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Dreams about suffocation indicate that you are struggling with limiting circumstances. Something keeps standing on your path every time you want to live on your terms.

The problem here could be from within or maybe instigated by some external forces. Either way, you need to take positive action to set your life free.

Dreaming of suffocating draws attention to your life purpose.

Your loss of joy and happiness can be attributed to the fact that you have not fully grasped why you came into this world.

This dream reminds you that you have a special purpose that you need to fulfill. Once you start working on it, you’ll feel the weight lifting off and your life becomes freer.

You can breathe with more ease, so to speak

Here’s a look at some common suffocating dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Suffocating Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Suffocating in Blood

This dream indicates that you have been avoiding going for a medical check-up. Perhaps, you’ve had a bad experience at the dentist’s or doctor’s office, and you fear a repeat of the same.

Or, it could be that you fear the sight of needles and blood. You know you need to make an appointment but you are afraid to do so.

This dream warns you that your health issue will escalate unless it is taken care of.

#2 – Dream of Someone Else Suffocating in Blood

This dream shows that you feel guilty that you did not help someone you know when they needed you.

Likely, this person approached you for assistance, but you declined to help, citing one excuse or the other.

This dream wants you to understand that you are closely linked to the person in your dreams.

This is your cue to make amends where necessary. It is not too late to set things straight.

#3 – Dream of Suffocating for No Apparent Reason

In this dream, you are suffocating but you can’t tell the cause of it. This is a sign that your relationships are becoming hard to sustain.

It seems you don’t spend enough time being with the people you love. As such, you keep growing apart day by day.

This dream reminds you to nurture your relationships. Only your efforts and positive attitude will draw your loved ones close to you.

#4 – Dream of Suffocating Your Partner

Dreaming that you are denying your partner air prods you to start working more closely with your partner.

Instead of blaming your partner for the mistakes in your relationship, walk the journey with them. This means you should play your part by loving and caring for your partner.

You’ll realize that it’s your part that has been missing in this relationship.

#5 – Dream of Being Suffocated by Your Partner

You feel that your partner has become an impediment to your growth and progress. Likely, you dropped your career to be with your partner.

You moved your location just to accommodate them. This makes you feel bitter if they don’t show appreciation for all the sacrifices you have made.

This dream indicates it is not too late to rediscover your path. If possible, talk to your partner about this and amicably agree on the way forward.

#6 – Dream of a Child Suffocating

Your childhood fears have never really gone away. They keep rising up every now and then, forcing you to go off-tangent on your goals and dreams.

Having this dream alerts you it is time to put the past firmly behind you. However, this is not possible if you can’t get rid of the fears that characterized your childhood.

You may need professional help to achieve this. Don’t be shy about reaching out to a counseling psychologist for support.

#7 – Dream of Being Suffocated by a Child

This is a sign that you are not there when those who look up to you need you for guidance and advice. Your mentees have gone without your support for some time now.

You have absconded your responsibility for your partner and children. This dream wants you to know that what you are doing is akin to killing your own future.

You need the courage and confidence to handle the tasks and responsibilities in your life.

#8 – Dream of Suffocating Your Friend

This dream warns you against allowing envy and greed to rule your heart. Appreciate your friends for the strides they have made in life.

Keep clapping for them until it is your turn.

With the right attitude, you’ll appreciate the much you have accomplished. This will inspire you to work for the job, wealth, partner, and money you want.

#9 – Dream of an Animal Suffocating

Dreaming of a pet suffocating means that someone is working behind your back to deny you justice. This person is probably motivated by jealousy.

If you dream of a wild animal suffocating, it means that you are all alone in a certain struggle. Most of those who had promised to help you will abandon you at the eleventh hour.

This will be a good opportunity to distinguish your genuine friends from fake ones.

#10 – Dream of a Stranger Suffocating

You feel that you have too many problems to deal with, and this is stressing you out. You have to come up with a creative way to get rid of all the negative energy in your life.

This dream encourages you to spend more time with people who are interested in your growth and progress.

Such people will fill your life with positive energy, and you’ll be able to enjoy life.

#11 – Dream of Your Parent Suffocating

This is a sign of suppressed emotions. You feel bad about some issues by you are afraid of expressing yourself.

Whether good or bad, emotions are meant to be let out.

You should create the right emotional balance in your life to see things from the right perspective.

Learn to speak out when you feel your rights are being violated. At the same time, work at taming the wilder aspects of your personality.

#12 – Dream of Your Grandparents Suffocating

Dreaming of your granddad or grandma suffocating means you live in illusions. You like avoiding facing your realities, especially where money is concerned.

This dream calls on you to work hard instead of daydreaming about big mansions, luxury vacations, and fat bank accounts.

Set your priorities right and work hard to create the future you’d like for yourself and your loved ones.

#13 – Dream of Suffocating in a Thick Blanket of Smoke

You have taken up too many responsibilities, and you can’t carry them all at the same time.

This dream indicates that you are so keen on creating impressions that you forget your own wellbeing.

If you are to lend out money, make sure the borrower intends to pay you back. There should be a clear demarcation between funds meant for charitable works and business money.

#14 – Dream of Someone Else Suffocating in a Thick Blanket of Smoke

This is a sign that you’ve been trying to help someone but they don’t appreciate it. You know as well as they do that they can’t enjoy certain things without your support.

Unfortunately, they take all this for granted. Don’t be surprised if this person gangs up with your enemies to ruin you.

Under such circumstances, you need an iron will to keep doing what you are good at. Remember, you don’t pursue your humanitarian work expecting any kind of payback.

#15 – Dream of Rescuing Someone Suffocating

A younger person will fall in love with you because of the good work you have been doing. This person will feel irresistibly drawn to your kindness, compassion, and generosity.

They will try their best to win you over, and you’ll find it hard to resist their naivety, spontaneity, and innocent charm.

You need to tread carefully when this person finally proposes. You’d want to understand whether this person has the qualities you need in a partner.

You wouldn’t want to be stuck with someone because you felt generous and kind to them.

#16 – Dream of Suffocating on Water

If you dream that you can’t breathe because of water stuck in your throat, it means someone wants to ruin your good reputation.

They will use all sorts of provocation to make you behave dishonorably. Their aim is to cripple you so that they can take over your achievements.

#17 – Dream of Suffocating on Food

This dream indicates you are moving too fast for your own good. You want everything all at once.

This dream reminds you that being too much greedy and ambitious is dangerous for your growth and progress.

Take things easy. Remember, true success does not occur overnight. Once you start working for your goals and dreams, you need to be in it for the long haul.

#18 – Dream of Your Friend Suffocating on Food

You’ll be called upon to help a group of friends in trouble.

Although you may not agree with what they did to get into trouble, this is your chance to thank them for being there for you in the past.

All the same, you must tell your friend your position about their activities. Leave no doubt that you are not willing to sacrifice your beliefs for conformity.

#19 – Dream of Your Enemy Suffocating

This dream indicates that you will be vindicated. Those who’ve been accusing you falsely will be put to shame when the truth finally comes out.

This is not your time to gloat with arrogance. Use what’s happening to be a good example to others.

#20 – Dream of a Group of People Suffocating

This is a sign that your influence is growing. This means you should behave responsibly, not to mislead those who look up to you for guidance.

Use your influence to spread peace and love.


Seeing yourself suffocating in a dream means some forces are working to stifle your growth. Although you keep trying hard to make your life better, your situation is not changing.

This could be the result of evil forces invading your spiritual space. Your beliefs and values have been shaken, and you are not as spiritually strong as you should be.

This dream also points out that you could be your own enemy through your self-limiting beliefs and attitudes.

The constraints you feel will start breaking once you embrace a positive mindset. Believe that everything is achievable if you work for it.

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