Are you interested in Elephant Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreams about elephants can be related to your social work, professional growth, and love life. A close look at the meaning of this dream shows it encourages and offers support in hard times.

You have to make the correct choices concerning your future. This is not very easy to accomplish – especially if you find yourself in a dilemma.

Making the right move may not be as easy as it sounds. Dreaming of elephants tells you to rely on your strengths.

You have the skills to deal with the obstacles on your path. With the right effort, social, professional, and existential hurdles become more manageable.

Here’s a look at some common elephant dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Elephant Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of a Dead Elephant

This dream indicates a transition from the past to the future. The present links these two aspects of your life.

This dream reminds you that what worked today may no longer be relevant. Times are changing, and so are the problems you have to confront.

You need to come up with new ways of solving problems to remain relevant. This entails that you let go of the old, and open your mind to new knowledge.

#2 – Dream of a Black Elephant

Although most people associate black with mysticism, mystery, and negative energies, it bears positive energy.

Dreaming of a black elephant indicates stability and security. It shows the work you are doing towards securing your future will bear fruit.

#3 – Dream of a White Elephant

This dream indicates the answers you’ve been looking for to liberate your life are within reach. You have been working hard with little success to show for it.

This is because your spirituality is not linked to your desire for material acquisition.

Dreaming of a white elephant tells you to tend to your soul first. Your journey towards material growth and progress will become easier and more enjoyable.

#4 – Dream of a Gray Elephant

Having a gray elephant dream points to peace and stability in the home. This dream urges you to work closely with your loved ones to create an atmosphere conducive to growth in your family.

At the same time, this dream tells you to create time to relax and pay attention to your loved ones. You can’t spend all your time and effort at work and hope to truly succeed.

#5 – Dream of a Swimming Elephant

You are as wise as you are intelligent. This dream calls on you to use these gifts to resolve the pending situations in your life.

You are in a vantage position to coordinate with others and help them make meaning of their lives.

This dream also suggests you have what it takes to handle your emotions. Regardless of how volatile your emotions have been in the past; you can put them under control if you really want to.

#6 – Dream of a Running Elephant

Why is the elephant in your dream running? If it’s running after other elephants or animals, it means you’ll overcome the hurdles you are currently battling.

If this elephant is running away from other animals, it means someone close will betray you. Be on the lookout for friends whose real intentions in your life are not clear.

#7 – Dream of a Flying Elephant

You have to rise above your fears to start working on your goals and dreams. If you allow fears and worries to run your life, all your plans will remain on paper.

It will be almost impossible to implement anything worthwhile in this life. You have to break free of negative energies to succeed.

#8 – Dream of Seeing a Friendly Elephant

You are surrounded by people that would like to see you succeed. Okay, maybe not everyone wants this, but you have some good people in your circle.

This dream urges you to use this advantage to make meaningful relationships. Be close to those amongst your acquaintances that you can have a scratch–my-back-and-I-scratch –yours relationship.

#9 – Dream of an Elephant Drinking

This dream tells you that your effort will get you to your destination. You can’t expect to achieve a lot by working little.

You must put in the effort and attitude to achieve your goals.

This dream also encourages you to face challenges head-on.

The only way you can effectively escape challenges is by dealing with them so that they don’t become a bother in the future.

The more challenges you encounter in this journey, the stronger and more resilient you get.

#10 – Dream of Being Attacked by an Elephant

This signals an emotional upheaval you are going through – or you’ll go through very soon.

Perhaps, these emotions have been hidden deep down waiting for the ideal conditions to unleash their wrath.

Just as quick action has to be taken to contain a rogue elephant, you need to firmly bring your emotions under control.

#11 – Dream of Being Chased by an Elephant

Someone is conspiring to harm you or damage your property. These attacks are likely being planned by someone close to your working in cahoots with your enemy.

Such attacks are usually triggered by jealousy. To identify the culprits, try to find out who among your friends are not supportive of your growth and progress.

#12 – Dream of Being Afraid of an Elephant

You are afraid of confronting the challenges in your life. This dream indicates you are sitting on a huge problem, and you are afraid to move lest these problems ‘wake up’.

Well, there’s only one way of handling the challenges that come your way. Deal with them fearlessly.

#13 – Dream of Riding an Elephant

This dream is a sign that you are not in charge of your internal thoughts and subconscious. You need to take control of these aspects of your life if you hope to handle the issues in your life.

Dreaming of riding an elephant predicts a hard time ahead if you can’t bring yourself to listen to your intuition and inner wisdom.

These are powerful resources that you can’t just ignore if you hope to know where you are heading.

#14 – Dream of Poaching Elephants

Poachers kill elephants for their tusks, hides, and game meat. Seeing this slaughter going on in your dream is a sign of financial hardships.

You’ll encounter hard times soon. This dream encourages you to create the right balance to weather out these challenges.

If you have to give up certain things that are not very necessary, so be it.

#15 – Dream of Eating an Elephant

This dream predicts you’ll get the support you need to put your finances back on track. You are likely to get help from an authority you respect – such as banks or a government agency.

#16 – Dream of Elephant Calf

Dreaming of a baby elephant shows the growth and expansion of your family. This is a good time to consider taking your love relationship to the next level.

This dream also asks you to get ready to welcome a new member of the family.

#17 – Dreaming of Elephants Playing with Mud

The journey you had started to stabilize your emotions is bearing good results. You feel calmer and more in charge of your life.

This dream asks you to take advantage of your newfound freedom to cover for all the lost opportunities.

This is a good time to double your efforts in your personal and professional endeavors.

#18 – Dream of Feeding an Elephant

This dream suggests you should aspire to rise to better levels of growth and development.

You can easily achieve this by being kinder, more compassionate, and considerate of your neighbors. Use your skills and abilities to help those who need your support.

#19 – Dream of an Elephant Giving Birth

This dream shows you have a lot to show the world. You have the solutions to some of the toughest problems in your community.

To benefit from this skill, you need to be more assertive. Don’t be afraid to make your thoughts known to the world.

Share your ideas generously with those who listen to you. Before long, you’ll get recognition as an opinion shaper.

#20 – Dream of an Elephant Dying

Your growth and development are being hampered by the negative emotions you still cling to. Going forward, you must purpose to get rid of all negative energies from your life.

Only then are you able to invite positive energies into your life.

#21 – Dream of Seeing an Elephant in a Room

Generally, this dream indicates serious problems that you have to urgently deal with. Pay attention to the finer details presented in the dream.

What’s this elephant doing in the room? Is it peaceful or pacing up and down agitatedly? In which room exactly is this animal?

These details will help you have a clearer understanding of the nature of the problems you are looking at.

#22 – Dream of Elephant Feet

Did your dream focus on the feet of an elephant? This dream asks you to lay the foundation for a better future.

What you do today determines how tomorrow turns out. This is your cue to embrace a positive mindset regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

#23 – Dream of Elephant Head

This dream suggests you should handle the problems that cloud your judgment. These problems will keep slowing you down unless you are brave enough to tackle them.

Your success hinges on how willing you are to handle the challenges you come across.

#24 – Dream of Elephant Trunk

The elephant trunk is thought to represent a male phallus. Dreaming of the elephant trunk, therefore, has something to do with your sex life.

Perhaps you are looking for a suitable partner to satisfy your needs. This dream asks you to look carefully.

Not everyone that comes your way deserves your attention.

#25 – Dream of Elephant Tusks

You consider yourself sexually attractive. This is a good thing; matters of the heart require a confident disposition.

People are attracted to the positive aura you exude as a result of your self-confidence.

#26 – Dream of Elephant Bones

This dream calls on you to be patient and understanding. Not everybody you meet in life can move at your pace.


Elephants are known for their endurance, strength, and protectiveness. Seeing an elephant in your dream tells you to embrace these qualities.

You are naturally endowed with stellar qualities; you can change your world if you want to. But to achieve this, you need a purpose.

Dreaming of elephants tells you to listen intently to your inner voice; it will help you understand your purpose in this life.

Work with this purpose in mind, and all kinds of extraordinary glories will come your way.

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