends will put up false fronts in your presence, but they will show their true colors when you turn your back.

Symbol of Resourcefulness

If you didn’t know it, your possum spirit guide wants you to know that you are ingenious. You have what it takes to deal with the problems that bedevil your world.

Of course; as you go about this, your possum totem will guide you on when to fight and when to retreat.

Symbol of Moderation

The possum animal helper teaches the importance of moderation. Don’t take anything in excess. Avoid indulging in anything that may compromise your beliefs, health, or reputation.

Again, don’t rush out without exploring all the alternatives available to you.

For example; if you desire to start a new venture, make sure that you have all the support you need to achieve your goals.

Symbol of Responsibility

You must keep your antennas on alert as you explore your world.

The possum spirit animal asks you to do all due diligence before you engage in any dealings.

Remember; possums look for the easiest way out. This is a lesson that tells you to take it easy. Don’t kill yourself trying to prove your worth to the world.


What’s the Meaning of Possum Dreams?

To understand the true meaning of the Possum dream, you need to note every detail of the particular dream.

It’s also important that you put the dream into context.

Possum dreams come your way to encourage you to come up with solid strategies. Don’t go through life guided by blind faith.

Most of these dreams lay emphasis on your need to trust your instincts.

Here are some common possum dreams you may experience:

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Possum

Your possum spirit animal is asking you to tap into the incredible power of your brain. Your mind will always serve you well even where your body becomes frail.

The presence of possum in your dream means you are receiving special energies from the divine realm.

You will get the wisdom and knowledge you need to achieve your goals and dreams.

#2 – Dream of Killing a Possum

This is an indicator that you have to re-organize your priorities. Something is not going right in your life; this could interfere with your overall goals and plans.

Your possum animal totem will guide you to re-focus on the right things in your life.

#3 – Dream of Seeing a Dead Possum

This means that you need to take measures to protect all areas of your life. Your health, family, career, relationships, and professional growth are under threat.

It’s time to employ your self-defense tactics.

#4 – Dream of a Ringtail Possum

This dream draws attention to your many skills and talents. Your possum totem is reminding you that you don’t have to look without for solutions.

Everything you need is deep within you.

#5 – Dream of a White Possum

This is a call for you to shed off the fears and worries that have been stalking you. You need to move through life courageously, for you are destined for great things.

#6 – Dream of Being Attacked by Possum

You are being cautioned to tread carefully at your workplace and in your business dealings. Someone is out to defraud you or take advantage of you in some other way. Stay alert!!

#7 – Dream of a Baby Possum

This is a call for you to be more independent. Likely, you are heaping all your worries and troubles on someone or some people.

You can make it on your own; you just need to believe in your own capabilities.

#8 – Dream of a Possum Digging a Hole

This signifies pain, disease, and death. Likely, someone close to you may meet their end soon. Find out who it could be, and help them in the best way possible.

It would also be prudent to make peace with that person before they depart for the afterlife.

#9 – Dream of Fighting with a Possum

This dream reminds you to focus on the important things in your life. Likely, you are wasting too much time and energy in the pursuit of fame and glamor.

Your spirituality is crying out for attention.

#10 – Dream of Talking to a Possum

This means that you are gradually embracing some false beliefs. If this goes unchecked, you may alienate yourself from your realities.

This dream encourages you to listen to your intuition as it will guide you on the true path.

#11 – Dream of a Hidden Possum

This dream encourages you to work out the complications in your life.

Your possum animal totem is asking you to critically evaluate your life to find out what is hindering you from working on your goals.

When to Call on the Possum Spirit Animal

  • You need protection from evil forces
  • You feel surrounded by toxic people and situations
  • You need divine guidance and enlightenment
  • You need wisdom and knowledge to handle life’s issues
  • You desire to harness the full power of your mind
  • You feel surrounded by pretenders and two-faced friends
  • You desire to be more independent

Final Thoughts…

By nature, the possum animal is peaceful, sweet, and agreeable. It prefers to use deception rather than fighting as a protective measure to avoid trouble.

This is not to say, however, that you should allow other people to walk all over you.

The possum spirit animal tells you that you can use your ingenuity to deal with the challenges you are facing.

Not everyone can manage to do this. When you see the possum spirit guide try to contact you, know that you are unique

You have what it takes to deal with the issues in your life as well as in your community. You are the kind of person others gravitate towards because of your unique ways of problem-solving.

The appearance of the possum as your animal companion confirms that you are a peaceful person. You will go to great lengths to resolve conflicts most agreeably.

This spirit guide wants you to use your strategic planning skills to make your world better.

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