Are you interested in Orange Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

This succulent fruit is associated with good feelings and positive vibes.

A dream of an orange is packed with deep meaning – just like the fruit itself is packed with nutrients.

Almost every person in the world has tasted or seen the orange. As such, this fruit is one of the most cherished the world over.

People who frequently have orange dreams are inspired to achieve their goals and dreams. They are resolute and single-minded in pursuing their ambitions.

This dream holds the promise of growth and prosperity.

As such, it’s important you relate this dream to your situation and circumstances. You’ll realize that dreaming of an orange urges you to discard your worries and make your life happen.

Here’s a look at some common orange dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Orange Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing an Orange

This dream reminds you to take care of your health.

The orange is regarded as a rich source of vitamin C, a powerful nutrient for protecting the body against colds and other illnesses.

Dreaming of seeing an orange reminds you that your body is your most important asset in this world. Don’t neglect it.

#2 – Dream of Buying an Orange

This that previously seemed impossible will start working in your favor. You’ll gain mileage in your personal and professional engagements.

Also, this dream asks you to prepare for an unexpected financial windfall. If you play the lottery, something good could be cooking in this area.

Or, it could be that someone will leave you a hefty inheritance.

#3 – Dream of Selling an Orange

This is a sign that you are reaching out to collaborate with progressive individuals. You’ll soon be able to cover more ground in pursuing your ambitions.

At the same time, this dream indicates an infusion of fresh energies. Someone or a divine force is inspiring you to unleash your full potential.

You may not fully appreciate this until you go through the process of cleansing and healing.

#4 – Dream of Being Unable to Pick an Orange

In this dream, you are trying to pick an orange from a tree but you are unable to. This dream exposes your deep-seated trust issues.

You are unable to form meaningful relationships because you treat everyone suspiciously.

#5 – Dream of Planting an Orange Tree

This is a sign that you have gained popularity in your community. Your reliability and trustworthiness has won you quite a huge following.

It’s no wonder that many of your friends and colleagues look up to you for guidance. The feeling you get from this is one of the greatest rewards you can receive.

#6 – Dream of Your Partner Planting Orange Trees

This signals that your love is headed in the right direction. Both you and your partner are committed to creating a strong and healthy relationship.

You understand that to achieve this, you need to make sacrifices and compromises.

#7 – Dream of Pruning Orange Trees

This dream calls on you to align your plans with your goals and dreams. Do you know what your purpose in this world is?

This should be your core business in everything you do.

At the same time, having this dream tells you to take care of your family and loved ones. The good news is that everything you do for your family will bear fruit.

#8 – Dream of Cutting Down an Orange Tree

The challenges you have been encountering of late are self-inflicted. You no longer believe in your ability to solve problems, and you have allowed problems to overwhelm you.

You are being unfair to your dependents considering that you have the resources to deal with these troubles.

Unless you re-take control of your life, things will continue getting harder.

#9 – Dream of Fresh, Succulent Oranges

This dream holds the promise of good times ahead. It encourages you to maintain your current path.

Although you may not notice this, everything you do goes to create a good future for you and your loved ones.

#10 – Dream of Eating Oranges

You are happy with the trajectory your life has taken. You are fully in touch with your strengths and weaknesses.

You know exactly how to take care of your needs. The succulent nature of this fruit signifies your satisfaction with the efforts you are making to elevate your life.

Additionally, this dream symbolizes that your love life will expand. You’ll meet someone after your heart if you are single.

#11 – Dream of Holding an Orange

This is good news – you have managed to control the wild aspects of your emotions. You are likely to have this dream after battling with emotional turmoil.

Going forward, you’ll experience peace for the foreseeable future. This dream calls on you to take advantage of this to propel your life to greater heights.

#12 – Dream of Gifting Someone an Orange

You’ll give someone a life-saving deal.

This person will approach with a sorry tale of pain and woe, and you’ll rise to the occasion by helping them to deal with their situation.

This dream draws attention to your kindness and compassion.

#13 – Dream of Being Gifted an Orange

This dream reflects on your optimistic attitude. You believe that things will work out for you despite hardships you are going through.

You have absolute faith and trust in your skills and abilities.

All the same, this dream reminds you that faith without action is dead. You must couple your positive thoughts with positive actions.

#14 – Dream of Peeling an Orange

You have seen the need to shed off your ego and pride for the sake of your growth. You now have more leeway to address your emotional needs.

This dream calls on you to reach out and make amends to those you have wronged in the past. Resuscitate your relationship with your family, friends, and loved ones.

#15 – Dream of Eating an Orange Peel

This dream signals that you regret having used certain words against your partner. Although you did it at the heat of the moment, you know your comments were uncalled for.

Dreaming of eating an orange peel calls on you to eat the humble pie and apologize.

#16 – Dream of Squeezing an Orange

You’ll go through a period of pain and suffering until you find your true self. The sooner you get in touch with your purpose in this life, the better.

This dream encourages you to pursue your goals with a passion. Once you do what you should be doing for the rest of your life, don’t let anything hold you back.

#17 – Dream of an Orange on a Table

You’ll receive some pleasant news about your projects.

If you had made some significant investments in the money markets, get ready to receive abnormal returns. This could be the meaning of your dream.

Or, you’ll receive news that your interview results are out…and that you’ve passed with flying colors. You can now plan for the next phase of your life with confidence.

#18 – Dream of Throwing Oranges

This dream indicates professional growth. You’ll get a promotion and the accompanying pay rise soon. This dream commends you for the good work you have been doing.

You’ve made a lot of people happy.

#19 – Dream of Drinking Orange Soda

This dream encourages you to listen to your intuition. This resource will guide you to make the right decisions concerning your life.

For example, your intuition encourages you to embrace a positive mindset. This is the most effective way of handling your life.

#20 – Dream of Slicing Oranges

This dream shows that your friendships may suffer if they are not nurtured. You are being encouraged to create time for your friends and loved ones.

Make it a point to go out with your friends every now and then. After all, life’s not all about work.

#21 – Dream of Lime Orange

This is a sign of peace in the midst of problems. Your efforts will eventually bear fruit, and you’ll overcome the turmoil that’s raging all around your world.

#22 – Dream of Tangerine or Mandarin Orange

Dreaming of tangerine or mandarin oranges calls on you to be strong enough to wearing hard times. This requires that you tap into your hidden skills and gifts.

The good news is that once you discover your hidden abilities, every challenge becomes easier to solve.

#23 – Dream of Sweet Oranges

This dream encourages you to maintain focus on your goals and dreams. It’s important that you align your abilities to the relevant tasks.

Pursue the things that will add value to your life and avoid activities that will usurp your energies.

#24 – Dream of a Red Orange

Your bad attitude is working against you. This dream calls on you change your attitude for a clearer vision of your destination.

Avoid judging people based on pre-existing biases. Be ready to give those you encounter in this journey the benefit of doubt.

#25 – Dream of Choking on an Orange

With a negative mental disposition, it gets hard to achieve your goals and dreams.

This dream calls on you to get rid of self-defeating attitudes. Believe in yourself, and focus more on the possibilities in your life as opposed to the impossibilities.

#26 – Dream of Sharing Oranges

It indicates fresh beginnings and success – especially after you’ve been battling hardships and uncertainty for some time.

Of course, the meaning of any dream largely depends on what you are going through, and what the dream makes you feel.


Dreaming about an orange encourages you to give your very best in each task you have to carry out. This dream is about being productive in your community.

Just like the orange is rich in nutrients, you are resourceful.

Having this dream reminds you that you have everything it takes to make life better for yourself and others.

This tells you to keep pushing harder. Don’t give up even when the going gets tough. Success is just around the corner.

When you have this dream, know that your hopes, dreams, and desires will come true soon.

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