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Dreams about teeth are some of the most common that you can hear of in any part of the world. The manifestation of these dreams comes in many forms.

For example, you can dream of different types of teeth. Another common scenario of this dream meaning is losing teeth or your teeth falling off.

No two dreams can be interpreted in exactly the same way. Each dream about teeth manifests itself differently depending on the special circumstances of the dreamer.

To fully comprehend your dream, you need to understand its unique context. For example, you could ask yourself how the dream made you feel.

Some people feel scared, lonely, embarrassed, happy, or proud when they dream about teeth. Actually, this dream can invoke all sorts of feelings.

You also have to consider the setting of the dream. Where was the action taking place and what was the time? Who was in the dream beside you and what was going on?


If you encountered other symbols or objects in the dream, its meaning could change greatly. As such, It’s important that you take into account all the details of the setting.

This will help you to put the dream in its proper context.

Also, it’s important that you consider what you grappling with or dealing with in your current life. You will realize that the dream about teeth is closely linked to what you are going through.

It provides you with crucial insight into the situations and circumstances in your life.

What’s the General Meaning of Teeth Dreams?

Your teeth indicate growth. An infant has no teeth. Later, they develop baby teeth before these fall off to be replaced by adult teeth.

Having a dream about teeth could mean that you are moving from one phase of your life to another.

This dream may also indicate that you want to go back to an earlier time in your life. You are nostalgic about the care, love, and nurture you were given as a baby or child.

This could be a sign that you are ready to get into a serious love relationship. If you play your cards right, you will have a strong and healthy love connection with your partner.

Dreaming of teeth could also mean that you desire to discover more about yourself. You are growing in many ways, and you wonder what the future holds for you.

This brings about the desire to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Teeth dreams could also symbolize personal power. You are eager to renew your strength and sense of self-esteem.

This dream indicates your desire to extend your control and influence over your environment. This is a good thing if you are planning to expand your career.

It will work very well for you.

Some Specific Teeth Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Straight, White, Healthy Teeth

Dreaming of healthy teeth is an indication that your goals are working out well. Your projects and plans are on schedule.

This dream is an encouragement that you need to keep working hard. There’s much more you are yet to accomplish.


#2 – Dream of Teeth Falling Off in an Accident

This is one of the most common dreams about teeth. However, this does not mean that it has the same interpretation for all dreamers.

When you dream that your teeth are falling off because of an accident, it means that you are anxious about your future.

You are worried about what the future holds for you as you get older. This is more so if you have not yet achieved all that you wanted to by this time.

#3 – Dream of Teeth Falling Off Due to Disease

If the dream indicates that your teeth are falling off because of gum disease, it means that you feel powerless and helpless.

This is particularly heightened if you think that your associates are better off than you.

#4 – Dream of Teeth Falling Off Because of Being Hit

Dream of teeth falling off because of being hit by someone means that you are anxious about your independence.

You feel that you are slowly losing your individuality. It could be that some powerful people in your circle are compelling you to tow their line.

This feeling will worsen if you don’t take measures to assert your individuality.

#5 – Dream of Searching for Your Teeth

In this dream, you lose your tooth/teeth and you embark on looking for it/them. This is a sign that you are scared of losing your property or possessions.

It could also mean that you are scared of losing someone close to you.

This fear stems from some loss that you suffered in the past.

#6 – Dream of a Loose Tooth

Dreaming of an infirm tooth means that you are scared of taking action about your life. This fear arises from your desire not to make mistakes.

This dream encourages you to move out of your comfort zone to discover what the world has in store for you.

If you are looking to change your life for the better, you must be willing to take positive action concerning your life.

#7 – Dream of Someone Pulling Your Teeth

If the teeth are being pulled violently, you can hardly bear the pain that comes with it. This is a sign that you feel overwhelmed by everything that’s happening around you.

This dream encourages you to handle the issues in your life guided by a positive mindset.

If the teeth are being pulled effortlessly, it means that you have found a way out of the predicaments you have been facing.

This is good news for it allows you to move forward with grace and poise. You no longer have to worry about the painful struggles of living.

#8 – Dream of False Teeth

This dream indicates that you are trying to hide something from your loved ones or your boss. Your deceit is borne out of the fact that you don’t want to face the truth about something you have done.

This dream urges you to face the truth. There no point in lying or breaking your promises. Neither do you have to live a double life.

Living a life of deceit will eventually wear you down, and this may compromise your productivity at home and at the workplace.

You will get much relief when you come clean. This dream encourages you to be strong enough to take responsibility for your actions.

#9 – Dream of Rotten or Rotting Teeth

This is not a good sign to receive.

It indicates that something in your life is terribly amiss. Evaluate what in your life has the potential of going terribly bad.

This dream is a heads-up that you need to take quick action to avert any impending danger to your life or the lives of your loved ones.


#10 – Dream of Broken Teeth

Dreaming of broken teeth (or a broken tooth) indicates that things are falling apart in your home front.

You have likely been too busy at work and you have forgotten to take care of your loved ones.

This dream encourages you to rethink your priorities. Your family and loved ones need you, and you need to give them quality time.

What’s the Spiritual Interpretation of Teeth Dreams?

Dream about teeth is often associated with money in some cultures. According to an old culture, the tooth fairy leaves money for any tooth put beneath a pillow.

Losing a tooth should therefore not be an emotionally draining affair. After all, it guarantees you some money from the tooth fairy!

In many cultures across the globe, dreaming about teeth is associated with ill health. In some of these cultures, this dream is taken to mean that someone close to you will die.

When you have this kind of dream and you have fears about your health, it wouldn’t hurt to see a good doctor.

You may also choose to pass by the dentist for your regular dental checkup.

Some people perceive the dream about teeth to indicate that you are being cheated out of your hard-earned cash or possessions.

Before you jump to conclusions or accuse anyone of trying to defraud you, you must consider the entire context of the dream.

Dreaming of teeth especially after having a quarrel with someone means that you will regret some actions you took in the past.

This dream encourages you to make peace with your past before you start lamenting. With the right effort, you can make things right.


In interpreting your dream about teeth, it’s important that you do so at two levels: the literal meaning and the symbolic meaning.

The literal meaning of teeth dreams is indicated by what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Maybe it’s trying to communicate about a certain weakness or sickness in the body.

Your teeth dream could be telling you that you need to watch out what you eat.

The symbolic dream meaning of teeth awakens an idea in your mind that holds a deeper significance than meets the eye.

You have to unravel this deeper meaning if you hope to fully decipher your teeth dream meaning. These symbols can be confusing, and you may need expert help to fully get their meaning in your life.

Dreaming of teeth calls on you to pay close attention to what’s going on in your life.

You also need to consider all the details and symbols associated with your particular dream as this will give you a clear understanding of what the dream entails.

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