Dolphins Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dolphins are known for their intelligence and creativity. Dreaming about these water mammals shows that you are not alone in this journey of life.

The dolphin spirit guide appears in your dreams to advise and guide you on the best moves to make in life.

Dolphins project an image of playfulness and fun. As such, a dolphin dream tells you that life should not be taken too seriously.

You should set aside the time for serious business. You’ll also need time to play, relax and bond with your loved ones.

You are likely to have a dolphin dream when you feel lost and confused. Maybe you have issues with your emotional health, and you desire to get spiritual answers.

The dolphin appears in your dream to help you focus on resolving the confusion in your life.

Here’s a look at some common dolphins dreams and their meanings:


Common Dolphin Dreams Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Dolphin

You are not afraid of confronting your darkest deepest emotions. This is a big plus for you, for it enables you to know the best time to seek spiritual guidance.

Seeing a dolphin in your dream indicates positive change. This dream assures you of growth and development if you work for it.

#2 – Dream of Being Attacked by Dolphins

This dream shows that you are ready to stretch your limits to fulfill your goals and dreams.

It encourages you to listen to your intuition and inner wisdom for the guidance you need to accomplish your goals.

#3 – Dream of a Jumping Dolphin

To see dolphins flying or jumping in your dreams appeals to your childish nature. You are a pure soul; innocent and loving on the inside.

You have no scruples about letting the world know about your playful, carefree personality.

#4 – Dream of Saving Dolphins

This signals that you need to work hard to save your relationship. You are likely to have this dream because you are uncertain about what to do concerning your crumbling love life.

Dreaming of saving dolphins tells you that there’s hope. If you can turn your full attention to your relationship, you’ll be able to pinpoint what ails it.

#5 – Dream of Seeing a Huge Dolphin

You need a break from your busy schedule. You have likely been spending most of your time at work or with your friends.

You need to break away from this routine to attend to the other areas of your life. When was the last time you were by yourself to meditate?

This is something you’d like to prioritize at this time.

#6 – Dream of Being Bitten by Dolphins

This dream encourages you to go on holiday with your loved ones. If this is not something you can’t do right now because of some valid reasons, put it at the top of your to-do things.

#7 – Dream of Swimming with Dolphins

This is a sign that you have all the resources you need to actualize your dreams. With the kind of skills and abilities under your belt, you can compete favorably in any environment.

This dream suggests that you should believe in yourself. Have faith in your talents and natural gifts.

#8 – Dream of Seeing a Happy Dolphin

You are heading for good times. This dream is a bearer of good tidings about your growth and progress.

This is another reason you should be grateful for all the good things in your life.

#9 – Dream of Dolphins Playing

This signals that your love will grow stronger and healthier. This dream validates the good work you have been doing in nurturing your relationship.

#10 – Dream of Catching Dolphins

You seem unable to blend in with the kind of people that can help you. It’s likely that your personal beliefs about certain topics put you at loggerheads with this kind of people.

This problem can also arise from your inability to change. Your friends and acquaintances are flowing with emerging trends while you are content to remain in the past.

Fortunately, this problem can be easily dealt with if you are guided by a positive mindset.

#11 – Dream of Watching Calm Dolphins in Water

You are likely to have this dream when you feel that your freedom is unfairly unrestricted. Maybe, you operate in any environment where you are not allowed to give expression to your emotions.

It’s a sign that you crave emotional freedom. You desire to enjoy the peace depicted by the dolphins in your dream.

#12 – Dream of Dolphins Swimming with Sharks

Your carefree lifestyle will land you into trouble one of these days. This dream is a heads-up that you are operating on the very edge of a precipice.

Your habits and behavior are putting you in grave danger. It won’t take much to tip you over.

#13 – Dream of Seeing a Pod of Dolphins

This dream tells you that your influence is growing. You are getting more and more friends and professional connections.

This is your cue to start paying closer attention to the needs of others as you make decisions. Be considerate in word and action.

You wouldn’t want to do anything that would alienate anyone in your widening circle.

#14 – Dream of Dolphins Hunting

Usually, dolphins hunt in groups. When you witness any of their hunt in your dream, you need to take your responsibilities seriously.

You have a unique responsibility to carry out in your family and community. Go ahead and do it with pride.

#15 – Dream of Dolphins Fighting for each Other

By nature, dolphins are highly protective. If you see them fighting to protect one another in your dream, you are indeed lucky.

It means that you have the support system you need to excel. This means that you should never settle for anything average.

With the kind of support and resources at your disposal, you should aim for the very pinnacle of success.

#16 – Dream of Eating Dolphins

Cracks are beginning to appear in your love life. This dream is giving you ample warning to set things right.

If you take quick action, you’ll stop the situation from escalating in good time.

#17 – Dream of a Dying Dolphin

This dream calls on you to protect yourself against the effects of monetary loss. Some decisions that you made in the past could backfire, and this will affect your finances significantly.

#18 – Dream of Riding a Dolphin

You are hopeful that you’ll make it through whatever storm life throws your way. Regardless of what happens in your life, your optimism remains unfazed.

You believed that things will eventually work out well for you and your loved ones.

#19 – Dream of Killing a Dolphin

This signals bad blood between you and your family. Someone in your family has held a grudge against you for many months or years.

This dream tells you to handle this matter before it gets worse than it already is.

#20 – Dream of a Dolphin Killing Someone

You feel guilty about letting a friend down. You feel guilty that you were in a position to help them but you didn’t act fast enough.

This dream calls on you to be realistic. Don’t spend all your time and energy crying over spilled milk. Instead, find out what you can do now to alleviate your friend’s suffering.

#21 – Dream of Petting a Dolphin

You are well motivated to carry out your duties and responsibilities. The results you have achieved so far have convinced you that there’s a lot more you can accomplish.

This dream encourages you to utilize your mind optimally – this is the best way of achieving all the rewards you’ve been dreaming of.

#22 – Dream of Being Friendly with a Dolphin

You’ll soon make a life-changing partnership. You’ll meet someone that has the kind of energy you’ve been looking for.

This is the right person to work with in your social or professional goals. You’ll discover that your newfound partner wants the same things as you.

You share many interests and common goals. If this relationship will be a romantic one, then your bond will be forged by love at first sight.

#23 – Dream of Chatting with a Dolphin

In this dream, you are talking with a dolphin over nothing of importance. This dream tells you to keep the channels of communication in your relationship open.

This calls on you to be approachable. Strive to exude an open and honest aura to give your partner an easy time whenever they have something to say to you.

#24 – Dream of a White Dolphin

This dream relates to your spiritual calling. It suggests you get guidance on the best way to achieve spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

You have a higher purpose in this world, and you’ll need lots of guidance to fulfill it.

#25 – Dream of a Pink Dolphin

You’ll enjoy long periods of affection, sweetness, joy, and love in your relationship. This is your cue to take good care of your partner and the good thing you have going.

#26 – Dream of Seeing a Baby Dolphin

When was the last time you listen to your inner being? This dream reminds you to take care of your inner needs.

Listen attentively to your intuition to find out which areas need working on. You’ll realize that you can resolve your internal conflicts by practicing the calming methods of meditation and yoga.

Don’t allow inner turmoil to stand in the way of your growth and progress.

#27 – Dream of a Sick Dolphin

This is a sign that you have missed an important step in your spiritual journey. Seeing a sick dolphin in your dream nudges you to seek spiritual intervention in your troubles.

This is a good time to rediscover the way to your place of worship.


The interpretation of your dolphin dream depends on several factors. For example, have you ever interacted with dolphins in your waking life?

Have you been rescued by dolphins or have you witnessed someone being rescued by these mammals?

How does your community view dolphins and their ability to see with sound?

You’ll discover that the appearance of dolphins in your dream has a lot to do with what’s happening in your life.

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