Food Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Food Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

If you are concerned about a food dream that you’ve recently had, it means that this dream has a big influence on you.

This is how food dreams are. They are very impactful as they touch on the very core of our existence.

Dreaming about food symbolizes your attitude towards life. It talks about your lifestyle, health, family, career, and the state of your personal and professional relationships.

The meaning of this dream is influenced by the type of food you dreamt about, and how you felt about the food in your dream.

It is also determined by how you view this particular food in your waking life, and whether other people were involved in the dream.


Here’s a look at some common food dreams and their meanings:

Some Specific Food Dream Meanings

#1 – Dreaming of Food on a Table

Things are going well for you in your waking life. You feel peaceful and content with the experiences you are going through.

This dream encourages you to take advantage of this period to elevate your life.

#2 – Dream of Someone Stealing Your Food

Be wary of those around you, for a close friend or family member is set to betray you. It could also mean that you feel lonely; you feel neglected by your closest and dearest.

#3 – Dream of Taking Large Bites of Food

This is a pointer to your carelessness and negligence. You are fond of shacking your responsibilities and duties, and this can only mean bad results in the days ahead.

#4 – Dream of Enjoying Food

You will soon receive some good news. This dream is related to the good work you have been doing to make your life better.

It’s a confirmation that your efforts have not been in vain.

#5 – Dream of Being Unable to Swallow Chunks of Food

You are biting far much more than you can chew in real life. This means you are taking on too much responsibility.

Slow down your pace and consider taking on that which you can see to its logical conclusion.

#6 – Dream of Someone Begging for Food

Your relationship is in trouble and you desperately want to save it. This dream reminds you that honest, down-to-earth dialogue will help you to work out things with your partner.

#7 – Dream of Drinking Fine Wine

You need to treat your relationships with care. Don’t take the people in your life for granted. Let them know that you can be relied upon to be there for them when needed.

#8 – Dream of Frozen Food

Many of your acquaintances find you cold and unapproachable. This means that few are willing to confide in you even when you are in a unique position to help them.

This dream urges you to change your demeanor for people to have more confidence in you.

#9 – Dream of Buying Food

You are a good decision maker and you’ll accomplish a lot if you put this gift to good use. This dream reminds you that you have everything you need to create positive change in your community.

#10 – Dream of Sharing a Meal with Your Loved Ones

You are in a good place in your waking life. This dream urges you to make use of this period of peace to advance your goals and dreams.

#11 – Dream of Stale Food

You feel overwhelmed by everything going on around you. It could also mean that you have been too busy at work that you have neglected the other aspects of your life.

You need to slow down in your busy schedule to attend to your emotional and spiritual needs.

#12 – Dream of Food Stuck in Your Throat

You are living in denial about some truths in your life. Things will be much easier for you when you learn to accept your own realities.

#13 – Dream of Various Recipes

You are quick to seek advice and guidance from experts whenever you get stuck in your waking life.

This is a good thing, for it shows that you are humble enough to use the knowledge and experience of others for your own good.

#14 – Dream of Watching Someone Eat

Your health is in danger. Something you will eat or drink will likely cause you stomach trouble and interfere with your overall wellbeing.

#15 – Dream of Worms in Food

You are not very comfortable with the experiences you’ve had to go through in your personal and professional life.

You are uneasy about things that you seem to have no control over.

#16 – Dream of Bad Tasting Food

You can seem to find the help you need to get out of your current predicaments. This could be the signal that you need to be more independent.

Look within you for the resources you need to overcome your challenges. You’ll be surprised at how strong you are.

#17 – Dream of Hoarding Food

You fear losing your material possessions. If there’s a real threat to what you own, this is a good time to take measures to protect your wealth.

#18 – Dream of Eating Large Quantities of Food

You have sexual feelings towards someone that you know. Unfortunately, you are shy about telling them and you don’t know how to go about this matter.

This dream reminds you of the importance of being confident and courageous.

#19 – Dream of Consuming Poisonous Food

You need to get rid of bad habits and attitudes as they are slowing down your progress. Otherwise, these negative aspects of your life will mess up your personal and professional relationships.

#20 – Dream of Food at a Party

If you ever feel lonely, know that help is at hand. Many people in your life are willing to put their resources at your disposal.

You just need to ask.

#21 – Dream of Receiving Food

You will go through a successful period in the days ahead. This is a heads-up that you need to get ready to take advantage of this.

It could also mean that the assistance you have been looking for has finally arrived. Someone close to you is ready and willing to give you a helping hand.

#22 – Dream of Giving Food

You are ready to share your skills, knowledge, and experiences with those around you. This is a good thing, for it allows you to create the right impact on the world around you.

This dream could also be challenging you to take up a mentorship role.

#23 – Dream of Cooking Food

If the food you cook in your dreams is tasty, it means that you should expect great and fortunate things to come your way.

If the food is tasteless, however, you will soon go through a tough phase in your waking life.

#24 – Dream of Cheese

This is a sign of growth and progress in your business or professional undertakings. Your efforts at work will attract the kind of rewards you have been looking for.

This is your cue to keep working hard.

#25 – Dream of Fruits

You have a burning desire to find the right sexual partner. If you are married or in a relationship, this dream encourages you to give a breath of fresh life to your sexual life.

Don’t be shy about exploring different sexual adventures with your partner.

#26 – Dream of Junk Food

You are involved in some unhealthy habits in real life. This will mess up your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual life if you don’t take care of it.

You need to get out of the vicious cycle of a poor lifestyle and reclaim your life.

#27 – Dream of Baby Food

You need to pay more attention to your family and loved ones. If you have children, spare time to play or talk with them.

Likely, you have not been concentrating on your family’s needs. This has to change if you hope to create the right balance and harmony in your life.

#28 – Dream of Butter

This dream tells you to create time to rest and relax. You see; life’s not all about work and making money.

You need to indulge yourself occasionally.

#29 – Dream of Bread

You are going through trying moments and survival has become an uphill task. Problems seem to sprout wherever you go.

This dream could be a sign of underlying stress. You need to get to the root of your troubles to effectively deal with them.

#30 – Dream of Leftovers

You are good at saving money. This dream encourages you to keep up this good habit for it will serve you well in the rainy days ahead.

#31 – Dream of Having Breakfast

This is a sign of new beginnings. New opportunities are being sent into your life, and you’d better get ready to take advantage of them.

#32 – Dream of Blueberries

You are nostalgic about your childhood. This dream reminds you that life is a cycle. You can recreate the happiness and innocence you once enjoyed as a child or youth.

You don’t have to be sad about the bad experiences you’ve had to go through. There’s hope.

#33 – Dream of Jelly or Jam

You will receive some good news in the days ahead. This will have a positive impact on your social and professional engagements.

This dream encourages you to get ready to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this good news.

#34 – Dream of Cherries

This is a sign of integrity. This dream tells you that you’ll enjoy a wonderful and joyous life when your dealings are above board.

#35 – Dream of Dog Food

This dream encourages you to use your skills and talents to make your life better. You have well-developed skills and virtues that can serve you well.

Go ahead and use this gift to create positive change in your world.


Dreaming about food could indicate that you are on the right path to growth and prosperity.

However, like all other dreams, the meaning of food dreams depends on the finer details it presents. Some food dreams have good messages while others convey a negative meaning.

Either way, this dream prepares you for the days ahead. It confirms that there’s something you can do today to positively influence your future.

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