Pig Spirit Animal Symbolism

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In modern times, the symbolism of the pig is quite uncertain. While this animal is respected by some for the nourishment it provides, it is a symbol of gluttony and greed to others.

Many people dislike being associated with the qualities of the pig. However, things have not always been this way.

For example, ancient Mesopotamians looked at the pig as a symbol of wealth, abundance, and plenty. Those who owned pigs knew that they’d be able to take care of all their needs.

In ancient Egypt, the pig was considered a symbol of versatility, resilience, and patience. This animal can eat just about anything.

The ancient Egyptians saw this as a lesson on the importance of being flexible. One must be ready to embrace changes as they happen.

In the West, the pig was seen as a symbol of prosperity. In all likelihood, the concept of the ‘piggy bank’ arose from this.

The meaning and symbolism of the domestic pig is closely related to that of wild boars. Wild boars are known for their tenacity, determination, and focus as they hunt.

The pig is an excellent animal helper if you are chasing some elusive goals. This spirit guide tells you to be resolute and single-minded in the pursuit of your goals.

You should not allow anything (or anyone) to derail you from your chosen path.


What’s the Symbolic Meaning of the Pig Animal Totem?

When the pig spirit animal walks into your life, it is asking you to get in touch with your realities. This spirit guide tells you to use the resources in your surroundings to solve your problems.

The pig spirit guide is closely associated with good luck, growth, and wealth. The presence of this animal in your life indicates that you will soon be on a firm financial footing.

Your financial woes are coming to an end. In this context, your pig spirit animal is encouraging you to keep working hard.

Focus on the changes you want to see in your life and go ahead to implement them. This is the key to attracting abundance and fruitfulness into your life.

The pig animal totem is closely linked to fertility. Your pig animal totem will guide you to experience an increase in your family and professional life.

If you are looking to have children, look to the pig spirit animal for inspiration. The same is true if you desire to see the expansion of your career, business, or organization.

This spirit guide wants you to understand that you are resourceful enough to achieve your goals and dreams.

People with pig totem animal are as compassionate as they are honorable. They have no pretense, and neither do they harbor ill-will towards anyone.

They are also hard-working. They are particularly keen to meet their financial targets within the time they set for themselves.

Symbolic Meaning of Pig Totem Animal in Various Cultures

Symbolism of the Pig in Christian Culture

In ancient Palestine, pigs were kept by pagans. As such, they were frowned upon by the early Christians as symbols of ungodliness.

In those days, hogs roamed the streets, filthy and smelly. Many were also wild and roamed the wilderness, often wreaking havoc on plants and crops.

The Bible looks at the pigs as agents of the devil. For example, when Jesus cast out demons from a possessed man, he sent the demons to some pigs that were grazing nearby.

Demon possessed, the swine ran off and violently threw themselves off a cliff.

Biblical teachings depict the pigs as unclean and unholy. Eating pork in Christianity (and in Middle Eastern cultures) is discouraged.

However, pigs’ blood can be used in sacrifice. The Prophet Isaiah of the Old Testament records of pigs’ blood being used in temples as a sacrifice to Yahweh.


Symbolism of the Pig in African Culture

In many African cultures, pigs were domesticated for food. They also had a spiritual significance. For example; among some communities in Eastern Africa, pigs were taken to symbolize transition.

Wild boars have been hunted on the African continent since time immemorial. They were valued for their meat and fat.

Pigs can also symbolize oppression and slavery. With the advent of slavery in the 15th century, captured slaves from Africa were kept in the same enclosures with pigs.

The slave masters would eat the best part of the pig and leave the undesirable parts to the slaves.

With time, the intestines, tails, ears, feet, and gizzards of slaughtered pigs became synonymous with oppression and cruelty.

Overall, pigs in the African culture symbolized self-sufficiency. A clan that managed to raise many pigs on its farms was considered wealthy.

Such a clan was highly respected in the tribe. Indeed, there was open competition to raise as many pigs as possible.

Symbolism of the Pig in Native American Culture

The Choctaw pig was considered a symbol of fertility and an increase in wealth. As such, these animals were treated well by the Native Americans.

The increase of wild boars would indicate an increase in the material and spiritual prospects of the clan.

Young warriors would strive to capture as many hogs as possible to bring them to their clans. It was believed that the more pigs a clan kept, the more fortunes it would realize.

In Native American culture, pigs are closely associated with bumper harvests. It was believed that dreaming of pigs was a forecast of good rains.

With an increase in rainfall, good harvests were guaranteed. This meant prosperity for the tribe.

At the same time, the inner parts of the pig were used as medicine. Shamans would make warriors drink potions made of pig intestines as a blessing before battle.

This potion protected them from the arrows of their enemies. In some cases, it made them invisible to their enemies.

With the coming of settlers, the forests were stripped of the wild boar populations. This left the natives disgruntled, and it was one source of conflict between the Native Americans and the new settlers.

Native Americans were keen not to wantonly slaughter pigs in battle. They would hack and kill sheep, goats, and cattle; but would spare pigs.

This is because they had a healthy symbiotic relationship with the hogs. They respected them as a source of food, and for their spiritual significance.

Symbolism of the Pig in Celtic Culture

In Celtic culture, hogs were a common menu in feasts and religious ceremonies. These animals were seen to be the perfect gift or the ideal sacrifice to the gods.

They also had a spiritual significance when it came to war. Warriors were discouraged from being ‘as fat as a pig’.

Rather they were urged to be lean for easy maneuverability during war. One of the Celtic war heroes, Culhwch, got his name and symbolism from swine.

The name Culhwch translates to lean or slender pig. Hunting parties majorly comprised of lean, hardened men who were able to pursue their prey relentlessly.

Also, the pig was closely associated with courtesy, good manners, and respect. According to Celtic mythology, the goddess Ceridwen was the pig goddess.

Her main role was to mete punishment on the profane and those with little regard for societal norms and traditions.

The Celts used boar talismans for good luck and prosperity. They believed that these charms would attract wealth and progress in their lives.

Drawings of pigs were done in houses and places of religious gathering to ward off evil. It was believed that pig fat would scare away any demons that threatened to shatter the peace.

Many looked to the boar spirit animal for guidance when they were faced with new situations. The boar would teach them how to survive, just as it had survived the wilderness for centuries.

Symbolism of the Pig in Eastern Culture

The pig is valued as a source of food and fat in Eastern cultures. In Chinese streets, body parts of hogs are fried, boiled, or roasted by street vendors.

According to ancient Chinese mythology, the god of pigs is able to cure animal diseases. As such, this deity is routinely consulted whenever there’s an outbreak of diseases.

The pig is the 12th sign of the Chinese zodiac. When this sign rules, it indicates that one needs to let go of the past and focus on the future.

The year of the pig calls on you to take care of your family, friends, and loved ones. The year 2019 is a good example of the year of the pig.

Pork was a very important meal. It would be taken during special occasions as a special meal. It was a delicacy that was valued in many homes.

People in the Eastern cultures wear pig amulets to attract good luck. Those with pig animal totem make wise decisions in their personal and professional lives.

In Japan, Korea, and China, the pig is associated with wealth and prosperity. Dreaming of this animal means that one will achieve their financial goal.

What’s the Meaning of the Pig Spirit Animal?

The pig spirit animal encourages you to work for the success you want to see in your life. This spirit guide wants you to know you have everything it takes to grow from one stage to another.

Invoking the pig spirit animal inspires you to come up with the right ideas. It teaches you where you need to step to avoid dangerous pitfalls on your spiritual journey.

Those with the pig as their totems are determined to keep forging forward. They know what they need to do to make their future bright.

The pig spirit guide encourages you to expand your thoughts to unleash your full potential. The pig totem tells you not to allow the failures and mistakes of the past to get in the way of your progress.

This spirit animal comes into your life because you need to embrace change. Do you know what makes you poor and unproductive?

Do you feel like some aspects of your life are out of control? The pig spirit guide is asking you to take charge.

Open your mind to receive the positive energies this totem brings into your life.

This will enable you to realize an increase in your career, finances, health, and relationships. When the pig spirit animal locates you, know that you are well protected.

What’s the Meaning of Pig Dreams?

If the pig walks into your dreams, consider de-cluttering your life. You have likely allowed the negative energies of uncleanliness, greed, and gluttony to enslave some aspects of your life.

Having a pig dream is a signal that you need to redeem yourself. You should start by cleansing your soul.

At the same time, a pig dream could be a warning that someone is taking advantage of you.

This dream calls on you to keep your eyes peeled – especially when you are signing new deals and contracts.

Dreaming of pigs is a sign that you need to put on integrity. You need to be trustworthy to work harmoniously with your destiny helpers.

Be truthful, sincere, and honorable in your dealings. Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver. At the same time, carry out your duties and assignments responsibly.

Having a pig dream also has sexual connotations. It means that you are unfairly denying yourself or your partner their conjugal rights.

This is your cue to work things out with your part.

If you are a man, this dream could indicate that you need to treat members of the opposite gender with more consideration.

The dream reminds you not to be a male chauvinistic pig.

If you are a woman, this dream asks you to be on the lookout for false friends within your circles. Likely, someone is out to take advantage of you sexually.

Final Thoughts…

In many cultures, the pig is seen as a symbol of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. If the pig spirit animal chooses to come into your life, it means that you have some stellar qualities.

This spirit guide is urging you to use your wisdom, intelligence, generosity, affection, and kindness to make your world better.

The pig spirit totem teaches you the importance of nurturing your family and loved ones. Create the time to listen to your loved ones.

The pig features prominently in the Chinese horoscope. People born under the pig zodiac are enterprising.

They are likely to do very well in business ventures.

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