Lover Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Having a dream about a male or female lover has something to do with the desires of your heart.

Although it may have nothing to do with romantic relationships, a lover’s dream usually points to a desire to make your love life better.

Some Specific Lover Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Having a Lover

This dream indicates you are a risk-taker. You are willing to go to great lengths to achieve the desires of your heart.

Life is one big adventure that’s loaded with lots of thrills. People who dream of having lovers usually have multiple responsibilities in life.


#2 – Dream of Travelling with a Lover

The problems you have been working on will soon be a thing of the past. This means that the efforts you have been putting into making your life better are finally paying off.

This dream also warns you against going back to the mistakes of the past. Once you have gone past a hurdle, let it firmly remain in the past.

#3 – Dream of Being with Someone’s Lover

Although you are kind and cheerful by nature, many people consider you too liberal. Although some people frown on your values and beliefs, you can connect with a lot more others.

All the same, you need to be keen not to step on other people’s toes. Be careful not to force your ideals on other people.

#4 – Dream of Talking to Your Lover

This dream cautions you that your social behavior is making you a subject of gossip. You need to tone down on some things that are seen to be too coarse.

Try to conduct yourself in a manner that dignifies you in the eyes of others.

#5 – Dream of Taking a Walk with Your Lover

This means you are tired of hiding your feelings from the world. You want everyone to know all about your grievances.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, whether you feel happy or aggrieved. However, go about this wisely not to make an already bad situation worse.

#6 – Dream of Arguing with Your Lover

This dream warns you that some of your most well-kept secrets will come out in the open. This is your cue to watch out what you say, or whom you confide in.

Not everyone you consider a friend is actually one. Some of the people close to you are out to dig out your secrets and use them against you.

#7 – Dream of a Fight with a Lover

You love your partner more than you care to admit to them or to yourself. If it feels right being with this person, go ahead and share your feelings with them.

You may be surprised that this person wants the same thing as you. However, as you make decisions about your love life, always depend on your instincts.

#8 – Dream of Running After Your Lover

This is a sign of possessiveness. This dream encourages you to give your partner space to grow; to experience some things on their own.

It’s okay to allow your partner the freedom to go out with the boys/girls. In other words, learn to trust your partner.

Possessiveness only builds doubt and mistrust in a relationship.

#9 – Dream of Playing with Your Lover

This is a sign that you are about to start an affair with someone well-known to your partner. Before you act on these plans, think of the consequences of such an action.

Likely, your partner will not appreciate what you are about to do. This, coupled with the guilt that is sure to follow, should make you think twice.

#10 – Dream of Attending a Concert with a Lover

Attending a concert with a lover in a dream indicates you are willing to go to great lengths to retain your partner.

You love them deeply, and they probably mean the world to you. This dream asks you not to keep these feelings to yourself.

Let your partner know what you think about them.

#11 – Dream of Visiting Your Lover’s Parents

This dream indicates your desire for assistance from someone you consider senior to you.

Perhaps, things are not going as well as you’d hoped, and you need the help of your mentor or supervisor at work.

This dream commends you for recognizing and acting on your shortcomings.

#12 – Dream of Your Partner Cheating on You with a Lover

To dream that your partner is cheating on you with someone else means you have trust issues.

If your relationships are insecure and unstable, it’s probably because someone betrayed you in the past.

Work on your confidence levels; everything will fall into place. If need be, seek the assistance of an expert to achieve this.

#13 – Dream of Changing a Lover

Someone close to you is lying about their intentions. It could be that they keep giving you promises they have no intention of fulfilling.

This dream cautions you against trusting everything you are told. Indeed, when in doubt, double-check your facts.

#14 – Dream of Your Lover Finding Out You Have Someone Else

In this dream, your lover discovers that you have been going out with someone else. This means you are guilty of hurting someone close to you.

This dream encourages you to make amends to clear your mind and heart. With the right effort, you can save your relationship.

#15 – Dream of Encountering a Lover by chance

In this dream, you are walking down the street when you encounter your lover by chance. This is a sign that your plans will work out well.

For example, if you have been looking to find a partner, you’ll get one very soon. You just need to get out of your comfort zone.

#16 – Dream of Losing a Lover

You have a good sense of judgment. You don’t allow your feelings to blind your reasoning. People with this dream are good decision-makers.

They are willing to make some personal losses if it benefits the larger good.

#17 – Dream of Visiting Your Lover at Their Place of Work

This dream indicates that your social and personal life is interfering with your work.

Perhaps, you have been spending too much time in parties and social joints that you have forgotten your professional obligations.

Or, it could be that the problems at home are spilling over to your workplace. Either way, you need to find a lasting solution real quick.

#18 – Dream of Holding Hands with a Lover

This dream draws attention to your forgiving nature. You don’t hold grudges, and you are quick to proffer an apology when one is needed.

However, this dream asks you not to be too soft lest you are taken advantage of.

#19 – Dream of Having Two Lovers

You have a strong desire to create the right balance between your material life and spiritual needs. Likely, you have realized you’ve been leaning too much on your physical needs.

You need to create more time to tend to your needs.

#20 – Dream of a Sick Lover

Seeing your lover sick in a dream means you have realized you have been doing an injustice to a loved one.

This dream encourages you to make amends to be at peace with yourself.

#21 – Dream of Being with a Healthy Lover

If you have been looking to start a love relationship, this is a good time to make your move.

This dream encourages you to move out of your comfort zone and position yourself to find the right partner.

#22 – Dream of Being Married to Your Lover

You have a secret desire to elevate your relationship to the next level. To achieve your heart’s desire, you should share your feelings with your partner.

Have a candid talk with them on the best way to push your relationship forward.


This dream is indicative of your desire to settle down with someone you think is worthy and caring.

As with all dreams, the lover dream depends on your unique circumstances. This means you should closely relate it to your thoughts and feelings to understand its meaning.

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