Cicada Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

Are you interested in the Cicada Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

Cicadas are some of the friendliest insects on the planet. Unlike most other insects, cicadas pose no threat to humans, pets, animals, and the household.

Indeed, they add more value than they cause damage to the environment. They entertain us with their song and enrich the ecosystem.

When the cicada spirit animal comes into your life, it wants you to create peace and harmony with your world.

This spirit guide wants you to take part in events that build your dreams. To achieve this, you should associate with the right people and put yourself in the right situations.

What’s the Cicada Meaning and Symbolism?


Symbol of New Beginnings

Some cicada broods take up to 17 years before they emerge from the ground. But when they finally do, they appear with a lot of energy, vigor, and freshness.

They are a big boost to the ecosystem as they add value to the soil. They also provide nourishment for many creatures such as birds, lizards, and even humans.

The cicada spirit animal encourages you to bounce back with vigor after a setback. When life gives you a new beginning, take it with both hands.

Symbol of Learning and Progress

In many cultures, the cicada is taken as a symbol of learning from past mistakes. Its many years of hibernation signify failure.

Its reappearance, fresh and strong, indicates lessons well learned. When this spirit animal comes into your life, it wants you to stop blaming yourself for past blunders.

Instead, avoid falling into the same trap. Use your mistakes as stepping stones to making better decisions concerning your life.

Symbol of Positive Expectations

The cicada spirit guide asks you to look to the future with optimism. This is particularly important if you have gone through a period of pain and suffering.

This insect wants you to believe in yourself. You have the right tools to change your life and move it in the right direction.

It doesn’t matter how far you have sunk. Once you get an opportunity, take it and get rid of all the unhappiness in your life.

Symbol of Perfect Timing

The cicada hibernates and makes a comeback just at the right time. The temperature on the ground must be 65 degrees for this insect to emerge.

The cicada spirit guide teaches you to wait for the perfect opportunity to shoot your shot. To achieve this, you must be in touch with the times and seasons of your life.

Symbol of Energy and Vigor

If you’ve seen these little creatures, you understand the energy and vigor with which they move through life.

For the few weeks they are alive, they bring a total change to the ecosystem. Imagine 1.5 million insects on an acre of land, tending to the soil and providing nourishment to the other animals.

It is a celebration of nature whenever these creatures are around. As your spirit guide, the cicada asks you to use your skills and talents to bring positive change to your world.

Symbolic Meaning of Cicada Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Cicada Symbolism in Christian Culture

The reappearance of cicadas after a long period of hibernation reminds Christians of the passion and resurrection of Christ.

Jesus went through grueling trials and tribulations, was crucified, died, and buried. On the third day, he rose to a glorious reception – and heaven erupted in joy.

The cicadas’ invisible presence under the ground reminds Christians of Christ’s tribulations. Their reappearance signifies resurrection and the promise of eternal life.

Indeed, every cicada year during Easter, some Christian ministers use the cicada as a symbol of Jesus’ victory over death.

Like Jesus, the cicadas have to descend below to a world of darkness and re-emerge into a new, brighter realm after some time.

Christians believe that the cicada has a special relationship with the Divine. They point to the value this insect brings to the ecosystem as a lesson on serving one another.

The cicada encourages Christians to add value to their communities by reaching out to the less fortunate.

Again, there is a biblical significance to the 17 years periodical life cycle of this insect. For example, after the Great Flood, Noah’s Ark came to land on the 17th day of the 7th month.

Also, the Book of Psalms indicates how God would vanquish 17 enemies of His people. The number 17 symbolizes triumph over hardships, enemies, and tribulations.

It is the number of victories.

Cicada Symbolism in African Culture

Being a powerfully spiritual people, Africans believed in rebirth. The dead unusually came back in the form of insects, birds, and land animals.

The cicada has a particular connection with the ancestors and the spirits of the dead. Many African tribes believed that the arrival of the cicada indicated a special visitation from their ancestors.

Just like ancestors nestle in the spirit world, the cicadas nestle beneath the earth for as long as 17 years.

Their appearance meant that the ancestors had come to stir their people into action concerning certain issues in the community.

Many African communities considered the cicada a delicacy. Its arrival provided added nutrition not only to humans, but to many other animals as well.

After some time, the offspring of the cicada would hatch eggs, which burrowed underground to hibernate in readiness for the next cycle.

Africans saw this as an indication that their ancestors were not far away. They had just retreated to watch over the people from the Otherworld.

Cicada Symbolism in Native American Culture

The Hopis believed that the cicadas first appeared in the world after the Great Flood by way of the ‘Fourth World’.

This means that these little insects had a special connection to the Divine. It is believed that they helped regenerate the earth with life after the Great Flood.

They took charge of some of the people and animals that had been devastated by the flood and conducted them to safety.

Among the tribes to benefit from the benevolence of this divine insect was the Hopi. According to Hopi mythology maahu (two cicadas) appeared in the midst of the devastation to give people hope.

The buzzing of their wings sounded like flute music to the Hopi people. The Hopi followed these two little insects as they journeyed to the Fourth World.

Eagles guarding the gates of the Fourth World would not allow the people through, and the maahu had to plead for safe passage.

Also, through their flute music, they healed the people that had bodily injuries from all the tribulations they had gone through.

Such fables go to show that the cicadas were held in high regard among Native Americans.

Cicada Symbolism in Celtic Culture

The cicadas have a distinct buzzing characteristic, especially when they intend to mate. To the ancient Celts, this buzzing sound is a special song from the world of the dead.

They took it that their ancestors – and sometimes the deities – were trying to warn them about the evil in the land, and what they should do about it.

To the Celts, the cicadas have a lot to do with happiness and contentment. This is probably because these insects appear in the summer when the weather is warm and more agreeable.

They hatch their eggs in late spring to early summer, when everyone is in a jovial mood. As such, the cicada is regarded as a symbol of good luck and fortune.

Celts also believed that these insects stood for longevity, eternal youth, and immortality. This is one of the very few creatures that could live for up to 17 years underground and emerge unscathed.

The hibernation and subsequent re-emergence of the cicada gave the Celts hope in the afterlife. To many Celtic tribes, this was proof that death was just a stage in the cycle of life.

Cicada Symbolism in Eastern Culture

The ancient Chinese were fascinated by the cicada’s unique characteristics. From as early as 1500 BCE records indicate the Chinese saw this insect as a symbol of rebirth.

They deduced this from the fact that the cicada emerges from the ground, leaves its empty shell on a tree, grows wings, and starts its life as an adult.

Cicada has been immortalized in Chinese folklore and art. Many songs, myths, and proverbs extol the virtues of this little insect.

In folklore, the cicada is described as lofty and pure. Lofty because these little insects perch on treetops, and pure because they live on dew.

Their images were carved on stone and in paintings.

Many Chinese communities believed that the cicada is immortal. As such, they buried carved cicadas with corpses in the hope that their loved ones would resurrect in the afterlife.

Indeed, the appearance of cicadas was taken to mean that the dead had come back to life – albeit in another form.

In some communities, the appearance of the cicada necessitated special celebrations in memory of the dead.

These communities believed that their dead loved ones had come to dine, dance, and wine with them.

When the Cicada is Your Spirit Animal

Whenever the cicadas appear, get ready to be entertained by their songs as the males sing to their mates.

This spirit animal wants you to listen to the song in your life. There’s something good happening in your life, and you should not be blind to it.

This is another way of telling you to count your blessings. Perhaps, you have been too busy comparing yourself with others that you have forgotten your value.

The cicada spirit gives you insight into the cycle of life. Regardless of what is happening in your life, you are at the right place at the right time.

Nothing about you is an accident. This does not mean, however, that you should fold your arms and be content with your pain and suffering.

The cicada spirit animal wants you to know that a time will come when you will blossom. Keep working hard to rise above your circumstances.

The re-appearance of the cicada tells you there’s hope for a better tomorrow.

The Cicada Power Animal

The cicada power animal helps you uncover hidden truths about yourself. Perhaps, childhood trauma has made you forget how powerful you are.

This is a situation this power guide wants to correct presently.

This songstress will put you in touch with your voice, give expression to your thoughts and feelings, and link you up with your deepest desires.

Call on the cicada power animal when you desire to live an authentic lifestyle. This power guide wants you to be true to yourself to attain all the desires you’ve kept hidden deep in your heart.

The cicada power animal asks you to create peace and harmony in your community. Although the cicadas play their songs, they do so in harmony with each other.

They have to listen to their surroundings and work in tandem with everything around them. This power guide wants you to be kind and considerate of everyone and everything around you.

The Cicada Totem Animal

People born with the cicada totem feel alive during summer. They are warm, loving, and fun.

During the months of spring and summer, you are likely to be preoccupied with thoughts of love, romance, and relationships.

If you were born with the cicada totem, you should pay close attention to your surroundings. Your environment gives you the omens you need to move your life forward.

People with the cicada totem are good communicators. Although you love to hear yourself speak, you are considerate of others.

You are keen to observe the rules of turn-taking in a conversation.

Cicada totem people are unique – you can easily pick them out of any crowd. They are the socializers, the ones who are not shy about making their presence known.

These people eat life with a big spoon – although they are keen not to mess up other people’s happiness in the process.

Because of your cicada totem status, try to keep warm and cozy when the weather turns dull. Don’t allow the doubts and uncertainty that come with winter to get to you.

Cicada Encounters and Omens

An encounter with the cicada spirit guide asks you to enjoy life. Instead of incessantly complaining about what you don’t have, be grateful for the small wins.

Your gratitude will attract bigger wins, and your life will change right before your very eyes.

The cicada omen talks about change, rebirth, and transformation. It tells you to rise above the pains and frustrations of the past and look to the future with hope.

Encountering the cicada spirit animal tells you we are all subject to the cycle of life. Every beginning has an end, and every end, a beginning.

The cicada omen tells you to move with the flow of life. The struggles you are going through do not define you.

This spirit guide assures you that tomorrow will be better than today. Keep the faith; don’t lose hope.

Cicada Tattoo Meaning

The cicada tattoo carries deep meaning and symbolism. This is more so because it has a long history – spanning millions of years – with the earth.

Having a cicada tattoo is an expression of the belief in your own immortality. This insect stands for rebirth and regeneration.

In many cultures, the cicada signifies good fortune and luck in business. Wearing this tattoo indicates you have a lot of hope in your fortunes.

Having a cicada tattoo on your left arm or shoulder indicates you have let go of the past. You are looking to the future with hope.

A cicada tattoo on your thigh or belly is a prayer that your love life will blossom. If you are single, you hope for the right partner to appear.

If you are in a relationship, you pray for a long and healthy connection with your partner.

Overall, the cicada tattoo is a good sign. It symbolizes optimism and great expectation for the future.

Final Thoughts…

An interesting fact about these insects is that they come around every 13 to 17 years depending on the brood. Annual cicadas appear every 2 to 3 years.

As your spirit animal, this insect asks you to have a period of reflection. Sometimes you have to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of living and create time for yourself.

The cicada spirit animal tells you it is okay to go underground every now and then. When the going gets tough, have the wisdom to pause or slow down to recoup your lost energy.

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