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The world over, diamonds are considered precious gems. They are admired for their beauty and rare characteristics.

Dreaming of diamonds points to the dreamer’s sense of self-worth, status symbol, and state of the inner being.

This dream indicates the state of the dreamer’s love life.

The recent diamond dream you experienced indicates that something significant is happening in your relationship.

It shows some massive changes. Of course, the interpretation of this dream depends on what actually goes on in it.

For example, if you are handed a diamond by your lover, it shows positive progress in your love life.

If, on the other hand, you lose a diamond given to you by your lover, this is a sign of unfortunate things.

As such, it’s important that you pay attention to all the details that come out in your dream.

Here’s a look at some common diamond dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Diamonds Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing Diamonds

This dream asks you to evaluate your financial standing. Are you comfortable with your bank statements?

Is there something more you can do to increase your financial growth and prosperity?

#2 – Dream of Prospecting for Diamonds

This is a pointer to your hidden skills and talents. You have the resources to make your life better and more comfortable.

This dream challenges you to dig deeper within for the strength you need to transform your life for the better.

#3 – Dream of Holding a Diamond

This dream encourages you to get in touch with your personal truths. Do you know who you truly are and what you stand for?

Are you in touch with your strengths and shortcomings? Do you control your emotions, or do they control you?

#4 – Dream of Finding Diamonds in Trash

You should never allow your circumstances to define you. You are far much more important than the naysayers in your life want you to believe.

This dream calls on you to believe in your abilities – especially when things are not going your way. This should motivate you to keep working hard for a better tomorrow.

#5 – Dream of Wearing Diamond Jewelry

This is a sign that someone does not wish you well. They are jealous of your growth and development.

Their actions towards you could lead to loss, disagreements, and broken relationships.

#6 – Dream of Diamonds in a Sack

This is a sign of good things to come. Get ready to take advantage of your changing circumstances. This dream could also be a sign that your efforts will lead to great and fortunate things.

#7 – Dream of Being Gifted Diamonds

Dream of receiving diamonds as a gift indicates a significant change in your love life.

If you are looking forward to getting engaged, married, or having babies; this dream assures you that things are moving in the right direction.

#8 – Dream of Diamonds Mined in Africa

This is a good sign. It tells you that you will recover what you have lost. If you have been battling a debilitating condition or disease, you’ll find a solution soon.

#9 – Dream of Owning Diamond

This dream warns you to be wary of the cardinal sins of greed and jealousy. You’ll realize that most of your problems arise from entertaining these two evils in your life.

Don’t be seduced by the temptation to have more than you need. Also, be careful not to work against the growth and success of others.

#10 – Dream of Using Diamonds to Break Other Things

If you dream of using diamond as a weapon or tool, guard your possessions. This dream alerts you of danger ahead or in your surroundings.

It shows that the investment climate may change, putting your finances at risk. It could also mean that some unscrupulous people are eyeing your possessions.

#11 – Dreaming of a Diamond-Shaped Object

This signals that you have many paths to choose from in this life. You have what it takes to succeed in any chosen path.

However; when you choose one path, stick with it. Keep pushing hard in this one direction until you succeed.

#12 – Dream of Losing a Diamond Ring

People have come to trust you because of your high sense of responsibility. As such, you tend to have more than you can handle.

This dream urges you to go slow on yourself. Don’t over-commit yourself to the extent that you don’t have time for yourself.

#13 – Dream of a Diamond Stone

Do you feel it’s like people are avoiding you? Actually, they are. Your attitude and inflated sense of importance is pushing your friends and loved ones away.

Learn to be humble.

#14 – Dream of Paying Someone with Diamonds

This is a sign that you are constantly thinking about the past. You often reminisce over a past era, your achievements, and missed opportunities.

While this is not an entirely bad thing, spend more time thinking about the future. The past is gone and it is of no consequence to the kind of life you want to create.

#15 – Dream of Gifting Someone a Diamond Ring

You are ready to support your family and friends.

You are kindhearted, compassionate, and generous. This dream tells you to use these gifts to positively transform your world.

Help those who look up to you to make more meaning of their lives.

#16 – Dream of Working as a Diamond Trader

This dream exposes your fears concerning your money and investments. You are constantly thinking that you’ll lose money.

This has somewhat limited your investment options.

Dreaming of being a diamond trader encourages you to take risks. Of course, you should not go about this blindly.

#17 – Dream of Being a Diamond Collector

Your dreams are valid.

Every single plan and goal you have set for yourself is achievable. As such, be single-minded and resolute as you pursue your dreams.

Let your intentions be crystal clear; don’t allow anything to stand between you and your dream life.

#18 – Dream of Diamond-Studded Engagement Ring

This is a sign of growth in your family. It shows that your family members will work harmoniously to achieve a good life for all.

This is your cue to play your part in the family. Take up your responsibilities with pride.

#19 – Dream of Breaking a Diamond

Be strong in the face of the problems you are going through. This dream reminds you that challenges are not meant to break you.

Rather, they are meant to help you unleash your hidden skills and abilities.

#20 – Dream of Buying Blood Diamonds

In this dream, you buy diamonds that were sourced from war zones.

This is a sign of impending trouble that’s likely to affect your health, family, love life, relationships, finances, and career.

#21 – Dream of Being handed a Diamond Randomly

If things have not been working very well for you, the tide is about to change in your favor. The Universe will unleash an avalanche of blessings, and you’d better get ready to receive them.

Be grateful for the things in your life. This is a good way of attracting the good fortunes promised to you.

#22 – Dream of Noticing Fake Diamond

This is a sign of betrayal. You’ll discover that someone you have been close to has been working with your enemies all along.

This is a painful revelation, and you’ll have no option but to cut off all links with this person.

#23 – Dream of Wearing Fake Diamonds

The problems in your life won’t last forever. This dream encourages you to keep fighting for what you believe in.

Your efforts and positive attitude will save you from the pain of your struggles.

#24 – Dream of Stealing Diamonds from a Corpse

Dreaming of taking diamonds from the dead is a sign of deception. This is a sign that you have not been true to your partner.

Your actions have put your relationship at risk, and this could be the end of it.

#25 – Dream of a Diamond Heist

Something will happen in your environment that will change your life significantly. It’s likely that you’ll come face to face with betrayal from a trusted friend.

As heartbreaking as this experience will be, you have to be ready to move on. Prepare for this phase of your life so that you don’t have to dwell in it forever.

#26 – Dream of Being Given a Fake Diamond

This dream warns you of the dangers of living a false life. There’s nothing you gain by projecting to the world an image of someone you are not.

Dreaming of being given fake diamonds calls on you to be true to yourself.

#27 – Dream of Being Kidnapped Due to Diamonds

Success does not happen overnight. You have to work hard and patiently wait for the results. This dream discourages you from being propelled by the need to make quick money.

True success is inspired by the desire to make positive changes in your life and the lives of others. It is powered by positive energies.

#28 – Dream of Losing Diamond Jewelry

If you dream of losing a diamond bracelet, earrings, or necklace, it shows bad luck. This is a sign that you will experience some unfortunate or embarrassing events soon.

Get ready for this. If you are adequately prepared, you’ll be able to sail through the challenges ahead.

#29 – Dream of Fighting Over Diamonds

This means trouble. You need to tread carefully when handling new business or clients. Things may not be as they look at first glance.

This dream encourages you to do all due diligence before investing your money.

It could also be a sign that cracks are beginning to emerge in your love life.

#30 – Dream of Cutting Diamonds

This dream is a sign of approval. You are making good moves in your personal and professional life. The positive decisions you make will attract great benefits for you and your loved ones.


Dreaming of diamonds has something to do with the most important aspects of your life. This dream passes a message concerning what you hold most dear.

For example; if your relationship is important to you, your diamond dream calls on you to nurture it.

You should embrace positive thoughts about your partner and the good thing the two of you have going.

This dream could also be a pointer to your own well-being. How much do you value your life and the truths you stand for?

This dream urges you to nurture your confidence and self-esteem. You are an important person, and your views and feelings do matter.

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