Suicide Dream Meaning and Symbolism  

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Dreaming about suicide indicates the dreamer is almost giving up on some important projects in their life.

It shows you find it hard to deal with the changing times. This dream indicates you have an annoying push to abandon your responsibility.

Having a dream about suicide also shows you need help in resolving some issues at work or home. You have found it impossible to move forward with these issues hanging around your neck.

This dream tells you it is okay to reach out for the support you need to make it in life. After all, no one in this world is fully self-sufficient.

Even the very best amongst us needs the input of someone else to succeed in their goals and dreams.

This dream reminds you that we all go through difficulties.

This is in our nature as humans. As such, you should move through life with the courage and confidence to win.

Here’s a look at some common suicide dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Suicide Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Attempting to Commit Suicide

This dream indicates you are taking too long to deal with the challenges in your life. The longer you put off resolving them, the tougher they become.

Things will get worse until you muster the bravery to act promptly. To successfully defuse a threat, you must resist procrastinating.

#2 – Dream of Committing Suicide

Things don’t look so good in the days ahead. Although you have tried to change your position several times, the future still looks bleak.

This dream alerts you that sometimes you have to rely on your intuition and faith to move on.

Although some things are hidden from you, your intuition knows exactly the direction you should take.

#3 – Dream of Someone Committing Suicide

You are moving too slowly for your own good. The opportunities around you will not last forever. This dream calls on you to act with speed and take advantage of these opportunities.

Also, this dream asks you to find out what they are going through. This dream could be pointing to the needs of one person that’s well known to you.

If you see this person trying to commit suicide in your dream, get to know how they are doing in real life.

#4 – Dream of Stopping Someone from Committing Suicide

stop suicide

You are calling in a favor to a group of people you helped sometime back.

You now need their support, and you hope they’ll remember you’ve been there for them when they needed you.

Also, this dream indicates you enjoy being involved in communal work. You are happy when you can use some of your resources to empower those around you.

#5 – Dream of a Stranger Committing Suicide

This dream indicates someone is angry that you don’t appreciate them for the role they have played in your life.

Unfortunately, you may not fully understand the scope of their complaint until the issue has escalated into a full blown conflict.

This dream points out that you can’t please everyone. All the same, do your best to make this person feel at ease.

#6 – Dream of Changing Your Mind About Committing Suicide

Dreaming about giving up on suicide means you have found a solution to a particularly tough problem.

The more you try to apply the things you have learned about yourself, the better your mood gets. You’ll realize that you can make money from your hobbies and passion.

This dream shows you can free yourself from the boredom you’ve had to put up with in your current line of work.

#7 – Dream of Your Partner Committing Suicide

Several things are getting in the way of a fulfilling relationship with your partner.

Your plans keep getting scuttled at the eleventh hour, and you believe you don’t have much of a future with your partner.

Perhaps, the relationship suffers from issues related to a lack of trust.

This is slowing pulling both of you into a crisis, and before you know it, the relationship will be beyond salvage.

If there’s something you can do to save your relationship, you should do it now.

#8 – Dream of a Family Member Committing Suicide

Something seems off in a family member in you feel the need to step in to find out about it.

Unfortunately, it’s getting harder to put your finger on the problem because this person does not want to open up.

This dream encourages you to think outside the box to get to the bottom of the matter. Use your tact to find the truth about what’s going on in your relative’s head.

#9 – Dream of Your Child Committing Suicide

Although this dream can be quite scary, there’s nothing to be scared about it. It goes to show that you are concerned for your child.

Child here refers to anyone that looks up to you for advice and guidance. You take their success and happiness as your personal responsibility.

#10 – Dream of a Colleague Committing Suicide

Are you comfortable with your teammates? This dream indicates you are having trouble working with some of your colleagues.

Unfortunately, some of them have taken your disagreements personally. They will try to go behind your back to get you laid off.

#11 – Dream of Your Bosom Friend Committing Suicide

This dream shows that you have been so engulfed in your own things that you don’t know what your friends and family are going through.

It’s like you stopped caring about them, and this is affecting the quality of your relationships. Create the time to laugh and create enjoyable moments with your loved ones.

#12 – Dream of a Neighbor Committing Suicide

You are not concerned about what’s happening in your world. You live in a bubble, oblivious of the pain and suffering around you.

This dream challenges you to be more involved in your community. There’s a role you can play to make life easier for everyone.

Look for the opportunities that come your way to do this.

#13 – Dream of Being Persuaded to Commit Suicide

In this dream, someone is trying to convince you to take your own life. This is a sign that someone will try to take advantage of your innocence in real life.

Perhaps, this person mistakes your kindness and cool demeanor for gullibility. Identify and root out these kind of people from your life.

You are better off without them around you.

#14 – Dream of Someone Dissuading Your Against Suicide

The goodness you propagate in this world is not in vain. Your effort and positive attitude have a great impact on someone in your community.

Saving one person should be motivation enough to continue the good work you have been doing. This energy will come back to you one day when you need a way out of a tight spot.

#15 – Dream of Persuading Someone to Commit Suicide

Someone is trying to manipulate you to commit an evil. This dream calls on you to rely on your inner strength and wisdom to sidestep such snares.

Hold on firmly to your faith and beliefs whenever you find yourself in doubt.

#16 – Dream of Dissuading Someone Against Committing Suicide

This dream asks you to get ready for tough activities in the days ahead. You job will get tougher, and you’ll have to put in extra effort to achieve the results demanded of you.

It’s important that you talk to your superiors so that they don’t mistake any delays on your part for laziness.

#17 – Dream of Threatening to Commit Suicide

suicide dream symbolism

This dream indicates you want to attract someone’s attention.

This person is likely to feature prominently in your dream – it could be the person you are confiding you plans to.

This dream could also mean you are frustrated by the speed with which you are accomplishing your goals.

Your peers seem to be doing better than you, and this has got you worried.

Dreaming of threatening to commit suicide reminds you not to stress yourself trying to impress others.

#18 – Dream of Thinking About Suicide

You feel lost and confused, and you don’t know how to handle what’s happening on your life. Everything that can go wrong in your life seems to have done so.

You don’t know whom to turn to, and your frustration seems unending.

The ironical thing is that you have all the answers to your problems. You just need to quiet your life and listen keenly to your intuition.

#19 – Dream of Someone Else Thinking About Suicide

In this dream, someone is threatening to take their own life. This signifies that your community has heaped too many problems on you.

Perhaps, your kindness and compassion has attracted more attention than you had bargained for. or, it could be that many people are drawn to you because of your impressive accomplishments.

Either way, you gave a duty to these people. But you should not lose your peace and happiness in the process.

#20 – Dream of a Police Suicide Case

Dreaming of a suicide that’s being handled by the police shows you need to confide in someone in authority.

You probably need the support of your spiritual advisor, counsellor, lawyer, or law enforcer. Don’t be shy about reaching out when it gets to this point.

You can get a lot of support by just speaking out.

#21 – Dream of Suicide in a TV Show

Dreaming of seeing someone commit suicide in a move or TV show shows you have to change some aspects of your lifestyle.

You have become too inactive of late, and this will soon start showing on your body. This dream suggests the need to engage yourself more in physical activities.

#22 – Dream of Reading About Suicide

Dreaming about suicide in a book or newspaper is a sign that you need to do more with your creative energy.

You have been sitting on your imaginative skills for too long. It’s time you put them to work for you.

#23 – Dream of Researching About Suicide

In this dream you are trying to find out the causes, signs, and effects of suicide from the affected. You see yourself talking to people, visiting libraries, or doing the research online.

This dream shows you are highly inquisitive. This is a great talent if you can use it to get solutions for yourself and your community.

suicide dreams meaning


Dreaming of someone committing suicide qualifies to be classified as a nightmare.

This dream shows the fear you have to deal with in handling a threat or an unpleasant situation in your life.

It challenges you to consider all the options open to you in handling a problem. Giving up should not be among these options.

If you quiet your life long enough, you’ll discover you have all the resources to overcome life’s obstacles.

Nothing is too tough to block your progress towards your goals and dreams.

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