Trees Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Trees Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

We see trees in our dreams because some great opportunities are coming our way. By their very nature, trees stand for stability, freshness, and life.

Dreaming of trees encourages you to lead a healthy life. This is more so if you dream of healthy trees as they stand for growth, increase, and progress.

Dreaming of dry or fallen trees symbolizes something entirely different, however. They indicate loss of balance, insecurity, and lack of protection.

Dead trees are an ill omen. They show a lack of ambition and poor life choices.

Generally, dreaming of trees indicates what you are going through at a certain phase of your life. They can stand for your past, present, and future.

As such, it’s important that you pay close attention to the details of the dream. You’ll realize that it has something deep and personal concerning your life.

Here’s a look at some common trees dream and their meanings:


Some Specific Trees Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Healthy Tree

This is a sign of growth and progress. You are on the right path, and your spirituality is gradually evolving.

This should encourage you to keep moving on guided by the right mindset.

#2 – Dream of a Christmas Tree

Christmas trees adorn our homes during the Christmas season when families come together to enjoy this auspicious time.

As such, dreaming of a Christmas tree makes reference to your family life.

This dream reminds you that you have a role to play in your family, and it encourages you to take up your responsibilities with pride.

#3 – Dreaming of Beautiful Trees

This is a good sign, for it shows that your action will attract positive energies. You will soon enjoy an abundance of good things in your life.

#4 – Dream of Forest or Woods

This dream means that at times, you feel lonely, lost, and confused. There is the need, therefore, to make meaningful connections with others.

This dream encourages you not to suffer in silence. Help is nearer than you think.

#5 – Dream of Climbing Up a Tree

This is a sign that you have been working hard, and you will soon reach the pinnacle of your goals and ambitions.

This dream encourages you to keep going on, for success is just around the corner.

#6 – Dream of Climbing Down a Tree

This shows your desire to show the world what you are capable of accomplishing.

Although you don’t have to do it, at times you feel like letting the world know that you exist, and you are capable of handling some of the toughest problems around.

This dream encourages you to go ahead and explore the areas of your life you have not touched on.

#7 – Dream of Wide Branches on a Tree

This is a sign that you are good-natured. People can relate well to you because you seem to understand their problems.

This dream encourages you to use your gifts to make your world a better place for all.

#8 – Dream of Standing Under a Tree

This dream asks you to slow down in your busy schedule. You have been going too fast to the extent that you’ve not had time to listen to your inner workings.

Take some time off and tend to the more important aspects of your life – your spiritual growth, for example.

#9 – Dream of a Tree House

This is all about your life and how you perceive yourself. It’s important that you pay close attention to the finer details of this dream.

This will give you a clue on the areas of your life you need to improve on.

#10 – Dream of a Hollow Tree Stump

This is a sign that you have suffered some loss in the recent past, and you are confused about how to proceed.

It could be that you lost your job or your relationship fell apart. Whatever the case, this dream provokes your hidden skills and talents.

There’s something you can do to get yourself out of the doldrums.

#11 – Dream of an Uprooted Tree

This dream spells trouble in your family. Somebody – either an insider or outsider – is creating discord that will lead to chaos.

You need to take quick action to avoid this calamity.

#12 – Dream of a Fallen Tree

This dream portends the challenges and hardships you will soon experience. There could be trouble ahead, and you’d better get ready for this.

#13 – Dream of Tree Blocking Road

This means that something is preventing you from making the progress you desire to see in your life.

In all likelihood, this is the effect of emotional baggage from your past.

#14 – Dream of Planting Trees

This is a sign that you yearn for spiritual fulfillment. You want to plant a seed of faith to reap spiritual rewards in the days ahead.

What you need to remember is that for them to grow, seeds need to be watered. This means that you should constantly practice your faith lest you forget it.

#15 – Dream of Trees with Multi-Colored Leaves

If you dream of a beautiful tree with beautifully colored leaves, it means that something is not right in certain aspects of your life.

Likely, you will soon discover something about yourself that will shock even you.

#16 – Dream of Trees with Full Green Leaves

This is a good sign. It indicates that you are on the right path to growth, prosperity, and abundance.

Your positive actions are slowly but surely drawing you towards wealth, peace, and happiness. It could be that your family will expand soon as someone new joins it.

#17 – Dream of a Tree with Dead Branches

This dream is a bad sign, for it indicates a loss. You are likely to lose your values and belief system, and to find yourself in the perpetual cycle of pain, suffering, and regrets.

Or, it could be that you will lose a precious material thing that you have recently acquired. Whatever the case, this dream encourages you to act with haste to set things right.

You need to be proactive in this matter.

#18 – Dream of Fruit Trees

This dream means that you are destined for greatness. You need to play your cards right because good things are coming your way.

This is when you need to get very alert not to miss an opportunity that comes into your life.

#19 – Dream of a Decaying Tree

This dream brings bad news. Someone in your family or a friend is likely to get very sick. This dream gives you ample time to prepare for this eventuality.

When you are adequately prepared, you’ll be able to mitigate the severity of the situation.

#20 – Dream of Leaves Falling from Trees

If you dream of many trees shedding their leaves at the same time, it means that something good in your life is coming to an end.

This means you’ll have to make some uncomfortable adjustments, and this can be daunting if you are not adequately prepared.

#21 – Dream of Trees Covered in Parasites

If you dream of a tree covered in insects, moss, and other parasites; it means that this tree is dying. This dream is a pointer to your overall wellness.

Likely, you have neglected to take care of the most important aspects of your life. You need to take some time off your busy schedule and indulge in some self-love and self-care.

Be sure to take care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

#22 – Dream of Cutting Down a Tree

This dream indicates that you have decided to close some aspects of your life. It could be that you have made a decision to sever any past associations from your life.

Or, you have seen it fit to terminate some relationships that you feel are not adding value to your existence.

Whatever the case, it is for the best.

#23 – Dream of a Giant Tree

This is a sign that you are expanding your life. You desire to get involved in more activities and you want to invite many more friends into your life.

This dream indicates an exponential expansion in your personal and professional life.

#24 – Dream of Tree Roots

It’s time you moved away from the false beliefs you have been clinging on to and welcomed new ideas into your life.

Uproot all your misguided ideas and embrace new thoughts of growth and progress.

#25 – Dream of Bare Trees

Dreaming of trees without leaves shows that your efforts and energy will amount to naught. This could lead to depression if you are not ready for it.

What this dream wants you to understand is that sometimes we win, and at other times we lose. Such is life!

#26 – Dream of Burnt Trees

This dream encourages you to let go of the pain and hurt from your past. You have likely been wounded by people and events from your past, and you are afraid to try new things.

Your subconscious is asking you to release all this energy so that you can move forward with your life more meaningfully.

#27 – Dream of Turning into a Tree

This means that your efforts and positive attitude at the workplace are finally paying off. Many have come to appreciate you for the good work you are doing.

If you dream of turning into a lush, fruitful tree, it means that you have an important responsibility to carry out in your family.

This dream is encouraging you to carry it out with pride.

#28 – Dream of Sitting Under a Flowering Tree

This is a sign of wealth, abundance, and fertility. This dream indicates that your life will increase in many ways.

Examples of flowering trees include Pear, Apple, Banana, Orange, Black Cherry, Peach, Apricot, Grapefruit, Nectarines, and Plums.


Tree dreams can convey different meanings depending on the waking situation of the dreamer and the context of the dream.

Some of these meanings are positive while others are negative.

Generally speaking, dreams about trees stand for growth, progress, and achievement. In some cases, they represent fertility, wealth, and abundance.

This dream could also be providing you with directions on the best way to consistently serve your faith.

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