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Dreaming of running away brings to mind your escapist tendencies. Perhaps, you prefer to run away from challenges rather than face them head-on.

This dream could be a pointer that you spend too much of your time daydreaming. You come up with all sorts of ideas and fantasies, but you never really get to pursuing them.

Maybe you were deluded as a child that your entire life would be peaceful, happy, and trouble-free. Well, the reality on the ground is different.

A normal life is not about smiling all the time. There will be good and bad times, and you must accept this if you don’t want to be constantly on the run from issues.

It’s common for people to have this kind of a dream when they feel threatened. Your subconscious urges you to face the threat or run away from it.

Here’s a look at some common running away dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Running Away Dream Meanings

#1 – Woman Dreaming of Running Away

This dream indicates that this woman is about to do something impulsive. Likely, she has been asked by her lover to do something she has never considered doing before.

She’ll do it without a second thought.

This dream also shows that this woman is likely to leave everything behind just to be with the person she loves.

She won’t listen to warnings from friends and family concerning the matter.

#2 – Man Dreaming of Running Away

This man will learn painful lessons that not everyone around them is to be trusted. Perhaps, he will be betrayed by someone he has come to love and respect over time.

The most painful bit is that they won’t see this come. It will catch them when they least expect it.

This dream is a reminder that one needs to be careful whom they place their trust on. Some things are not meant to be shared in public.

#3 – Dream of Running Away in a Chase

This dream indicates that you have been running from your problems for too long. It’s time you stopped running and started dealing with the problems head-on.

This dream reminds you that challenges are a blessing in disguise. It’s only by solving them that you grow in wisdom and maturity.

#4 – Dream of Running Away and Looking Behind

You are not very sure of what you are doing, and you wonder whether you’ll get the results you desire.

This dream warns you against doing things just because others are doing it. It’s good that you do all due diligence before you embark on major projects.

Also, learn to consult your heart on important matters. Your heart will never lie to you.

#5 – Dream of Running Away from the Police

This means you have done something that’s eating into your conscience. Or, it could be that you keep blaming yourself for a mistake at home or your place of work.

This dream urges you to speak out. Allow your support system to take you through what you are experiencing.

You may realize that you are making a big deal out of something simple.

#6 – Dream of Running Away from a Stranger

Your vigilance will help you void the traps laid down for you by your enemies. This dream asks you to keep your eyes peeled for all kinds of temptations.

Your enemies are looking for a tricky way to lure you away from your goals and dreams.

Also, this dream asks you to be wary of ideas you receive from sources you can’t trust. Not everything you hear is good for you; some ideas are not worth your time and effort.

#7 – Dream of Running Away from Your Boss

This means you are using shortcuts to make easy money. Likely, you have started being involved in illegitimate deals at work.

You will tarnish your good reputation if you keep doing this. This dream encourages you to put on integrity in everything you do.

#8 – Dream of Running Away from Your Colleagues

The relationship at your workplace is strained, and you are likely to be the cause of this.

There will be a lot of trouble for you and your workmates if you don’t look for ways to patch up your differences.

This dream could also mean that the speed with which you are rising has attracted unwanted attention.

Out of jealousy, some of your co-workers will try to derail your progress.

#9 – Dream of Running Away from a Pack of Dogs

This dream indicates you are moving around with the wrong company. Nothing good will come out of your association with your new-found friends.

Take care that you don’t lose your good reputation by following people whose ideas are far from acceptable.

#10 – Dream of Running Away from a Goat

Your good work ethic will earn you a lot of respect at work. Your colleagues and clients alike will feel confident whenever you are handling an issue.

Your bosses will want to entrust you with more sensitive responsibilities. If this trend keeps up, you’ll rise pretty fast up the corporate ladder.

This dream encourages you to keep carrying out your duties and responsibilities honorably.

#11 – Dream of Running Away from Your Enemies

This dream indicates you have been too busy with work that you’ve forgotten to take care of your health.

It’s time you turned attention to your overall wellbeing. This dream encourages you to stop ignoring your health needs.

A little self-care, done regularly enough, goes a long way in boosting your performance in all areas of your life.

On the other hand, neglecting your health will lead to life-long complications. It may even cause fatal diseases.

#12 – Dream of Running Away from a Ram

This dream calls on you to change your way of doing things if you desire to achieve different results.

A wise man once said that insanity is doing the same things in the same way and expecting different results.

This dream encourages you to come up with innovative ways to handle personal and societal problems.

#13 – Dream of Running Away from Animals

Animals in dreams indicate our primal desires. Running away from an animal in a dream, therefore, shows you are running away from your most basic needs.

This means you don’t want to listen to your instincts. You keep disregarding the basic impulses meant to prompt you into action.

This dream also indicates that you are trying to suppress certain aspects of your personality. Well, these will embarrass you should they break free when you least expect it.

#14 – Dream of Running Away from Parents

This dream indicates you don’t want to listen to advice from your mentors and seniors. It warns you that you’ve got yourself to blame should things start going wrong.

The truth is that you need someone with more experience to show you the ropes and guide you in this journey.

Also, you should be humble enough to accept to be corrected by your seniors.

#15 – Dream of Running Away from an Enraged Bull

This dream tells you it’s okay to make a tactical retreat when the threat you are facing becomes too big.

Take a step back and look at your problems from a different perspective. This will give you an idea of how best to deal with it effectively.

#16 – Dream of Running Away in Slow-Motion

This dream asks you to patiently wait for the things you desire to see in your life. Keep working hard as you look to the future with hope.

Some of the rewards you seek will appear immediately, while others will take time. You should be wise enough to take everything in your stride.

#17 – Dream of Being Unable to Run Away

This dream predicts some tough problems ahead. You should get ready to deal with them because they will not go away on their own.

Also, this dream warns you of the dangers of absconding from your responsibilities.

How do you hope to grow in wisdom and stature if you don’t want to face the responsibilities that brought you into this world?

#18 – Dream of Running Away from an Invisible Monster

This is a sign of a serious internal conflict. It seems that your beliefs have been challenged, and you are no longer certain about what you stand for.

You feel lost and confused, and you can’t put your finger on what has caused this. This state of affairs can create big emotional issues unless it is handled right.

#19 – Dream of Running Away from Something Towards Another

This dream reflects on your single-mindedness in pursuing your goals.

You are determined to get away from the vicious circle of poverty that has stalked your family since time immemorial.

You won’t allow anything to distract you from implementing the changes you desire to see in your life.

Also, this dream encourages you to keep pressing on; your goals are very much valid.

#21 – Dream of Running Away Aimlessly

This dream warns you against rushing things. Take the time to do every task well; your focus should be on quality and not quantity.

Also, this dream warns you against making judgments before you have all the facts concerning the issue at hand.


What were you running away from in the dream? Did you succeed, or were you caught? Were other people involved, and how did they help you?

Paying attention to such details gives you a good idea of what your dream is all about.

Dreaming of running away is your subconscious way of telling you to deal with the conflict in your life.

You have to understand that it’s okay to step away from a problem – even if only temporarily.

This allows you to look at the issue from a different angle to come up with ways to tackle it.

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