Laundry Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Throughout the world, most people do laundry as part of their daily or weekly routine. It is no wonder, then, that laundry dreams are quite common.

Dreaming about laundry reflects the peculiar things you experience in your daily activities.

If something stands out and affects a particular aspect of your life, your subconscious draws attention to it through dreams.

Dreams about laundry indicate your need for cleansing. Probably, you are going through a rough patch that’s made worse by the negative energies you bear.

This dream asks you to cleanse yourself of bad habits and goal-smothering traits.

Also, this dream points to the effects of false beliefs and doctrines in your life. You need to take better care of your spiritual needs by nourishing your soul with the right spiritual food.

Here’s a look at some common laundry dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Laundry Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Visiting the Laundromat

You have realized the need to change your past ways and heal from past mistakes. This dream indicates your readiness to shed off negative emotions.

You are about to enter a period of recovery. During this period, you have to work on almost every aspect of your life.

The process of cleansing you are about to embark on demands courage.

#2 – Dream of Washing Dirty Clothes

You feel uncomfortable about a certain situation in your life.

Likely, this situation is affecting the quality of your love life, and you feel an urgent need to do something about it.

Dreaming about washing dirty clothes calls on your to be proactive. Don’t just feel or wish. Take action!

#3 – Dream of Washing Clean Laundry

This dream urges you to identify the source of your problems to root them out. Get to know where your worries, fears, grumpiness, and sadness originate.

Once you deal with them at the source, you’ll be able to eradicate them for good.

#4 – Dream of a Pile of Dirty Laundry

Someone will soon try to trick you into doing their dirty work. This person is likely to entice you with good money and benefits that are beyond your reach.

Think twice when presented with a deal that seems too good to be true. Such a deal will most likely force you to compromise your values, beliefs, and principles.

It is your responsibility to guard your soul against negative influences.

#5 – Dream of Washing Laundry in Dirty Water

This dream indicates that a powerful force is impeding your progress. You may have realized this if you’ve been working hard with little to show for it.

It seems that most of your actions are doomed to fail. The truth is that this is not your destiny.

You are meant to succeed and be happy. This dream prods you to look into the hurdles on your way.

Regardless of how big and powerful your enemy is; you have the power to dislodge them from your path.

#6 – Dream of Doing Someone’s Laundry

This dream indicates that you still feel connected to a past relationship. Likely, you have a strong attachment to your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

You miss certain things about them, and you wish you could still be with them. You should look into the feasibility of this.

Bear in mind the reasons for your parting ways, and whether anything has changed to resolve the issues between the two of you.

#7 – Dream of Washing Dirty Laundry in Public

This dream indicates that you are going through a rough patch in your relationship. You can’t seem to agree with your partner on some important issues in your relationship.

The unfortunate bit is that you are letting your bitterness and resentment out into the open. Both you are your partner are playing to the gallery, with each hoping to win public support to their side.

Well, bringing your private issues out to the open like this will damage your relationship even further.

#8 – Dream of Hanging Laundry Outside

Dreaming of hanging your laundry outside the house is a good sign. It shows that the good work you have been doing speaks for you.

The results are out for everyone to see, and no one can dispute that you deserve the rewards coming your way.

Also, this dream indicates the start of a good period for you and your loved ones. You will welcome good fortune and wealth shortly.

#9 – Dream of Hanging Laundry Inside the House

Something bad will affect someone close to you, most likely a member of your family. It could be that this person will fall ill, and it falls on you to take care of them.

The good news is that your positive actions will save the day. This should motivate you to act with speed when the calamity hits.

#10 – Dream of Ironing Recently Washed Clothes

You have recently had to make some important changes in private, and you are now ready to face the world.

This is a sign of renewal and rebirth. It shows you have subjected yourself to the healing process necessary to focus on your future.

Having this dream also means that you should constantly keep improving yourself. Remember, success is not a destination.

Success is the process of achieving those small daily goals you have set for yourself.

#11 – Dream of Washing Clothes by Hand

You carry a lot of baggage from the past. This dream suggests that to clear the mess in your life, you need to deal with negative energies from the past.

You have to go through the process of cleansing and purification to see your life as it truly is. Up to this point, you have been deluded by the pain and loss you suffered in the past.

Open your heart and mind to receive the positive energies and vibrations of change.

#12 – Dream of a Laundry Detergent

This is a sign that you need help to overcome certain hurdles in your life. It’s a good thing you have realized this.

You see, once you identify the kind of help you need, you can be sure that your problem is half solved.

#13 – Dream of Washing a Wedding Dress

This dream shows peace and happiness in your relationship. If you have plans to hold or attend a wedding, it will be hugely successful.

#14 – Dream of Washing Socks

Lately, you have been too busy with your work that you have forgotten your health. You should never substitute taking care of your health for anything else.

Remember, your body is your most important asset. Treat it as such.

#15 – Dream of Washing a Uniform

If you are looking forward to attending an important meeting, get ready for it. You will receive big proposals that will require a display of mastery of content in your field of specialization.

This dream may come your way when you are just about to attend an interview. It tells you to try to make an unforgettable first impression.

#16 – Dream of Doing Laundry with a Washing Machine

For some time now, you have formed a habit of sweeping tough issues under the rug in the hope they will disappear.

This dream warns that you can’t move far with this kind of habit. You should be courageous enough to solve your problems as soon as they occur.

#17 – Dream of Neatly Stacked Laundry

This dream predicts good times ahead. You have been working hard, and you’ve made it a point to organize your life.

Soon, you’ll start reaping the rewards of your labor.

This dream could also mean you’ll make progress in your work. Your superiors will finally begin to see your work.

Actually, a promotion and a pay rise are not out of the question.

#18 – Dream of a Full Laundry Basket

You have a huge backlog of things you should attend to at work and in your home. This backlog indicates that you have left many areas of your life unattended.

For example, when was the last time you took your family out on holiday? Do you give your partner or children enough time to listen to their needs?

#19 – Dream of an Empty Laundry Basket

This dream calls on you to fill your life with beneficial stuff.

Although you have many things to choose from in the world, you should remember that not everything is good for your consumption.

You should strive to get rid of negative energies to create room for new ones.

#20 – Dream of Dry Cleaning Laundry

This is a sign that you have taken up antisocial behavior. Of late, you tend to associate with gossips and backbiters at your workplace.

Things are not better in your social life. This dream warns you against working for someone else’s downfall.

By killing this person’s dreams, you ruin your own chances, as well.

#21 – Dream of Cleaning Lipstick-Stained Laundry

Everything and every person you encounter seems to take a sexual connotation these days. This dream urges you to get your mind out of the gutter.

Don’t entertain thoughts that glorify unsafe and immoral sexual relations.

#22 – Dream of Cleaning Soil or Dirt on Laundry

This is a pointer to the poor hygiene habits that you need to work on. This dream suggests the need to improve on your etiquette, table manners, and other social mannerisms.

#23 – Dream of Doing Laundry for your Partner

You are doing your best to take care of your love life. This dream suggests the need to work with your partner to accomplish your goals.

You’ll achieve a lot when you involve your partner in your personal goals and projects. Let them know your thoughts about what’s happening in your daily life.

In the same way, show lots of interest in what’s happening in theirs.

#24 – Dream of Bleaching Laundry

You have the power to cleanse your life of all negative thoughts. This is your cue to start wiping out retrogressive habits.

You can still achieve your goals and dreams if you take quick action.

#25 – Dream of Using a Laundry Softener

You are about to embrace a new way of life; this will bring you closer to the people you love.

Also, this dream encourages you to treat others more gently. Extend a helping hand to those that need your assistance.


As you have seen, dreaming about laundry can have different meanings. It all depends on the details presented in the dream, and your feelings about them.

Your dream is likely to present itself in a form you can relate to.

For example, if you still wash clothes by hand as people did in the past (and many people across the world still do), you are likely to dream of clothes being washed by hand.

Consider the meaning of your dream based on its context as this will give you the clearest message from your subconscious.

Generally, this dream brings to the surface important issues that you need to deal with concerning your life.

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