Rat Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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What does seeing rats in your dreams make you feel? Does it fill you with fear and disgust? Well, this is what happens to most people.

This is not hard to understand, considering that rats have been associated with disease and death through the ages.

Having a rat dream means that you will encounter some challenges that will interfere with your happiness, growth, and progress.

This dream indicates that you will have a hard time trying to achieve your goals and dreams. This is not to say, however, that you won’t succeed.

Rather, it means that there’s something you need to overcome before you can fully focus on making your life happen.

A rat dream also hints at possible betrayal. Someone in your inner circle will turn against you. This dream warns you to be wary of whom you confide in.

As you go through the journey of life, you should remember that not everyone is to be trusted.


What’s the General Meaning of Rat Dreams?

You are having this dream because you feel awkward about something that’s happening in your life. You are not comfortable with certain people or situations in your life.

This dream challenges you to critically examine the changes you need to make in your life to be happy and peaceful.

Rarely will you dream of rats doing anything good. They are usually involved in one mischief or another.

This is a reflection of your experience with rats in your waking life. Generally, rats do no good to humans – unless you have trained them to behave in a certain manner.

Dreaming about rats will bring to the fore the selfishness that exists in your world. People have become self-centered.

Dreams about rats capture these animals, destroying clothes, food, and other items. They bite or poop on everything they come into contact with.

Dreaming of these rodents may indicate that you are associating with fellows who are up to no good. They will just cause you pain and misery.

Here’s a look at common rat dreams and their meanings:

Some Specific Rat Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Killing Rats

When most people think about rats, the first thing that comes to their mind is how to kill them. When you dream of killing rats, it means that you are brave and confident.

#2 – Dream of Being Scared Killing Rats

You are surrounded by negative energy, and this is attracting poor results. This dream opens your eyes to understand why you have been working so hard with little to show for it.

You need to change your situations and the energies around you.

#3 – Dream of Being Scratched by Rats

Someone close to you is working against you. They will let you down when you expect them to stand with you in hard times.

It could also mean that someone wants your attention; they have something important to tell you.

#4 – Dream of Chewing Rats

You are struggling with an illness or disease, and you must visit a doctor for help. It could also mean that you are fighting conditions such as OCD or addiction.

#5 – Dream of Dead Rats

This means that you have neglected an aspect of your life, and it is no longer serving you as it should. You need to deal with all the issues in your life to enjoy life to the fullest.

This dream could also mean that you are considering ending a partnership with someone who betrayed you.

This is quite good because this person does not deserve you.

#6 – Dream of Rats Chasing You

You are facing some issues that threaten your life. Indeed, you feel that these issues could turn fatal if you don’t resolve them in good time.

This should motivate you to start taking better care of your life. Decisively deal with the issues that keep giving you sleepless nights.

#7 – Dream of Rat Biting You

Not everyone who claims to have your interests at heart actually does. You should anticipate betrayal from your inner circle.

Someone close to you is about to reveal their true nature, and this dream gives you a heads-up so that you don’t get too shocked.

It would not be a bad idea to test your friends’ loyalty now and then. You never know what can turn up.

#8 – Dream of Rats Crawling on You

Your lifestyle and bad habits have compromised your health. This dream is urging you to retake control of your health.

It could also mean that you are not comfortable with your sexual partners because they don’t seem to be hygienic.

This is something you can talk to them about so that they can do a better job at self-care.

#9 – Dream of Rats Under Your Bed

You suspect that your partner is cheating on you, and this is giving you a hard time. You need to verify the facts and handle them maturely with your partner.

You can achieve a lot through the power of dialogue and open communication.

#10 – Dream of White Rats

Soon, you will find a solution to your problems and challenges. This dream assures you of no more sleepless nights.

Dreaming of a white rat indicates that you will find the answer to some of the toughest questions in your life.

Take advantage of this to take your life to the next phase.

#11 – Dream of Running Rats

A lot is going on in your life, and you are afraid that you will not be able to handle everything. All this running around is weighing down on you, and it won’t be long before you break down.

This is your cue to slow down. Take it easy. Take some time off your busy schedule to relax and unwind.

#12 – Dream of Black Rats

You feel overwhelmed by dark thoughts and darkness within you. This dream encourages you to seek help for the feelings of anxiety and depression that threaten to over-run you.

You need to be honest with yourself and what you are going through, as this will point you to the cause of your worry and dark emotions.

#13 – Dream of Brown Rats

You are battling body image issues. This problem makes you feel unattractive, and it could lead to depression if it is left unchecked.

This dream encourages you to seek help for your weight concerns and other health problems.

#14 – Dream of Rats with Red Eyes

Your efforts to achieve spiritual growth and progress will bear good fruits.

Also, this is a sign of financial success, good luck, happiness, and high self-esteem.

#15 – Dream of Rats in Your House

You are experiencing some serious issues in your family or love relationship. This dream encourages you to take quick action before things get totally out of hand.

Rats in the house are known to destroy everything – from food to furniture and clothes. You need to carefully examine what’s causing your troubles to stop it in good time.

#16 – Dream of Giant Rats

You are concerned about your body weight, and this is interfering with your confidence level. You need to take action before these negative thoughts compromise your self-esteem.

It could also mean that you suspect that someone is taking advantage of you or deceiving you into compromising your values and principles.

You must get to know the people you admit into your inner circle.

#17 – Dream of a Small Rat

Someone – or something – makes you feel unimportant. They don’t want you to be noticed, and they want to take all your credit for themselves.

Again, you need to be careful about whom you confide in.

#18 – Dream of a Fat Rat

Someone around you is not telling you the truth. If you have any joint plans or projects with them, this person has been feeding you fat lies.

You need to weed such people away from your life, for they don’t wish you well.

#19 – Dream of Rats Staring at You

You need to watch your diet and general lifestyle so as not to compromise your health. Unless you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you could be staring at ill health and disease.

This dream asks you to regain control over your health and overall well-being.

#20 – Dream of Rat Jumping on You

You are likely to lose money or some material possessions. This is a warning that you need to tread carefully as you handle money matters.

This dream asks you to avoid being extravagant. Rather, take up a saving culture that will ensure you have enough in the hard days to come.

#21 – Dream of Battling Rats

If you dream of having running battles with rats in your house, this indicates that your struggles are not in vain.

Your efforts and positive attitude will lead to great opportunities and fortune.

#22 – Dream of Talking with Rats in Your House

You are anxious that someone will release your secrets to the world. This is your cue to have a clear understanding of the people in your life.

Some of the people who purport to care for you are out to take advantage of you.

Rat Symbolism Final Thoughts

Although it may not be a very pleasant experience, seeing rats in your dream is loaded with symbolism and meanings.

You need to pay close attention to the context and details of your dream to appreciate what it stands for fully.

Most dreams about rats have something to do with misfortune, illness, or disease. This dream urges you to take care of your finances and health.

In most cases, those who dream about rats see the need to change their lifestyle to embrace more positivity.

Understanding Rat Symbolism

Rats are often seen as pests and carriers of disease, but they also have a rich symbolism in many cultures.

Understanding rat symbolism can reveal deeper meanings and insights into various aspects of life.

In many cultures, rats are associated with resourcefulness, adaptability, and intelligence.

They are known for their ability to survive in harsh environments and find creative solutions to problems.

In some spiritual traditions, rats are seen as messengers or guides. They may represent the need to be more adaptable and flexible in your approach to life.

Alternatively, they may symbolize the need to be more resourceful and make the most of what you have.

Rat symbolism can also have negative connotations, particularly in Western cultures. Rats may be seen as symbols of filth, disease, and decay. In some cases, they may represent betrayal or deceit.

Despite these negative associations, rats can also be seen as symbols of transformation and renewal.

They may represent the need to let go of old patterns and embrace new opportunities.

Overall, rat symbolism is complex and multifaceted. Whether you see rats as positive or negative symbols, understanding their deeper meanings can provide valuable insights into your life and the world around you.

Rat Symbolism in Different Cultures

Rats have been a part of human cultures and mythologies for centuries. In different cultures, rats hold different symbolic meanings.

Let’s explore some of the rat symbolism in different cultures.

Rat Symbolism in Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, rats are considered a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and success. The rat is the first animal of the Chinese zodiac and is associated with the element of water.

According to Chinese mythology, the rat was able to win the race to become the first animal of the zodiac by riding on the back of the ox.

The rat is also associated with the god of wealth, and it is believed that keeping a rat figurine in your home or office can bring good luck and fortune.

Rat Symbolism in Western Culture

In Western culture, rats are often associated with disease, plague, fear, and anxiety. Rats are seen as pests that can cause destruction and carry diseases.

In literature and art, rats are often portrayed as unclean animals associated with betrayal and deceit.

However, in some cultures, rats are also seen as symbols of resourcefulness and adaptability.

Rat Symbolism in Native American Culture

In Native American culture, rats are seen as symbols of strength, fertility, and adaptability.

The rat is considered a power animal and a totem animal, and it is believed that people with the rat as their power animal can adapt to any situation and overcome any obstacle.

Rats are also associated with creativity and new beginnings.

Rat Symbolism in Indian Culture

In Indian culture, rats are associated with the god Ganesha, who is often depicted with a rat as his vehicle.

Rats are seen as symbols of wisdom, foresight, and creativity. It is believed that meditating on the image of a rat can help improve your intelligence and creativity.

In conclusion, rats hold different symbolic meanings in different cultures. While some cultures see rats as symbols of wealth and prosperity, others see them as pests associated with disease and destruction.

However, in many cultures, rats are also seen as symbols of adaptability, resourcefulness, and strength.

Rat Symbolism in Dreams

Dreaming about rats can have various meanings depending on the context of the dream.

Rats in dreams can represent negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and worry. They can also symbolize positive traits such as intelligence, resourcefulness, and adaptability.

If you dream of rats, it may be a sign that you need to be more cautious in your life. It could indicate that someone close to you is not trustworthy or that you need to be more aware of your surroundings.

Alternatively, it could suggest that you are worried about your health or finances.

Dreaming of rats can also be a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. It may be time to take a break and relax.

Try to identify the source of your stress and take steps to address it.

Some people believe that dreaming of rats can be a sign of predicting the future.

However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. It is important to remember that dreams are often symbolic and open to interpretation.

In dream interpretation, the color of the rat can also be significant. For example, dreaming of black rats can represent hidden fears and insecurities.

On the other hand, dreaming of white rats can symbolize purity and innocence.

In conclusion, dreaming about rats can have various meanings and interpretations. It is important to consider the context of the dream and your own experiences when trying to understand its significance.

Rat Symbolism in Literature and Art

Rats have been a popular subject in literature and art for centuries. They are often used as symbols to represent negative qualities, such as deceit, betrayal, and danger.

In this section, we will explore how rats have been portrayed in literature and art and what they symbolize in these domains.

Rat Symbolism in Literature

Rats have been used as symbols in literature for a long time. They are often portrayed as untrustworthy and sneaky characters, representing negative qualities in a character or symbolizing a decaying environment.

For instance, in George Orwell’s “1984,” rats are used to represent the fear and betrayal of the totalitarian government.

In William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” rats are used to represent the deceitful nature of spying. Rats can also be used to create a creepy and foreboding atmosphere in a story.

Rat Symbolism in Renaissance Art

Rats have also been a popular subject in Renaissance art. They were often used to represent excess, laziness, and spirits of the dead.

For instance, in the painting “The Triumph of Death” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, rats are shown eating the dead bodies, representing the decay and destruction caused by death.

In the painting “The Dance of Death” by Hans Holbein the Younger, rats are shown dancing with the dead, representing the inevitability of death and decay.

In addition to their negative symbolism, rats have also been used as tricksters in literature and art.

For example, in the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, a rat is used to trick the townspeople into paying him to get rid of the rat infestation.

Overall, rats have been an important symbol in literature and art, representing negative qualities and trickery.

Their symbolism has been used to create a foreboding atmosphere and convey messages about the decay and destruction caused by excess and laziness.

Spiritual and Religious Significance of Rats

Rats have been a part of human culture and mythology for centuries, and they have often been associated with negative connotations such as disease, filth, and destruction.

However, rats also hold significant spiritual and religious symbolism in various cultures and religions.

Rat as a Spirit Animal

In spirituality, a spirit animal is believed to represent a person’s inner personality and characteristics.

Rats are seen as spirit animals that represent resourcefulness, adaptability, and intelligence. If you feel a strong connection to rats, it may be a sign that you possess these traits and should use them to your advantage.

Rat Symbolism in Christianity

In Christianity, rats are often associated with evil and sin. They are seen as creatures that thrive in darkness and filth and are, therefore, linked to the underworld.

However, rats can also symbolize resilience and survival, as they are known to adapt to a variety of environments.

Rat Celtic Symbolism

In Celtic mythology, rats were seen as creatures that could travel between the physical and spiritual worlds.

They were often associated with the goddess Bridget, who was known for her healing powers and connection to animals. Rats were also seen as symbols of fertility and abundance.

Overall, rats hold a complex and multifaceted symbolism in various cultures and religions.

While they may be associated with negative traits, they also represent resilience, intelligence, and adaptability.

Whether you see rats as a spirit animal or a symbol of a particular religion, their presence can offer insight into your personality and characteristics.

Interpreting Rat Encounters and Omens

Encountering rats can be unsettling for many people, but it’s important to understand that these creatures hold significant symbolism in many cultures.

If you’ve recently had a rat encounter, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on the possible meanings behind it.

Rat encounters can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on the context and your own beliefs.

Some people view rats as a sign of filth and disease, while others see them as intelligent and resourceful creatures. Here are a few possible interpretations of rat encounters and omens:

  • Adaptability: Rats are known for their ability to survive and thrive in a variety of environments. If you’ve recently encountered a rat, it could be a sign that you need to be more adaptable and flexible in your own life. Consider whether there are any areas where you’ve been resistant to change and whether you could benefit from being more open-minded.
  • Resourcefulness: Rats are also highly resourceful creatures, able to find food and shelter in even the most challenging environments. If you’re struggling to make ends meet or feeling stuck in a difficult situation, a rat encounter could be a sign that you need to tap into your resourcefulness and creativity to find a way forward.
  • Warning: In some cases, a rat encounter could be a warning of potential danger or harm. For example, if you’ve seen rats in your home or workplace, it could be a sign of unsanitary conditions or other hazards. Take steps to address any issues that could be putting your health or safety at risk.
  • Change: Rats are often associated with change and transformation. If you’ve been feeling stuck or stagnant in your life, a rat encounter could be a sign that it’s time to shake things up and embrace new opportunities. Consider whether there are any areas where you’ve been resistant to change and whether you could benefit from taking a different approach.

Overall, rat encounters and omens can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on your own beliefs and the context of the situation. While encountering rats may not always be pleasant, it’s worth taking the time to reflect on the possible meanings behind these encounters and what they could be trying to tell you.

Rat Symbolism in Modern Times

In modern times, rats have been studied extensively in science and have been found to be incredibly intelligent creatures.

They are often used in lab experiments and can be trained to perform complex behaviors.

However, despite their intelligence, rats are still seen as pests by many due to their association with disease and filth.

Speaking of disease, rats have been known to carry and transmit a variety of illnesses to humans.

This has led to a negative perception of rats and a fear of them in many people. However, it’s important to note that not all rats carry diseases, and proper cleanliness and hygiene can greatly reduce the risk of contracting any illnesses from rats.

On the other hand, rats are also associated with money and progress in some cultures.

In Chinese culture, rats are seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. This may be due to their ability to reproduce quickly and their resourcefulness in finding food and shelter.

In recent times, many people have taken up new hobbies or social activities involving rats.

Rat cafes and rat rescues have become popular in some areas, where people can interact with and care for rats in a safe and controlled environment.

This has helped to change the perception of rats as dirty pests and instead view them as intelligent and lovable creatures.

Overall, rats have a complex symbolism in modern times, with both positive and negative associations.

However, it’s important to remember that rats are living creatures and should be treated with respect and care.

Rat Symbolism in Tattoos

Rat tattoos have been around for centuries and have evolved in meaning over time. In ancient cultures, rats were seen as a symbol of fertility, abundance, and good fortune.

In some cultures, rats were even considered a sign of prosperity and wealth. Today, rat tattoos can still hold a variety of meanings, depending on the individual’s personal beliefs and cultural background.

If you are considering getting a rat tattoo, it’s important to understand its symbolism. Rat tattoos can represent intelligence, adaptability, and survival instincts.

In some cultures, rats symbolize resourcefulness and the ability to overcome obstacles.

When it comes to the design of your rat tattoo, there are many options to choose from. Some people prefer a realistic depiction of a rat, while others opt for a more stylized or abstract design.

Rat tattoos can be done in black and white or in color, depending on your preference.

When getting a rat tattoo, it’s important to choose a reputable artist who has experience with this type of body art.

The artist should be able to work with you to create a design that reflects your style and beliefs.

Overall, rat tattoos can be a powerful symbol of resilience, adaptability, and survival. Whether you choose a realistic or stylized design, your rat tattoo is sure to make a bold statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the spiritual meaning of a rat in the house?

If you see a rat in your house, it may have a spiritual meaning. Rats are often seen as symbols of adaptability, intelligence, and resourcefulness.

Some people believe that rats in the house may indicate that you need to be more adaptable and resourceful in your life.

Alternatively, it may be a sign that you need to pay more attention to the details of your life and be more organized.

What does it mean when you see a rat?

When you see a rat, it may be a symbol of transformation. Rats are known for their ability to adapt to new environments and situations, so seeing a rat may be a sign that you need to be more adaptable in your life.

Alternatively, it may be a warning that you need to be more careful in your life.

What is the symbolism of a dead rat?

A dead rat may have different symbolic meanings depending on the context. In some cultures, a dead rat is seen as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

In other cultures, it may be seen as a sign of bad luck or a warning of impending danger.

In general, a dead rat may be a symbol of transformation and change, as it represents the end of one thing and the beginning of something new.

What does a white rat symbolize?

White rats are often seen as symbols of purity, innocence, and new beginnings. They may also be a symbol of good luck and prosperity, as white rats are sometimes associated with wealth and abundance.

What is the significance of seeing a rat at night?

Seeing a rat at night may be a sign that you need to pay more attention to your intuition and inner guidance.

Rats are known for their ability to navigate in the dark, so seeing a rat at night may be a sign that you need to trust your instincts and intuition more.

What do rats symbolize in different cultures?

In many cultures, rats are seen as symbols of intelligence, adaptability, and resourcefulness.

In Chinese culture, rats are associated with prosperity and good luck, while in Hindu mythology, rats are associated with the god Ganesh.

In Western cultures, rats are often seen as pests and carriers of disease, but they may also be seen as symbols of transformation and change.

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