Pigs Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Pigs have been associated with all kinds of negative things. They are said to be dirty, greedy, selfish, obstinate, and even demonic.

However, many people consider pigs a delicacy as they provide a nutritious source of fats and protein.

Such are the dreams about pigs. They can have positive or negative interpretations depending on the situation and circumstances of the dreamer.

You should pay close attention to the details presented in your dream. This will inform you of the correct meaning of the dream concerning what you are going through.


Here’s a look at some common pig dreams and their meanings:

Some Specific Pigs Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Slaughtering a Pig

Your decisions could lead to trouble. You have likely been making rash decisions with little regard for the feelings and welfare of those around you.

If this continues, it’s only a matter of time before it blows on your face.

#2 – Dream of Seeing a Sick Pig

Open your eyes to the help that has been sent into your life. Able mentors, teachers, and healers surround you.

This tells you that you should never suffer in silence. This assistance you need is within reach.

#3 – Dream of Pigs in Mud

You are going through a rough patch in your love life. This dream indicates that this is not the end of your relationship.

It is just a hiccup that you need to deal with.

#4 – Dream of Squealing Pigs

This dream heralds some bad news. Something that you had expected to work in your favor will backfire.

This should be a lesson for you. In life, you win in some areas, and you lose in others.

#5 – Dream of Feeding Pigs

You’ll be disappointed by someone you have been taking care of in one way or another. This person will pay you back with ungratefulness and possibly betrayal.

Get ready to deal with the ensuing fallout.

#6 – Dream of Flying Pigs

The negative energies of worry, fear, and anxiety have silently crept into your life. This is interfering with your growth and progress as you feel hesitant and uncertain about moving into the future.

This is your cue to get rid of anything that is clouding your thoughts and vision.

#7 – Dream of Hunting Wild Pigs

Dreaming of hunting wild hogs indicates that you will overcome your doubts and go ahead to complete your projects.

This dream encourages you not to succumb to feelings of uncertainty, doubt, and lack of confidence.

#8 – Dream of Large Pigs

You will encounter challenges related to your finances in the days ahead. It is, therefore, important that you make as much savings as you can.

How you interact with your money today determines your financial success tomorrow.

#9 – Dream of Your Friends Hunting Wild Boars

Someone in your inner circle will help you to get a new opportunity. This opportunity could have something to do with your career or love relationship.

This signals that you need to keep your friends, family, and colleagues close.

#10 – Dream of Seeing Many Pigs

Your conduct, habits, and lifestyle are giving you a bad reputation. This dream is a warning that if this continues, you will soon have no friends left.

It could also mean that someone close to you is passing on negative energies. This is the kind of person you’d want to avoid.

#11 – Dream of Different Colors of Pigs

Dream of Red Pigs

You are in charge of your destiny, and anything you do today has a great impact on your tomorrow. This tells you to go about life passionately and to act from the point of positivity at all times.

Dream of Pink Pigs

This is a sign of betrayal. Watch out for what you share with your friends and acquaintances. Not all of them want to see you grow and prosper.

Dream of White Pigs

Although white is the color of peace and balance, this dream has a negative meaning. It shows that your stubbornness will land you into problems.

This is a warning that you need to modify your attitude if you don’t want to attract negative energies.

Dream of Black Pigs

This is a sign of selfishness, greed, and stubbornness. These are dangerous qualities, and you should do everything in your power to rid your life of them.

Learn to be nice and considerate to those you encounter in this journey of life.

#12 – Dream of Selling Pigs

You will experience an increase in your finances and material possessions. If you have been looking to purchase something, this is the time to go for it.

Your efforts and positive attitude will bring you joy in many ways.

#13 – Dream of Stealing Pigs

If you desire to achieve your ambitions, you have become too inconsiderate. You are going about your endeavors too aggressively, and this is rubbing some important people the wrong way.

This dream could also mean that you are willing to do anything to overcome your hurdles and achieve success.

#14 – Dream of Someone Stealing Your Pig

Something will happen in your household that will force you to use the money you had saved for the future.

Something will likely malfunction, or someone in your family will fall sick, forcing you to dig deeper into your pockets to remedy the situation.

#15 – Dream of Seeing a Dirty Pig

Don’t allow people to treat you badly. This dream is a reminder that you are important and your opinions count.

It also asks you to treat your love partner in the same way you expect them to treat you. Never settle for mediocrity.

#16 – Dream of Pigs Crossing Your Path

There’s a way out of the difficult situations you have found yourself in. You don’t have to settle for a life of misery, anxiety, and failure.

Reach out to the many friends and mentors who are willing to help you.

#17 – Dream of Seeing Emaciated Pigs

You will experience some conflicts with those closest to you. These could be your family, friends, or colleagues.

You can resolve these kinds of misunderstandings by being a good listener. Give everybody a chance to air their opinions.

You’ll be surprised at how much you can benefit from other people’s ideas.

#18 – Dream of Riding on a Pig

This shows that you are trying your hand at new things or activities. It could be that you have found a new hobby or interest.

Or, it could mean that you have finally found the courage to venture into new professional undertakings.

Either way, this is a sign of growth.

#19 – Dream of Cooking a Live Pig

You are at that stage of life where you need lots of spiritual cleansing and purification. It could be that the decisions you make now will have a huge impact on the rest of your life.

As such, you need to be pure of soul and spirit as you make these life-changing decisions.

#20 – Dream of Guinea Pigs

This dream tells you to take charge of your life. No one can run your life as well as you. This means that you should not allow other people to make critical decisions about your future.

Your destiny is in your hands.

#21 – Dream of Roasting Pig on a Skewer

This indicates new beginnings. If you have been going through bad times, they are soon coming to an end.

All the darkness and gloom are being lifted, and you can now enjoy your life to the fullest. This is a good time to think of what you can do to unleash your full potential.

#22 – Dream of Seeing a Healthy Pig

This shows good times to come. If you have been looking forward to a promotion or a pay rise at the workplace, you’ll soon receive some good news.

It also means that your personal and professional engagements will be profitable.

#23 – Dream of Being Served a Pig’s Head

You are well motivated to complete the assignments in your life. This dream encourages you to keep moving forward with determination.

With the right effort, you’ll accomplish all your tasks and assignments in good time.

#24 – Dream of Running Away from a Ferocious Pig

Someone or something is frustrating your efforts to achieve your goals. Hurdles and obstacles seem to crop out of nowhere and block your path.

This is a sign of a spiritual war that requires spiritual intervention. This is a good time to reconnect with your spiritual minister.

#25 – Dream of Others Running from a Pig

Your family and loved ones are under a spiritual attack. Although they may not realize it, their plans keep getting thwarted in inexplicable ways.

Like the dream above, this one indicates the need for spiritual intervention. You may have to seek this intervention for your loved ones if they are not the spiritual type.

#26 – Dream of Dead Guinea Pigs

Although a lot is happening in your life, you should always project a calm, peaceful demeanor. This is not to say, however, that you should suffer in silence.

It only means that there’s no need to air your woes and problems in public.

#27 – Dream of Pigs with Piglets

Your effort is gradually leading you to financial success. Your positive attitude enables you to see and take advantage of the opportunities being sent into your life.

This means that you are on the right path to wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

#28 – Dream of Pigs without Piglets

You feel humiliated by some actions you did in the past. Actually, the discomfort you feel in front of others can’t allow you to articulate your points and opinions coherently.

This dream encourages you to let bygones be bygones. If there’s any chance of making amends for your past mistakes, take it.

#29 – Dream of New Pigs

Are you looking for a love partner? Do you desire to expand your relationship to the next level? This is your cue to go for it.

Dreaming of new pigs is a sign of fertility and success.

#30 – Dream of Bestowing a Pig to a Friend

You have a strong fear that your partner will leave you at some point. You fear being rejected, and this is causing you sleepless nights.

This dream encourages you to focus on the positive and to stop wasting time on negative thoughts and feelings.

#31 – Dream of Being Gifted a Pig

You will receive an unexpected financial windfall. This may come from an unexpected inheritance, investment bonuses, or lottery winning.

Whatever the case, you are heading for good times of financial freedom.

Pigs Dream Final Thoughts

The same dream about pigs can mean different things to different people.

Each dream should be interpreted, taking into account the finer details involved and the life circumstances of the dreamer.

When you apply this principle, you’ll realize that your dream about pigs can have good or bad meanings.

Either way, these dreams are meant to help you see your life more clearly. They empower you to make the decisions that steady your life.

Pigs in Symbolism

Pigs have been an important symbol in various cultures and religions throughout history.

They have been associated with different meanings and interpretations, ranging from fertility and abundance to gluttony and filth. In this section, we will explore the cultural and religious symbolism of pigs.

Cultural Symbolism

In ancient Greece, pigs were considered sacred animals and were associated with the Goddess Demeter, who was the Goddess of agriculture and fertility.

Pigs were also used in various rituals and sacrifices to honor the gods and goddesses.

In Chinese astrology, the pig is the 12th animal of the zodiac and is associated with good luck, wealth, and prosperity.

In Western culture, pigs have been associated with gluttony and filth. They are often depicted as lazy and dirty animals, which is why calling someone a “pig” is considered an insult.

However, in some cultures, such as in parts of Europe, pigs are still regarded as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Religious Symbolism

In Islam, pigs are considered unclean animals and are forbidden to eat or touch. They are also seen as a symbol of greed and excess and are associated with Satan.

In Christianity, pigs were used as a sacrificial animal in ancient times and were often associated with sin and impurity.

In some cults and faiths, pigs are still used as sacrificial animals to appease the gods or to gain favor.

However, this practice is becoming less common as more people become aware of animal rights and the ethical treatment of animals.

Overall, the symbolism of pigs varies greatly depending on the culture and religion. While they may be seen as a symbol of abundance and prosperity in some cultures, they are also associated with greed and filth in others.

Regardless of their symbolism, it is important to treat all animals with respect and compassion.

Pigs and Human Characteristics

Pigs have been used in various cultures to symbolize different human characteristics. Here are some of the most common ones:


Pigs are often associated with greed. This is because they are known to eat almost anything and everything, including their own young.

In some cultures, pigs are even seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. However, this association with greed has also led to negative connotations, such as being called a “pig” when someone is being selfish or greedy.


In some cultures, pigs are also associated with lust and sexuality. This is because they are highly reproductive animals and have a strong sexual drive.

In some ancient cultures, pigs were even used in fertility rituals to ensure a successful pregnancy.


Contrary to popular belief, pigs are actually very intelligent and social animals. They are also known to be honest creatures, as they will not pretend to be something they are not.

This is why pigs are often used as a symbol of honesty and sincerity in some cultures.


Pigs are notorious for their love of food and their ability to eat large amounts in one sitting. This has led to the association of pigs with gluttony.

However, it is important to note that pigs are not inherently greedy, and their love of food is simply a survival instinct.


Finally, pigs are sometimes associated with ignorance. This is because they are often seen as dirty animals and are known to roll around in mud and dirt.

However, this association is based on a misconception, as pigs are actually very clean animals and only roll around in mud to regulate their body temperature and protect themselves from parasites.

In conclusion, pigs have been used in various cultures to symbolize different human characteristics, both positive and negative.

However, it is important to remember that these associations are based on cultural beliefs and are not necessarily reflective of the true nature of pigs as animals.

Pigs in Mythology

Pigs have been a significant part of mythology for centuries. In Greek mythology, they were considered sacred to Demeter, the Goddess of agriculture and harvest.

The pig was also associated with the moon and was believed to have the power to predict the weather.

In Homer’s Odyssey, the sorceress Circe transformed Odysseus’ men into pigs. The pigs were then kept in a sty and fed acorns.

However, with the help of the god Hermes, Odysseus is able to resist Circe’s magic and turn his men back into humans.

Pigs were also associated with the Goddess Artemis, who was the Goddess of the hunt and the moon.

In ancient Greece, it was believed that pigs were sacred to her and were often used as sacrificial offerings.

In Norse mythology, Freyja, the Goddess of love and fertility, was associated with a sacred boar with bristles of glittering gold.

The boar was said to have the power to heal and was considered a symbol of strength and courage.

Overall, pigs have played a significant role in mythology and have been associated with various gods and goddesses.

Their symbolism has varied across different cultures and periods, but they have always been regarded as important and powerful animals.

Pigs and Taboos

Pigs have been a subject of various taboos throughout history, with many cultures associating them with negative connotations. Some of these taboos are still present in modern times.

One of the most well-known taboos associated with pigs is their consumption. In some religions, such as Judaism and Islam, the consumption of pork is strictly prohibited.

This taboo has its roots in ancient times and has been passed down through generations.

Another taboo associated with pigs is their scavenger nature. Pigs are known to eat almost anything, including dead animals and feces.

This association with filth and impurity has led to negative connotations in many cultures.

The neglect of pigs is also a taboo that has been observed in some societies. In some cultures, pigs were not given proper care and were left to fend for themselves.

This neglect has led to the perception of pigs as dirty and unclean animals.

Despite these taboos, pigs have also been revered in some cultures. In ancient Egypt, pigs were associated with the god Set, who was believed to protect the pharaoh during battles.

In Chinese culture, the pig is one of the twelve zodiac animals and is associated with good luck and prosperity.

Overall, the taboos associated with pigs have had a significant impact on their perception in various cultures.

While some societies revere pigs, others have negative connotations associated with them.

Pigs and Fertility

Pigs have been associated with fertility in various cultures throughout history. In Native American culture, pigs are seen as a symbol of fertility and abundance.

Their ability to reproduce quickly and in large numbers made them a valuable source of food and wealth.

In Chinese culture, the pig is one of the 12 animals of the zodiac and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. The pig is also associated with the element of water, which is a symbol of fertility and abundance.

In ancient Greek mythology, the pig was associated with the Goddess Demeter, who was the Goddess of fertility and agriculture. Pigs were often sacrificed to her in hopes of a bountiful harvest.

Pigs have also been used as a symbol of control over fertility. In some cultures, it was believed that eating pork could help control fertility and prevent unwanted pregnancies.

This belief was based on the idea that pigs have a high level of estrogen, which could have a contraceptive effect.

Overall, pigs have played an important role in the symbolism of fertility and abundance throughout history.

Whether as a symbol of wealth and prosperity or as a means of controlling fertility, pigs have been an important part of many cultures and traditions.

Pigs in Text

Pigs have been featured in various texts throughout history, from ancient mythology to modern literature.

In many cultures, pigs symbolize wealth, prosperity, and abundance. In this section, we will explore some examples of pigs in the text.


In Greek mythology, Demeter, the Goddess of agriculture, was often depicted holding a pig.

The pig was a symbol of fertility and abundance in agriculture, reflecting the animal’s reputation for being a prolific breeders.

In Norse mythology, the boar was an important symbol of strength and courage. The god Freyr was often depicted riding a golden boar named Gullinbursti.


In George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” pigs are used to represent the ruling class in a satirical commentary on Soviet communism.

The pigs in the story are corrupt and power-hungry, representing the negative aspects of pig symbolism.

In E.B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web,” the pig Wilbur is the main character and is portrayed as friendly and lovable.

The story emphasizes the positive aspects of pig symbolism, such as loyalty, friendship, and innocence.

Pop Culture

In the film “Babe,” a pig named Babe defies expectations and becomes a successful sheepdog. The story challenges stereotypes about pigs and highlights their intelligence and potential.

In the animated series “Peppa Pig,” the titular character and her family are depicted as friendly and relatable, appealing to young children.

Overall, pigs have been featured in a variety of texts throughout history, representing both positive and negative aspects of their symbolism.

Pigs and Food

Pigs have a close relationship with food, as they are often raised for their meat, commonly known as pork.

Pork is a staple food in many cultures around the world, and it is used in a wide variety of dishes, from bacon and sausages to pork chops and roasts.

In addition to being a popular meat, pigs are also known for their love of food. They are omnivorous animals, which means they eat both plants and animals.

Pigs are often raised on farms, where they are fed a diet of corn, soybeans, and other grains, as well as vegetables and fruits.

Swine is the term used to describe domestic pigs and wild boars. These animals are often hunted for their meat, which is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. Wild boar meat is leaner than pork and has a unique flavor that is often described as gamey.

Pigs are also associated with gluttony and excess, as they are known to eat large amounts of food.

However, it is important to note that pigs are not inherently greedy or indulgent. They simply have a strong appetite and will eat as much as they can if given the opportunity.

Overall, pigs and food are closely intertwined, and these animals play an important role in the food industry.

Whether you enjoy pork dishes or simply appreciate the unique qualities of these animals, there is no denying the significance of pigs when it comes to food and cuisine.

Pigs and Nut

When it comes to pig symbolism, the Egyptian Goddess of the Night, Nut, is often associated with the pig.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Nut was believed to swallow the sun each evening and give birth to it each morning. This cycle of birth and rebirth is similar to the way that pigs are often portrayed as symbols of fertility and abundance.

In addition to its association with Nut, the pig is also considered a symbol of good fortune and thrift.

In many cultures, including some European and Asian societies, pigs are associated with wealth and prosperity.

This is because pigs were traditionally raised for their meat and fat, which could be preserved and stored for long periods.

Interestingly, the pig’s association with thrift and savings is also reflected in the German saying “wir haben Schwein,” which translates to “we have a pig.” This saying is often used to express good luck or fortune, similar to the English saying, “we hit the jackpot.”

Overall, the pig’s association with Nut and its symbolism of good fortune and thrift make it a fascinating animal to explore in the context of mythology and culture.

Whether you view the pig as a symbol of abundance or thrift, it is clear that this animal has played an important role in human history and continues to be a beloved animal around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the symbolism of pigs in literature?

Pigs are often used in literature as symbols of greed, gluttony, and excess. They can also represent the lower class or the working class.

In some stories, pigs are depicted as lazy or dirty animals, which can symbolize negative traits in humans.

What does a pig represent in politics?

In politics, pigs can represent corrupt politicians or government officials who are more concerned with their interests than the well-being of their constituents.

The phrase “pork barrel politics” refers to the practice of politicians using government funds to benefit their districts or supporters.

What is the spiritual meaning of a pig?

In some spiritual traditions, pigs are associated with abundance, fertility, and prosperity.

They can also represent the earth element and the power of manifestation. Pigs are sometimes used in rituals or offerings to attract good luck and wealth.

What does a dead pig symbolize spiritually?

The symbolism of a dead pig can vary depending on the context and culture. In some traditions, a dead pig can represent the end of a cycle or the completion of a task. It can also symbolize sacrifice or the release of negative energy.

What is the negative symbolism of pigs?

In some cultures, pigs are considered unclean or impure animals. They can be associated with disease, filth, and sin.

Pigs can also represent excess, greed, and gluttony, which are seen as negative traits in many societies.

What is the significance of a pig skull?

In some spiritual traditions, pig skulls are used in rituals or as symbols of protection. They can also represent the power of death and transformation.

Pig skulls can be used in divination or as offerings to ancestors or spirits.

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