Bible Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming about the bible indicates hope and good life ahead. You are likely to have this dream when you’ve been questioning the purpose of your existence.

You have been lost and confused, with hardly any knowledge on the direction you to take in this life.

Even the little achievements in your life have been through trial and error.

Dreaming of the bible gives you hope that you can turn your life around. It signals that you need to get in touch with your spirituality to unleash your true potential.

Seeing biblical scriptures in your dream shows your future is bright.

If you can bring yourself to harness the power of your spiritual energies, nothing can stand in the way of your happiness.

Here’s a look at some common Bible dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Bible Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing the Bible

This dream urges you to open your mind’s eye to the truths about your life. For some time now, you have been running away from some realities about your life.

How can you hope to make any progress in life if you don’t want to face your strengths and weaknesses?

This dream calls on you to stop being hypocritical: it’s time to be honest with yourself.

#2 – Dream of Your Favorite Bible Chapter or Verse

Soon, you’ll discover something that your parents and family have been trying to hide from you.

Although you’ll have a hard time relating to this new information, you’ll get unexpected support to handle it.

This dream calls on you to hold on to the faith even when everybody around you lets you down. Your faith will build a protective wall around you, and nothing can touch you.

#3 – Dream of Holding the Bible

This is a sign that you are on the right path to solving the problems in your life. You have been diligent in the search for answers, and your efforts are finally paying off.

Dreaming of holding the bible tells you to keep working hard for the changes you desire to see. Most importantly, believe that change is possible.

#4 – Dream of Reading the New Testament

You’ll soon receive some good news that will change your life forever. It could be that you will receive a financial windfall that will transform your life in ways you never thought possible.

This dream could also mean that a cure has been found to a disease that has bothered you for the better part of your life.

The good news coming your way brings joy, peace, and hope in the future.

#5 – Dream of Reading an Illegible Bible Verse

Seeing a poorly written or illegible bible verse means your situation is changing unexpectedly. This means you have to go back to the drawing board to come up with better strategies.

Time is of the essence here; the longer you wait, the worse the situation gets. This is one of those times you need to think on your feet.

#6 – Dream of Reading a Legible Bible Verse

Seeing a well-written and legible bible verse indicates you have chosen to work for the peace of your soul.

This means you are no longer excited by the promise of quick riches.

Although you know material comforts are important, you are not ready to sacrifice your beliefs for material gain.

#7 – Dream of Burning the Bible

Burning the Bible in your dreams indicates you are not ready to own up to your mistakes. Although you know you have been wrong in the past, making amends is the last thing on your mind.

This dream indicates that you could be pursuing wrongful means of livelihood. It reminds you that karma is very much at work in your life.

Soon, it will be payback time.

#8 – Dream of Someone Else Burning the Bible

Some unscrupulous people are plotting for your downfall. They falsely believe that you are the impediment to their growth and progress.

The truth is that you have been doing so well that these people are getting more and more jealous by the day.

Take care to protect your interests in everything you do.

#9 – Dream of Seeing the Bible in Flames

This dream warns you against being indecisive. Whenever you are presented with an opportunity, grab it and run with it.

Seemingly, you have allowed many opportunities to pass you by because you don’t know how to react to them.

This shows you have been poorly prepared. You need to work on this if you hope to have a good future.

#10 – Dream of Reading the Bible Upside Down

The kind of problems you are facing can only be solved through divine intervention. This may be a hard concept for you to internalize if you are not naturally spiritual, but it is the truth.

This dream asks you to get closer to Universal Energies to ward off the influence of evil energies in your life.

#11 – Dream of Someone Else Reading the Bible Upside Down

This dream calls on you to drop everything you are doing and rush to the aid of a friend or a loved one.

This person is going through some of the worst trials possible, and they need your intervention to hold up.

This dream appeals to your humanitarian nature. Use your natural gifts to reach out to those in need.

#12 – Dream of Buying a Bible

This sign predicts an improvement in your health. If you have been suffering from a serious disease, the end of your pain and suffering is in sight.

This is also true if someone close to you has been feeling unwell. This dream encourages you to help your friend find a solution to their health concern.

Encourages them to look for alternative ways to recover their health.

#13 – Dream of Selling a Bible

You are making the right decisions concerning your career. By choosing to be positively motivated, you are placing yourself in a unique position to advance your professional life.

Your effort and hard work will soon be noticed; it will attract a decent bump in your salary.

This dream encourages you to hold on firmly to your principles going forward. Remember, not everyone is excited that you are doing so well.

#14 – Dream of Bequeathing Someone a Bible

Gifting someone a bible in your dreams shows this person needs your guidance and advice. Although they may not have admitted it to you, they need help.

This dream encourages you to get closer to this person to find out where your intervention is needed. You might realize that they don’t need your money as much as they need encouragement.

#15 – Dream of Bequeathing a Bible to a Priest

Someone is trying to use your weaknesses to lure you into betraying your beliefs. Likely, this person wants you to compromise your own integrity.

They are tempting you with promises of untold riches if you engage in immorality, deceit, and corruption.

This dream encourages you to be stronger now more than ever before.

#16 – Dream of Reading a Popular Bible Verse

Reading a popular scripture verse (such as John 3:16 – For God so loved the world…) indicates that peace, happiness, and all the things you’ve ever wanted are within reach.

You need to hold on to your faith in the coming days. Before you achieve your goals and dreams, you’ll have to face a few hurdles.

Don’t allow these obstacles to stop you from accessing your blessings.

#17 – Dream of Writing the Bible

This dream shows you have the power to change something in someone’s life. Unfortunately, this person may not come out to tell you their problems.

You have to be more active in community outreach programs. Get more involved in sorting out the problems other people are going through.

It is in such activities that you’ll find your purpose in life.

#18 – Dream of Someone Else Writing the Bible

This is a sign that you are willing to learn from others. You have made so many mistakes that you now know it is important to be cautious in life.

This dream says you don’t have to suffer to learn important lessons. You can learn by observing what others are going through.

Be a good student of life by taking note of what’s happening in your world.

#19 – Dream of a Closed Bible

You must take positive action if you want to turn your life around. This dream calls on you to rely on your faith when the future looks uncertain.

Faith tells you that things will be okay even when there’s no tangible evidence to prove this. Faith encourages you to keep making the right choices regardless of how bad things are on the ground.

#20 – Dream of Being Gifted a Bible

You are coming to a point of self-realization. You now see the need to appreciate yourself for who you are and what you stand for.

This dream shows you now understand that everything you’ve gone through has happened for a reason.

As such, you know better than to blame yourself for your failures and weaknesses.

#21 – Dream of Losing a Bible

You feel lost and confused. Lately, you feel that no one cares for you; you are abandoned, rejected, and alone.

This dream calls on you to start listening to your intuition. Here, you’ll get all the strength you need to keep moving on – whether you have external support or not.

This dream indicates you are strong enough to face the world on your own. Take charge of your life.

#22 – Dream of Finding a Lost Bible

The solutions to your problems are easy. If you can’t see this, then you need to quiet your life. Remove all the emotional chaos from your life.

Release all forms of toxicity. In the stillness that follows, you’ll realize that you had all the answers you needed all along.

#23 – Dream of Tearing Up a Bible

This signifies that your past errors, mistakes, and sins are finally catching up with you. This is your cue to stop what you are doing and face the past.

It’s only by solving the pending issues from your past that you can fully focus on the present. Otherwise, negative energies from the past will keep messing up with your best-laid plans.

#24 – Dream of a Torn Bible

Do you feel that your problems have become too much that you’d rather give up altogether?

This dream asks you to carefully weigh all the options at your disposal before you throw in the towel. Don’t be shy to seek support whenever you need it.


The Holy Bible indicates that God, the Divine Source, often communicates to human beings through dreams and visions.

It’s therefore not strange that many Christians believe a dream about the bible is a sign that God is giving them a vision.

Seeing the Bible in your dream is a wake-up call to use your supernatural gifts.

This dream provokes the release of spiritual energies to counter the evil forces threatening to derail your life.

Having a bible dream is a positive sign; it reminds you there’s more to life than material wealth.

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