Women Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Women Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

The meanings of dreams about women are wide and varied, and they touch on every aspect of your existence.

Seeing a woman in your dream brings to the surface your feminine energy: a special gift that you should use to improve the quality of your life.

This dream calls on you to maintain a closer watch on your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

Also, dreaming about women points to the quality of your love relationships. It informs you of what needs to change to make your relationships more wholesome.

Pay close attention to the details the dream presents to decipher its meaning.

Here’s a look at some common women dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Women Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Woman

This dream draws attention to your feminine energy. You are skillful at using a soft approach to problem-solving.

Oftentimes, you’ll have to rely on this gift to make things go your way.

This dream could also mean you have great admiration for the person featured. There’s something about them that makes you feel irresistibly drawn to them.

#2 – Dream of an Ugly Woman

This is a sign of disagreements. It seems that despite your best efforts, some people keep finding fault with your ways.

You are split between sticking to your beliefs and values and following the crowd. When it comes to your life, nothing should ever make you sacrifice your principles.

#3 – Dream of a Close Woman Friend

This dream indicates you are happy with this friend. Actually, you have been thinking of taking your relationship to the next level with this woman.

It could be that you are exploring the possibility of taking the same spiritual journey together.

Dreaming of a close woman friend indicates there’s someone you can go to for support when times are hard. There’s no reason you should ever allow yourself to suffer in silence.

#4 – Dream of a Sports Woman

This dream is connected to how you feel about your physical health. It could be that you have neglected this aspect of your life, and it is beginning to show on you.

This dream reminds you it is not too late to get things right. Start taking your routine exercises more seriously.

You can start small before you grow the stamina to pick up the tempo.

#5 – Dream of a Familiar Woman

This dream encourages you to courageously face your realities. For some time now, you have buried your reality in a world of fantasy.

You’ll be able to improve your life if you accept what’s happening in it. Burying the head in the sand has never really solved anyone’s problems.

#6 – Dream of Meeting an Old Woman

This dream calls on you to reflect on where you are coming from and going. Are you still on the right track?

Through regular meditation, you’ll make peace with your purpose in this world. You’ll be determined to uphold your personal truths regardless of the opposition you encounter on the way.

#7 – Dream of a Strange Woman

You long for the arms of a lover around your neck. This dream indicates the thirst and hunger for the warmth and love that only your partner can provide.

If you are single, this dream challenges you to move out to find love. Position yourself to discover the love of your life.

If you are in a relationship, this dream indicates that things can get better.

#8 – Dream That the Woman is Your Wife

In this dream, the person featured is your wife, girlfriend, female lover, or partner. Having this dream is an indicator of communication challenges in your love life.

Your subconscious is challenging you to do something about this before things get totally out of hand. With the right effort, you’ll be able to set things right in your relationship.

#9 – Dream of Two Women

You are calm in the face of adversity, and this is a big plus where you are heading. You have the qualities necessary to deal with the ever-mounting problems.

This dream also indicates you are wise enough to know that challenges are but another side of opportunities.

They are blessings in disguise.

This means you willingly face all the challenges on your path to reap maximum benefits from them.

#10 – Dream of More Than Two Women

This dream shows you’ll enjoy many things with the women in your life. They’ll be there to celebrate your achievements with you.

These women will accompany you on important trips, and you may even get to tour the world with some of them.

In a nutshell, this dream tells you not to take the women in your life for granted. They are an integral part of your growth and development.

#11 – Dream of a Woman at Work

This is something important about your career that you have been ignoring. Perhaps, you have overlooked good chances to attend seminars related to your line of work.

This dream calls on you to keep your eyes open to the professional opportunities coming your way. Use them to achieve your career goals and dreams.

Additionally, having this dream indicates something bad has happened to one of your female co-workers.

Find out how you can intervene to make their lives better.

#12 – Dream of a Brown-Haired Woman

Despite the many hurdles you’ll encounter in your business, you’ll keep pushing on to earn a decent livelihood from it.

This dream indicates you are well equipped to deal with negative energy. You won’t allow the energies of laziness, procrastination, and irresponsibility to take root in your life.

#13 – Dream of a Blonde Woman

Someone is trying to create a wedge between you and your close friends. Whether they succeed or not depends on your mental disposition.

If you are positively motivated, you’ll recognize negative energies no matter how cleverly they are clothed.

You’ll have the sense of mind not to listen to rumors against you and your friends.

Also, dreaming of a blonde woman shows your desire to change your mindset. You know the benefits of getting rid of bad attitudes and replacing them with positive ones.

#14 – Dream of Kissing a Woman

This signifies that you are looking for love. You desire to create memorable times with your partner. This dream indicates that your dreams are valid.

Your efforts will lead to a satisfying relationship with your partner.

#15 – Man Dreaming of a Woman

You need to collaborate with like-minded people to achieve your goals and dreams. You are surrounded by people who’d like to work with you.

These people have your interests at heart, and they’ll keep pushing you to be the best you can possibly be.

Don’t take those around you for granted. Even if someone has not had an opportunity to help you out of a problem, treat them respectfully.

#16 – Woman Dreaming of Another Woman

This dream shows you are looking for a soulmate amongst members of your own gender. Perhaps, you have been feeling isolated and rejected for some time now.

You believe that only another woman can truly complete your life and make you whole again.

#17 – Dream of Embracing a Woman

Someone you have known for some time will come through for you when you need them. This dream encourages you to create strong links with those closest to you.

These are the people you turn to when everything else in your life has failed. They are the ones you share your joys and happiness with.

Going forward, you’ll need these people more than ever before.

#18 – Dream of Talking Animatedly to a Woman

This dream alerts you that something good will happen in the next few days. If you have been working hard to get out of a rut, your breakthrough is in sight.

If you don’t know the woman you are talking to, what is about to happen is totally unexpected. Although it will catch you unawares, you’ll welcome it with open arms.

#19 – Dream of Being Unable to Speak to a Woman

In this dream, you are trying your best to speak to a woman, but you can’t. This is a sign that there are issues in your life that you have been avoiding.

You have stagnated in the same spot because of these issues. Things will start getting better the moment you solve these problems.

By facing your challenges, you unlock many areas of your life.

#20 – Dream of a Pregnant Woman

Your ideas will guide your family on the path to success. You have the resources to help your loved ones make meaning of their lives.

Under your guidance, they will achieve their goals and dreams.

This dream indicates you are well equipped to play the role of a mother or father. If you feel inclined to move in this direction, just listen to your heart.

#21 – Dream of a Beautiful Woman

Dreaming of an exceptionally beautiful woman shows your plans will move on smoothly. This means you will not be disappointed by the results of your hard work.

This dream encourages you to embrace a positive attitude. There’s nothing you can’t achieve when you are guided by a positive mental disposition.

#22 – Dream of Making Love to a Woman

Whether you are male or female, this dream indicates your desire to enjoy fulfilling sexual experiences. Take the right steps to make this a reality.

The truth is that desires and plans remain just that unless you act on them. This dream urges you to be courageous enough to pursue the desires of your heart.

#23 – Dream of Fighting with a Woman

Dreaming of fighting or arguing with a woman shows you feel overwhelmed by what’s happening around you.

It seems you are going through one of the toughest phases of your life, and this is clearly a burden on your shoulders.

Try to stay calm as you look for the best way out of this predicament.


The meaning of your dream depends on the type of woman it features, and what she is doing. You have to consider whether this woman is known to you or is a complete stranger.

Most of the details captured in this dream reflect some aspects of your personality. Through this dream, your subconscious is trying to awaken something in you.

Most women are known for their helpful nature. Seeing them in your dream shows you’ll soon get the help you need to overcome a certain problem in your life.

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