Rainbow Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Rainbows are symbols of wish fulfillment. Seeing a rainbow in your dream is a sign that what you have been working for will come to fruition.

This dream encourages you to keep working for improvement in your spirituality, love, and fortunes.

You are likely to have this dream when you’ve been hoping or praying for a fresh beginning. Maybe, things have not gone as well as you’d have wanted in certain sectors of your life.

All the same, you have to consider the details in your dream to arrive at its conclusive meaning.

Was the rainbow single, double, or triple? What was the nature of its arch? What were your feelings about seeing this rainbow?

Here’s a look at some common rainbow dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Rainbow Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Rainbow

This dream reminds you that positive behavior begets positive results. Your attitudes towards other people determine how high you soar.

Having this dream calls on you to be less judgmental. You have harshly criticized others even for the smallest of mistakes.

To err is human. You too are prone to making mistakes. Remember, you’ll be judged by the very same standard you apply to others.

Instead of rushing to judge, try to interrogate the motivation behind someone’s words or actions.

#2 – Dream of Rainbow Connecting Two Horizons

In this dream, a rainbow forms a large arch that connects two horizons. This dream heralds good news about your love life.

If you have been searching for a soulmate, things are finally looking up. You are receiving energies to actualize your dreams in the relationship.

#3 – Dream of Rainbow Connecting Sky to Horizon

This dream encourages you to anchor your life on a firm spiritual standing. You’ll see life more clearly if you can connect to your spiritual self.

Dreaming of the rainbow connecting the sky to the horizon prods you to pursue your purpose in this world.

This is the path to true peace and happiness.

#4 – Dream of a Rainbow Disappearing

This dream warns you against focusing on this that have no bearing on your future. You’ll miss great opportunities unless you align your resources in the right way.

If you have been hoping to make a certain step in life, expect it to happen. Build your self-confidence and eliminate your insecurities about your future.

This dream urges you to be guided by positive affirmations and visualizations.

#5 – Dream of Seeing a Double Rainbow

This is a sign of peace and happiness. You have mastered the best ways to utilize your skills and talents, and your future looks good.

This dream shows you have found a way to express your soul mission. You know why you are alive, and you are willing to do whatever it takes to unleash your full potential.

#6 – Dream of Seeing a Rainbow Over a River

This is a sign of an upcoming trip. You should get ready to take advantage of the opportunities you’ll meet during this trip.

You’ll also encounter new challenges that will greatly improve your life if you are willing to tackle them.

It is such challenges that enable you to see the extent of your skills and abilities.

#7 – Dream of Seeing a Triple Rainbow

In this dream, the main rainbow reflects light creating triple rainbows. This is a sign of multiple blessings.

If you have been working to improve one area of your business, all areas will be positively affected. If you have lost a fortune in the recent past, you’ll recover it many times over.

This dream indicates you get good job and project offers. You’ll reap great rewards for the efforts you are putting into elevating your life.

#8 – Dream of Seeing Lots of Rainbows

Things are finally looking up in your love life. You are likely to experience this dream after a period of uncertainty in the field of love.

This dream encourages you to openly express yourself to your partner. Make it easier for them to know you better.

They need to understand your fears, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. This way, they’ll be able to inspire you to be the best you can be.

This dream confirms that your love life is promising.

#9 – Dream of Seeing a Rainbow Over a Mountain

This dream indicates your resoluteness to achieve your goals. You are determined to make progress in all areas of your life.

Dreaming of seeing a rainbow over a mountain encouraged you to keep going strong even when the going gets tough.

The uphill task you have embarked on has great rewards. Remain true to your goals and dreams, and do not waver from your purpose in this life.

#10 – Dream of a Pot of Gold Under a Rainbow

This is a sign of good fortune. Your hard work and positive attitude have attracted positive energies of financial growth.

It’s also likely that you’ll have a lucky hand in a lottery or at the casino.

Having this dream calls on you to re-evaluate your money-losing ventures. Likely, there’s something you can do to make them churn impressive profits.

Or, you may decide they are a waste of time and fold them up altogether.

#11 – Dream of a Golden Rainbow

This is a sign of material prosperity. The investments you have been making towards securing your future will work in your favor.

You are about to enter a phase of life characterized by professional growth and financial success. This is the time to implement the grand projects you’ve always had in mind.

Dreaming of a golden rainbow could also be a sign of a sudden and unexpected influx of money into your life.

You are about to experience a financial windfall the size of which you have never thought before. Likely, you’ll inherit a large estate from a distant relative.

Or, it could be that you’ll win big time in the lottery.

#12 – Dream of a Rainbow After a Storm

Have you been yearning for peace and happiness? This dream tells you these things are within reach. But first, you must get rid of negative energies from your life.

Create room for peace and joy in your life. Embrace a positive mindset and your eyes will be open to the possibilities in your life.

#13 – Dream of a Rainbow Accompanying a Storm

Dream of a rainbow that accompanies a storm shows hope. Your problems and hardships will soon be over, and you can look forward to a peaceful life.

This dream encourages you to be motivated by positive affirmations and visualizations. You should never despair; because you have what it takes to overcome the situations in your life.

#14 – Dream of a Rainbow in the Water

You are likely to have this dream if you’ve been having trouble with your feelings. It encourages you to tame your emotions.

Likely, you have allowed negative energies from your past to creep into your life. Your life is more or less controlled by anger, resentment, jealousy, and hatred.

If you hope to make meaningful strides in your life, you must get rid of these negative emotions.

#15 – Dream of Sitting on a Rainbow

Too much fantasizing will not solve your problems. This dream urges you to take action about your life.

It’s time to stop thinking about doing and actually start doing. You have probably been lied to that success does not require much.

This dream wants you to know that success is not cheap. It is a product of hard work, a positive attitude, and tenacity.

#16 – Dream of Seeing a Rainbow at Night

Usually, you can’t see a rainbow at night because it is a reflection of light. If you dream of seeing a rainbow at night, it indicates the power of divine intervention.

Something big is about to happen in your life, thanks to the work of your divine guides. If you are a believer, this is not going to shock you.

If not, this dream suggests the need to examine your spirituality.

#17 – Dream of Rainbow-Colored Animals

This dream indicates gay pride. Likely, you’ll link up with some lesbian or gay friends soon. This dream also shows you are determined not to judge anyone based on their sexual orientation.

It is your desire to live in a world of equality for all.

#18 – Dream of Walking Under the Rainbow

This is a sign that you are full of positive energy. You are willing to use your creative skills to make the world better for everyone.

People who experience this dream make friends with ease. This is more so because they exude positive vibes wherever they go.

Soon, you’ll get someone equally motivated to work with. Your collaboration will bring huge rewards to both of you.

#19 – Dream of Walking on the Rainbow

This dream is likely to come your way when you are going through dark times. You are beginning to believe that there’s no hope for the situation you are in.

Well, you could not be further from the truth.

A deeper look at this dream will help you realize that the hardships you are going through happen for a reason.

They enable you to discover the hidden reserve of your skills and talents.

Dreaming of walking on the rainbow is a confirmation of new beginnings.

#20 – Dream of a Rainbow Without One Color

In this dream, you see a rainbow that lacks one of the colors. It’s important that you try to understand the symbolic meaning of the missing color.

Generally, this dream means that something in your life is missing. It could be that the rewards you keep getting are not commensurate with the hard work you do.

A change is necessary to enable you to live your life to the fullest.

#21 – Dream of Flying Towards a Rainbow

This dream indicates that you have found a better alternative to something you’ve been pursuing. It could be that you have found a better job or relationship.

This dream bears the promise of success. It tells you that the challenges you’ve been dealing with will not be as severe.

You’ll have an easier way to navigate through the hurdles of life.

#22 – Dream of Painting a Rainbow

You are nostalgic about your childhood. You miss the innocence, laughter, and carefree attitude that characterized your younger days.

This dream encourages you to face life with the purity of a child. Put on integrity in all your undertakings.

#23 – Dream of Seeing a White Rainbow

This is a sign of good times ahead. The following period will feature remarkable growth in your social and professional circles.

Finally, things will start moving in the direction you’ve always been working for. It is a sign of a new dawn.


Dreaming of a rainbow indicates good fortune and luck. It is a sign that your life is moving in the right trajectory.

This dream encourages you to uphold integrity in everything you do. This should not be a tall order for you considering that it is ingrained in your personality.

You are kind, compassionate, and understanding. You are keen on helping those who approach you with their issues.

You radiate a positive aura wherever you go. With this kind of personality, what can surely stand in your path to progress?

You can achieve whatever you want – you only need to believe it.

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