Blue Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism

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Blue butterflies are a rare sign. As such, it is something special when this insect lands on you. You can be sure that this animal carries a special message when it appears in your dream.

In the natural world, not easy to find blue animals. Seeing a blue butterfly in your dreams indicates that you are a special person.

You have a unique path to follow in this life. This means that you should not be too reliant on others for guidance.

Most of the people you meet have no clue what your journey entails. You should learn to consult your inner wisdom and intuition whenever you feel lost or confused.

More importantly, the blue butterfly tells you that your angels are watching over you. You are not alone in this journey.

Here’s a look at some common blue butterfly dreams and their meaning:


Common Blue Butterfly Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Blue Butterfly

Blue butterflies have a powerful connection to your love life. Seeing them in your dreams means that you are well motivated to overcome the challenges you face in your love life.

#2 – Dream of Seeing a Swarm of Blue Butterflies

This dream encourages you to search for knowledge. You need to improve your skills if you desire to grow as fast as you should.

Having the right information means that you’ll always act from a point of knowledge. As such, don’t be afraid to take on new courses and study more.

#3 – Dream of Holding a Blue Butterfly

You are indeed lucky if a blue butterfly lands on you in your dreams. This is a sign of hope and growth. It indicates that your efforts are gradually drawing you nearer to wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

#4 – Dream of Holding a Blue Butterfly Chrysalis

This is a sign of growth and change. This dream indicates that your job or love relationship is moving in the right direction.

#5 – Dream of Hunting Blue Butterflies

This dream shows that you are going about your goals the wrong way. It could be that you don’t focus on the important things in your life.

You spend most of your time and energy in the pursuit of mundane things and non-issues.

#6 – Dream of Playing with a Blue Butterfly

Something fun and exciting will soon occur in your life. This dream is likely to come your way when you are actively looking for a way out of your dreary, routine life.

If you have been sad and forlorn for some time now, you can be sure that happiness is just around the corner.

#7 – Dream of a Blue Butterfly Flying

This is a good time to plan your long trips or adventures.

This sign indicates that the conditions are right for you to break free of the bonds that have been slowing you down.

#8 – Dream of Blue Butterflies Landing on Your Head

In many traditional mythologies, butterflies are connected to angels and divine protection. Dreaming of one of these insects landing on your head means divine protection.

You have the support and guidance you need to accomplish your goals and dreams.

#9 – Dream of Catching a Blue butterfly

This dream points to your zeal and determination to achieve your goals and dreams. You don’t allow anything to come between you and your aspirations.

Generally, this is a sign that you are not afraid to work for the growth and success you desire to see in your life.

#10 – Dream of Accidently Stepping on a Blue Butterfly

You are worried about some mistakes you made in the past. This is taking most of your time and usurping your energy.

This dream encourages you to let the past rest. Make peace with it so that you can wholly concentrate on your future.

#11 – Dream of Being Unable to Catch a Blue Butterfly

This dream prepares you to deal with failure and disappointment. It also tells you that there’s something you can do to change your course for a more favorable outcome.

This is a good time to re-evaluate the projects you are involved in. Are your priorities in order?

#12 – Dream of Being Chased by a Swarm of Blue Butterflies

Your good deeds from the past are enabling you to make great transformations. What you did out of your generosity and kindheartedness is finally paying off.

You’ll soon start reaping the benefits of your positive actions.

#13 – Dream of Blue Butterfly Landing on Your Nose

This dream indicates that some issue has happened that will cause you some embarrassment. This issue is likely to be related to your love life.

If you desire to stabilize your love, you must watch out for cracks in your love relationship. Pay close attention to your partner so that they don’t feel neglected.

#14 – Dream of Talking to a Blue Butterfly

You are as wise as you are intelligent. This dream reminds you to put these qualities to good use, for they come in handy in your growth process.

If you feel weighed down by the cares of this world, know that you have the power to change the situation.

Just look within for the arsenal you need to fight off the negative energies in your life. You have the resources to deal with whatever that’s pulling you down.

#15 – Dream of Dead Blue Butterflies

This is a sign that you are fast losing a sense of direction. Actually, it could be that you have already lost it; you no longer remember your goals and aspirations.

This dream calls on you to come back to your senses. You need to get back to the right path to live your life more meaningfully.

#16 – Dream of Seeing a Butterfly in a Picture

You feel that your job or life circumstances rob you of your personal freedom. You feel caged with your mind restricted.

This feeling can be quite frustrating and may lead to depression if remedial measures are not taken.

Dreaming of a Blue Butterfly in a photo also points to the state of your love life. Someone that you love with passion does not love you back with the same energy.

Maybe it’s time you considered moving on?

#17 – Dreaming of a Blue Butterfly in a Cage

This is a sign that some of your friends want to see you fail. The most unfortunate thing is that they are actively working behind your back to achieve this goal.

They are doing their best to stifle you of important information in the hope that you make poor judgments.

They will sell your secrets to the highest bidder in a bid to compromise your plans and goals.

Dreaming of a caged blue butterfly asks you to be wary of some of the people around you. Not all those who call you friend are happy with your progress.

#18 – Dream of Seeing Lots of Blue Butterflies in Your House

This dream indicates blessings. If you are about to start an important project, you have the blessings of the spirit wild.

This sign tells you it’s okay to go ahead with the journey you have been planning. It will be successful.

#19 – Dream of Blue Butterflies and the Rainbow

If you see the rainbow superimposed with blue butterflies in your dream, you are in luck. It shows that the storms of your life are soon coming to an end.

Get ready to take advantage of the period of peace and calmness that will follow shortly.

#20 – Dream of Blue Butterflies and Colorful Butterflies

Love is in the air! If you are single and ready for a love relationship, this is a good time to make your moves.

Open your heart to the person you’d like to be with. Let them know what you feel about them. You may be surprised to discover that they have been waiting for this opening.

If you are in a romantic relationship, this is a reminder to rekindle the embers of romance and passion.

#21 – Dream of Blue Butterflies Migrating

Dreaming of blue butterflies moving from one place to another means change. This dream encourages you to change your old thinking patterns and habits.

Times are changing, and the world around you is ever so dynamic. As such, you need a new approach to problem-solving.

#22 – Dream of Blue Butterflies Landing on Your Shoulder

You should look to the future with confidence and optimism. Think of all the positive transformations you’ll make to your world.

Think of the people you’ll inspire and the lives you’ll transform. This dream calls on you to be inspired by positive affirmations.

It reminds you that if you can visualize it in your mind, it is doable.

#23 – Dream of Blue Butterflies Fighting

Ordinarily, male butterflies fight over mating rights. Dreaming of these insects fighting means that you should be ready to protect your possessions.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your money and material possessions are safe. Take care of the blessings in your life.

Otherwise, they may be taken away from you and given to someone more appreciative.

#24 – Dream of Searching for Blue Butterflies

If you dream of walking through a forest floor in search of blue butterflies, it means you need spiritual guidance.

This dream indicates your desire for spiritual enlightenment and growth. This is a good time to seek the assistance of your spiritual minister.

#25 – Dream of Visiting a Blue Butterfly House

A butterfly house is a conservatory of butterflies.

If you dream of visiting one to learn about blue butterflies, you are surrounded by people who care for you.

This dream tells you not to keep tough issues to yourself. Some people around you are very much willing to hold your hand and conduct you through your challenges.

#26 – Dream of Teaching Others About Blue Butterflies

This dream tells you that you’ll make new acquaintances. You’ll meet some people that will help you to greatly transform your life.

Don’t be shy about accepting help from your new acquaintances. Sometimes, you need someone else to help you see your life with a fresh pair of eyes.

#27 – Dream of Making a Blue Butterfly Mask.

This dream indicates that you don’t expose your true self to the world.

Although this makes you feel safe and emotionally well shielded, you may be unable to make any meaningful social and professional connections.


Many of those who see blue butterflies in their dreams do so when they are going through a trying period.

This dream bears a message to help them out of their hopelessness and helplessness. In this respect, the blue butterfly is a symbol of redemption and freedom.

The message borne by the blue butterfly in your dream is spiritual. It enables you to spiritually move to places with a high concentration of divine energy.

This dream tells you that your life is greatly influenced by the spiritual realm.

It is an affirmation from the divine realm that you’ll make it despite the many hurdles you have to contend with.

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