Black and Blue Butterfly Symbolism & Meaning

Are you interested in the Black and Blue Butterfly Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

Black and blue butterflies are some of the hardest butterflies to find. As such, seeing a member of this species is a treasured sight.

Spiritually, black and blue butterflies are positive symbols. They represent a lot of things we’d like to see in our lives.

Over the ages, this marvel of nature has been quite misunderstood. We hope this article will help you to place the black and blue butterfly in its right spiritual perspective.

What’s the Black and Blue Butterfly Spiritual Symbolism?

Generally, butterflies add to the beauty and allure of nature. These stunning creations make our world livelier.

All butterflies are surrounded by deep spiritual meaning. Apart from their legendary beauty, they stand for freedom, transformation, growth, and prosperity.

Butterflies gain their liberty after struggling for quite some time as caterpillars.

This is true of the black and blue butterfly as it is of many other butterflies.

The black and blue butterfly is an adept spirit animal at bringing out color symbolism. The two prominent colors on this insect act like a code.

They carry a message that you are meant to decipher to make your life better and more meaningful. If the black and blue butterfly is your spirit animal, get ready to make a total transformation.

Your spirit guide wants you to rise from your current level to a whole new status.


What Does the Color Black Symbolize?

In many cultures, black symbolizes loss, pain, death, and mourning. It stands for the dark emotions we go through after a major loss.

People universally associate this color with grief, sadness, and melancholy. That’s why mourners often dress in black as they bury their loved ones.

However, it is a misconception that black is a completely negative color. Spiritually, black can be a good color to interact with.

When the black and blue spirit animal flies into your life, it assures you of a stable and secure life. Black stands for stability and security.

In Japan, it is believed that the color black gets rid of all negative energies, and gives you the protection to work for your goals.

Certain units of the Japanese Samurai warriors dressed in pure black. This was a powerful statement that they were that last line of defense when it came to protecting their Emperor and country.

They were seen as symbols of military, social, and political stability in ancient Japan.

In the black and blue butterfly, black stands for all the stellar qualities you’d like to express. It is the sign of discipline, order, strength, power, protection, and wholeness – to name but a few.

What Does the Color Blue Symbolize?

Blue: a universal color of freedom, peace, contentment, happiness, and calmness.

This color dominates the skies and the seas. Because of the expansiveness of the sky and the sea, the color blue stands for unlimited potential.

It also indicates adventure. Our ancestors sailed through oceans and seas looking for new lands to conquer and settle.

They managed this feat because they could read signs in the blue skies and the sea. They must have had lots of adventures trying out new directions and discovering new places.

In the black and blue butterfly, the color blue stands for the spirit of freedom. It also shows your inquisitiveness, intellect, and ability to overcome hurdles.

When the black and blue butterfly flies into your life, it wants you to use your intuition and creativity. Most artists will understand what the phrase ‘true blue’ means.

They often use it to depict scenes that emphasize loyalty. The black and blue butterfly spirit animal, therefore, asks you to be loyal or faithful in your relationships.

Be loyal to your family, partner, associates, and friends.

Hidden Spiritual Meanings of Black and Blue Butterfly

#1 – Freedom and Independence

The black and blue butterfly is a good omen that stands for freedom and happiness. This spirit animal fills you with the inspiration to make the changes necessary to elevate your life.

By flying into your life, this butterfly wants you to understand that change is inevitable.

It asks you to move with the flow of life, to work with the positive vibes being sent your way to transform your way of life.

The black and blue butterfly is a rare sight. This means you are indeed lucky to see one – in real life, in dreams, in magazines, or on a TV show.

This spirit guide wants you to know you are well protected. It also prods you to put your creativity and intuition to good use.

With these gifts, you can gain the freedom you’ve always desired.

#2 – Take Charge of Your Life

The black and blue butterfly spirit animal indicates that your destiny is in your hands. You have the power to direct your life as you deem fit.

By coming into your life, the black and blue butterfly wants you to make the right choices. These are the kinds of choices that will help you win your freedom.

The positive energies radiated by this insect affect almost every aspect of your life positively. They encourage you to pay attention to your health, wealth, and relationships.

#3 – Let Go of Old Habits

If your finances have been dwindling for one reason or another, this spirit guide wants you to transform your decision-making process.

You should be more particular when it comes to any issue touching on your financial freedom.

You must be positively motivated to get rid of the negative energies affecting your financial life.

When you keep seeing this insect, take it as a message to purge your old image and don a new one. Old, retrogressive habits should have no place in your plans and goals.

#4 – Embark on a Spiritual Journey

The presence of this beautiful creature in your life alerts you it’s time to start your spiritual journey. If this journey has been ongoing, this spirit guide gives you a boost of fresh energy.

The black and blue butterfly indicates that spiritual enlightenment and awakening should be at the very top of your priorities.

This is because when you are spiritually sound, all the other aspects of your life fall into line.

You should look forward to this journey with hope and optimism.

#5 – Divine Love and Support

The truth is that spiritual journeys are never easy. They are littered with all manner of trials and temptations. But, you are lucky that you have the support of one of the most loyal spirit animals.

Seeing this spirit guide should fill you with courage and strength to handle the hurdles on your path.

Regardless of how tough the going gets, the black and blue butterfly wants you to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

#6 – Time for Change

Although all butterflies represent change, the black and blue butterfly stands for a unique sort of change.

They indicate a change from a low and weak state to a higher and stronger one. When this spirit animal comes into your life, get ready to occupy a higher position.

This transformation must start in your mind. Not much is going to happen for the rest of your life if your mind is adamant about change.

Focus on the strength of your mind to transform your life. This is where the real battle is.

Once you change your mindset, your attitude follows suit, and the rest of your life starts to transform in miraculous ways.

#7 – Put your Intuition and Creativity to Good Use

A black and blue butterfly indicates that your success will come from the use of your intuition and creativity.

Although you may follow different paths to achieve your goals and dreams, you’ll rely on these two gifts to make winning decisions.

The use of your intuition and creativity will definitely result in the emergence of a better, more efficient version of yourself.

#8 – Be Kind to Your World

This spirit guide calls on you to love your world. The black and blue butterfly exposes you to the wonders of the natural world.

You are surrounded by beautiful plants, animals, and things. You also interact frequently with the spirit world.

Just like the black in this butterfly blends beautifully into the blue, create harmony and balance in your environment.

The presence of this spirit guide calls on you to take care of Mother Nature as it takes care of you.

#9 – Your Dead Loved Ones are Near

The presence of a black and blue butterfly alerts you that your dead loved ones are near. They want you to know they are in a safe place, and that you should stop worrying about them.

Your loved ones also want you to know they are closely monitoring your life, and they’ll always help you whenever you want them to.

Is a Black and Blue Butterfly a Good Omen?

When the colors black and blue are combined, they represent protection. The black and blue spirit animal flies into your life to assure you that you are safe.

You are well protected from evil forces and enemies both in the physical and spiritual realm.

By all counts, the black and blue butterfly is a good omen. This spirit guide has the ability to absorb negative energies that have made your life their home.

It will also repulse any new toxic energies sent to destabilize your life. It guards your intuition and creativity against spirits that wish to harm you.

As such, it’s a good idea to have a black and blue butterfly tattoo as s sign of protection.

Final Thoughts…

The black and blue butterflies are renowned for their alluring beauty. Those who’ve been lucky enough to see this insect attest to the fact that it is a sight to behold.

But, there’s more to the black and blue butterfly than superficial beauty.

This spirit animal is packed with spiritual messages meant to spark your growth.

This spirit guide encourages you to be curious about your own life, to see your hidden abilities and potential.

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