Are you interested in Police Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreaming of the police draws your attention to a problem you need to sort out in life. This dream may have nothing to do with the police career.

It is an affirmation that hard work and positive action will solve your problems.

All the same, the actual meaning of your dream depends on how you view the police service in real life.

Do you see the police as friendly saviors or cruel oppressors?

Does the sign of a police officer reassure you or fill you with dread? Are you a law-abiding person or are you involved in all sorts of illegitimate ventures?

Here’s a look at some common police dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Police Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Police Officer

This dream prepares you for some challenges that are coming your way. However, you should not worry unnecessarily about these problems.

You have the resources to effectively deal with them and set your path free.

#2 – Dream of Being a Police Officer

This is a sign that you are ready to work for the changes you want to see in your life.

You are confident as well as courageous – two important qualities when it comes to fighting for your goals and dreams.

This dream also indicates you are a great team player. You are good at following instructions and playing your part in any assignment.

#3 – Dream of a Police Officer Approaching You

You desire to establish a code of conduct in your family or place of work. The people you have been associating with are unruly and lack disciple.

Having this dream encourages you to initiate positive change in your environment. It’s possible to create rules that will enhance the level of discipline in your world.

You just need a willing heart.

#4 – Dream of a Relative Being Recruited to the Police Service

Someone powerful is watching over you. As such, you should not allow people’s gossip and evil plans to slow you down.

You’ll get encouragement, love, and support whenever you need it.

#5 – Dream of the Police Shouting at You

This dream tells you that you are involved in illegal, antisocial, or uncomfortable activities. You need to move away from this and focus on things that add value to your life.

This dream reminds you that your dreams are very much valid. Why, then, are you not pursuing them?

#6 – Dream of Running Away from a Police Officer

This is a sign that you are living a lie. Your life is warped up in a web of lies. You often mislead new people that you are someone you are not.

This dream calls on you to be true to yourself. You have to accept who you are, and what you stand for.

Be true to your values and beliefs. Also, be content with your accomplishments even as you push on to achieve many other milestones.

#7 – Dream of Calling to the Police on 911

Dreaming of asking for help from the cops means you are in a critical time of your life. The decisions you make today will have a huge impact on your future.

This dream underscores the power of your mind in dealing with a crisis. Choose to embrace a positive mindset as this will sort you out every time you find yourself in a fix.

#8 – Dream of a Police Car

This is a sign of trouble. If the siren is on, this dream urges you to get ready to tackle the challenges in your life.

Dreaming of a police car with the siren off means you have the resources to tackle the problems in your life.

Don’t panic.

#9 – Dream of Being Arrested by the Police

Your subconscious is warning you of a plot against you. Some people you’ve considered your friends are ganging up to pull you down.

This means you should be on high alert. In particular, be very careful about the information you share with those close to you.

Keep intimate details about your life to yourself. Don’t trust anyone unless they give you a good reason to.

#10 – Dream of Seeing Many Police Officers

This dream tells you you’ll get all the support you need to tackle the problems in your life. This should motivate you to maintain focus on your goals and dreams.

Dreaming of meeting many cops assures you that you have the resources to make your dreams come true.

As such, march through life confidently and courageously.

#11 – Dream of Falling in Love with a Police Officer

You are afraid that your partner is unnecessarily exposing themselves to danger. Likely, they are involved in deals that could land them in trouble with the law.

To overcome this stressful situation, you need to intervene. Help your partner explore other safe avenues they can pursue with their skills set.

#12 – Dream of Interacting with a Foreign Police Officer

Dreaming about out-of-state or foreign police means you feel alienated from your usual circle of friends and acquaintances.

You are beginning to suffer the effects of loneliness, and you urgently need a friend to rescue you.

Maybe you can make things easier for your friends by working on your eccentricities.

#13 – Dream of the Military Police

Someone – or something – will compel you to take up a responsibility you did not want. Likely, you have been avoiding certain aspects of your responsibility for too long.

This dream encourages you to move with the flow of life by doing what is required of you.

#14 – Dream of Doing Paperwork in a Police Precinct

Dreaming of visiting a police station for specific documents means you have found a solution to a legal problem.

The life ahead will be stable and relatively hassle-free. For a long time, you’ll know the true meaning of peace and happiness.

#15 – Dream of Being at a Police Station

You should work on building a solid support network in your life.

This dream reminds you that things do go wrong at times, and you’ll need all the support you can get when this happens.

#16 – Dream of a Male Police Officer

If a female dreams of a male police officer, it means she hungers for sex. She desires to be with a sexually dominant male.

If a man dreams of a male police officer, he’ll do something regrettable in public.

#17 – Dream of Marrying a Male Police Officer

This dream indicates that you desire to infuse a sense of order and organization into your love life. You feel that you have been taking too many for granted.

You may want to broach this subject with your partner if you are married or in a relationship. Discuss the flaws in your relationship and how to overcome them.

#18 – Dream of an Armed Police Officer

This dream calls on you to protect your belief, values, and principles for those who want to dilute them.

This means you should not put yourself in a position that can compromise your moral standing. Defend what you hold dear with your words and actions.

#19 – Dream of Kissing a Police Officer

You choose your partners based on their financial strength. In all likelihood, you use your good looks as leverage in a relationship.

You know how to go about charming your way into a good and comfortable life. This dream reminds you that in this life, you’ll need more than just good looks.

Good physical looks fade and crumble with time. Invest in others things that will guarantee you a good future.

#20 – Dream of a Female Police Officer

A man having this dream desires to be with a sexually dominant female. If a woman has this dream, she should watch her utterances and actions in public.

She’s likely to do something regrettable or embarrassing.

#21 – Dream of Marrying a Female Police Officer

This dream underscores the importance of seeing a relationship counselor – especially if you are in a relationship.

You need guidance and advice to make solid decisions concerning your love life.

#22 – Dream of the Police Looking for You

Your life is in danger. Likely, you have made some negative choices, and the consequences have followed you.

This dream shows you need support to get out of danger. You need a financial expert to deal with a monetary crisis.

It could also be that you feel lost. You need guidance on how best to get back on track.

#23 – Dream of Being Pulled Over by the Police

Being pulled over by the police in a dream shows you’ll encounter some minor difficulties trying to unite your family.

It seems someone in the family diagrees with your approach, and they want to register their disagreement.

This matter is easily resolved if you are willing to listen to the aggrieved party. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to incorporate their ways of doing things into your plan.

#24 – Dream of Arguing with the Police

Failure to solve a small problem could lead to big challenges later on. This dream warns you of the dangers of procrastinating.

Set your priorities right so that you never have to put off important tasks.

At the same time, this dream calls on you to be patient with other people. You should appreciate that not everyone is as quick thinking as you.

Allow others to complete their tasks at a comfortable pace.

#25 – Dream of a Police Officer Hitting You

This dream encourages you to keep fighting for your rights and those of your loved ones. You have a duty to your community, and you should not give up just because the going is tough.

Although you’ll not always achieve your goals in all your endeavors, the little you accomplish will mean a lot to those who look up to you.


This dream indicates some trouble you need to deal with as a matter of urgency. Of course, there are exceptions to this meaning – depending on your unique circumstances.

You should interpret the meaning of this dream based on the context it presents.

Dreaming about the police signals that you need protection from someone or something that threatens to hurt you.

Things have not been going well of late, and you need support you can rely on. This dream encourages you to reach out for help.

Someone close to you is willing to give you a helping hand – you just need to reach out.

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