Stealing Money Dream Meaning & Symbolism

Are you interested in Stealing Money Dream Meaning & Symbolism? Then this guide is for you!

Bringing money and the crime of stealing together makes for an interesting dream analysis. While money represents self-worth, confidence, power, and success, stealing indicates a lack of value.

So, what do you make of stealing and money in the same dream? Let’s find out!

What’s the General Meaning of Stealing Money Dreams?

A dream about having money mirrors your desire to be confident, respected, and successful. You feel you deserve to be acknowledged for your achievements.

It also indicates your determination to create a solid and healthy love relationship.

Dreaming about stealing money indicates you’re willing to take risks to claim your rightful place in the Universe.

You won’t rest until people respect you for who you are and what you stand for.

It could also signify you are likely to use unorthodox means to achieve your goals. This dream calls on you to tread cautiously.

Do not sacrifice your values and principles to assert yourself. You can lead a decent, successful life without being a bully.

Dreaming of stealing money reminds you to maintain your integrity, regardless of how desperate your situation seems.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Stealing Money Dream?


#1 – You Desire to Get More Power

A Dream about stealing money could signify that you desire more power. You believe that you are not respected or successful enough.

This dream reflects your desire to push yourself harder to accomplish all your goals and dreams. While this is a noble idea, you should not overdo it.

Move at your own pace and avoid comparing yourself with your peers. Everyone has their own race to run; concentrate on yours.

#2 – Your Reputation is Threatened

Someone in your inner circle is jealous of the progress you have been making. Therefore, they feel that all the accolades and successes you have attracted should go to them.

Dreaming of stealing money tells you to be wary of someone hell-bent on bringing you down. Because of your dynamic personality, this person is envious that you are better than them.

#3 – Take Better Care of Your Parents

Dreaming of stealing money could be a sign you’ve neglected your parents. If this dream depicts you stealing money from your parents, it signifies they are in trouble.

This is your cue to be kinder, more generous, and more considerate towards your parents. You are in a unique position to help them deal with their challenges.

Purpose to support them in every way you can.

#4 – You Desire to Lead a More Private Life

Dreaming of stealing money could signify your privacy violated, and you’re uncomfortable with this.

You could have been a victim of phishing, scamming, and con-game. You are scared that these fraudsters will find you again and do worse things.

This dream tells you to move on. Otherwise, you’ll keep experiencing nightmares of stealing money or money being stolen from you.

#5 – You Are Too Extravagant

This dream warns you that at the rate you are spending, it won’t be long before you eat through all your savings.

You need to put a cap on your spending. The Universe wants you to change your habits and lifestyle choices.

Make a deliberate effort to save more and spend less. But, most importantly, this dream cautions you against living beyond your means.

#6 – Trouble in Your Personal and Professional Life

Things are not going well in your relationships and career. You could have made a series of decisions that didn’t work in your favor.

Dreaming of stealing money shows something has put the important things in your life at risk. Your career and love life are in jeopardy.

Pay closer attention to these aspects of your life. Show a sense of responsibility and work, and be there for your partner whenever they need you.

#7 – Your Children Will Be Okay

A dream about stealing money shows you worry too much about your children. Being anxious about your children is not bad; it shows you’re concerned about them.

However, if worrying about your young ones is all you do, some things will not add up.

Dreaming about stealing money tells you not to be overly concerned about your children. They will be alright – play your roles responsibly and allow your divine guides to care for the rest.

#8 – You Desire to Live a Secure Life

Do you constantly worry about dying alone and poor? Are you always scared of living the rest of your life without company?

This is likely to be reflected in your dream. For example, you dream of stealing money because your insecurity will not allow you to rest.

To solve this problem, you need to deal with it from the roots.

#9 – You Feel Inadequate

Try as you might, you feel you are not good enough for the assignments ahead of you.

Although you have always wanted to do your best and achieve the greatest rewards, feelings of inadequacy keep stalking you.

These feelings keep stealing your freedom. You’re always worried that your efforts will not accomplish anything.

Dreaming of stealing money indicates you have allowed the fear of failure to run your life.

#10 – Someone is Taking Advantage of You

A dream of stealing money shows someone does not want you to prosper. Instead, they keep taking advantage of you each time you seem to stabilize.

It could be that this person tarnishes your good name and reputation to build theirs. Alternatively, they use your closeness to them to misuse your resources.

Dreaming of someone stealing money from you indicates someone is determined to heap all their responsibilities on you.

#11 – You Are Chained to Your Past

A dream about stealing money indicates you’re not making any deliberate effort to escape your past traumas.

You have allowed negative energies from your dark past to make a home in your life. But, unfortunately, these energies rob you of the energies you need to live your life to the fullest.

Break free of your past and focus on the future.

Specific Stealing Money Dream Meanings

Dream of Someone Stealing Money from You

This signifies that someone is taking advantage of you. This person does not want to work hard for their own growth and progress.

Instead, they rely on your achievements to advance their agenda. So, while being generous with your ideas and resources is okay, keep others from being over-reliant on you.

The more this person depends on you, the weaker they become. Eventually, they may end up being your heaviest burden and worst headache.

Dream of Giving Away Stolen Money

This dream signifies you crave love and attention. Likely, you have been feeling overlooked and ignored of late.

This dream shows you desire to be relevant in your family and community. You want to attract the attention of those you believe matter in your world.

Dream of Stealing Money from Your Parents

Your parents or guardians are facing a challenge that requires your intervention. Likely, you have been so busy that you have forgotten to check on your parents.

When was the last time you had a long, uninterrupted, in-depth talk with your parents or guardians?

Do you spare the time to listen to their hopes, dreams, and aspirations? This dream urges you to pay close attention to your loved ones.

At the same time, it challenges you to take part in conflict resolution in your family.

Dream of Stealing Money and Losing It

This dream indicates you are anxious about your financial situation. You may have discovered that you have eaten through all your savings and have no credible backup plan.

Or, you want to make a critical purchase but need more funds.

Dreaming about stealing money and losing could mean you are stretched too thin. If you do something about this, you’ll soon find it easier to attend to your basic needs.

Dream of Stealing Money Through Hacking

You have serious security concerns that give you sleepless nights. In addition, you feel that some recent happenings are messing with your sense of privacy.

Perhaps, a recent entrant in your life has no respect for your privacy and personal space. It could be they keep snooping around you wherever you go, interrogating everything about your lifestyle.

This dream could also be a sign you feel vulnerable. You suspect that someone wants to air your dirty linen in public.

Dream of Being Caught Stealing Money

Is everything okay in your personal and professional life? Are you on good terms with your bosses and colleagues?

Does the flame of love and romance continue to burn in your love relationship?

This dream draws your attention to these aspects of your life. Direct more effort, time, and resources to creating stable partnerships in your social and professional circles.


Are you desperate to succeed in some endeavor? Or do you feel sidelined by your family and friends? Dreaming of stealing money could signify that you are not at peace.

You desperately need to scale the highest levels of success. Yet, at the same time, you have a yearning desire to be accepted.

When you look at this dream critically, you’ll realize you need to take it easy. Then, everything will fall into place at the right divine.

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