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Dreaming about broken doors can be quite impactful, especially if you have this dream repeatedly. This dream draws attention to the source of your insecurities.

People with broken door dreams are determined to take charge of their situations. Being acutely aware of their failures and mistakes, they are determined to make amends where necessary.

Dreaming of a broken door reminds you that your past should not rule your present or future. Rather, your past experiences should motivate you to focus on what truly matters in your life.

Some Specific Broken Door Dream Meanings


#1 – Dream of a Broken Glass Door

This is a sign of missed opportunities. Likely, you have repeatedly failed to heed sound advice from your mentors and teachers.

The result is that some opportunities have passed you by, and you’ll have to work extra hard to recover them.

#2 – Dream of an Open Broken Door

This dream encourages you to open your mind and heart to new ideas. You must be determined to grow beyond the traditional knowledge you’ve always depended on.

New things are happening every day. If you can open your mind to new concepts and ways of doing things, you’ll experience exponential growth.

#3 – Dream of a Closed Broken Door

This is a sign of breaking the chains of hatred, resentment, and rejection in your family. For a long time now, you have been experiencing animosity with someone close to your family.

If this is the case, dreaming of a closed broken door tells you to break the jinx. You have what is required to set things right in your family.

#4 – Dream of a New Broken Door

This dream indicates limited access to resources you crucially need. Perhaps, your behavior and conduct have pushed the right people away from you.

Although they have the power to support you, you are unable to access them. You may want to consider the source of this discrepancy.

Change your ways if you are the culprit.

#5 – Dream of an Old Broken Door

You will encounter something mysterious that will require the use of considerable skills and talent to unravel.

This dream encourages you to act smart at all times. You have the mental resources to handle anything that may be thrown your way.

#6 – Dream of a Broken Revolving Door

This dream encourages you to venture out beyond your comfort zone. You may not fully realize your potential if you are content to revolve around the same areas and ideas.

It’s high time you started to challenge yourself to take more risks. Your full potential will be realized when you push yourself to the limit.

#7 – Dream of a Broken Main Door

Someone you don’t like will find their way into your home. Although they may not physically come to your home, they will start to influence your loved ones.

This tells you to stand up in defense of your home. You must constantly remind your loved ones of the principles by which you stand.

#8 – Dream of a Broken Side Door

You’ll soon acquire a new hobby that will open your mind’s eye to new possibilities concerning your life.

Although it’s possible you’ll discover this hobby by chance, it will change your life in ways you never thought possible.

#9 – Dream of a Broken Kitchen Door

This is a good sign. It indicates that your family’s material and physical needs will be met. This dream encourages you to keep working hard to secure the interests of those you love.

It’s also a sign that your plans for your family will materialize.

#10 – Dream of Finding a Broken Door

Work at resolving the problems you find yourself in. Don’t accept to live with the challenges in your life.

You’ll be effectively killing your future if you normalize hardships. The key to building a strong future is in solving each problem you encounter in life’s journey.

#11 – Dream of Walking Through a Broken Door

The past is firmly behind you; do not waste time on it. This dream asks you to focus on where you’d like to be in the coming days.

If you want your personal and professional relationships to grow, this is what you should pay attention to.

#12 – Dream of Trying to Lock a Broken Door

Be careful what you share with the people around you because not everyone is willing to keep your secrets.

Not everyone around you deserves to know your plans. Actually, you should keep most of your secrets to yourself.

This is the surest way to guarantee that your plans won’t be sabotaged.

#13 – Dream of Destroying the Lock on a Broken Door

This dream calls on you to be courageous in facing the challenges that are stopping you from growing. These challenges might be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Regardless, you are the best-placed person to solve them.

#14 – Dream of a Broken Door Peephole

Although someone close to you pretends to love you, they actually hate you with a passion. They are covertly monitoring your plans to bring you down.

This dream calls on you to interrogate your friends before you let them in on your secrets.

It is a reminder that not everyone who vows to stand with you will actually do it when you need them.

#15 – Dream of Someone Knocking on a Broken Door

This dream calls on you to take your security more seriously. Likely, someone is planning to cause you or your family bodily harm.

You must particularly secure your house against possible burglary.

For some reason, you may encounter threats to you or your loved ones.

#16 – Dream of Opening a Broken Door

You’ll come across some information that will reveal something shocking about someone close to you. This dream asks you not to be quick to judge.

Rather, try to find out why this information was kept hidden from you. You may be surprised to discover that your friend suffers from deep-seated phobias.

#17 – Dream of a Broken Wooden Door

This dream challenges you to create a closer relationship with nature. There’s much you stand to gain when you make communing with nature a habit.

Take frequent nature walks to absorb the positive energies emanating from trees, flowers, and other plants.

#18 – Dream of Repairing a Broken Door

Pay close attention to the kind of actions and attitudes you project to the world. Think before you utter anything that may cause emotional pain to anyone.

This dream reminds you that you are responsible for your actions, and you have a responsibility toward those around you.

#19 – Dream of Someone Slamming a Broken Door on Your Face

This is a sign of an ailing relationship. Having this dream should jolt you into taking positive action to save your marriage or relationship.

Consider having a candid talk with your partner. Genuinely try to find out what is wrong and how you can make amends.

#20 – Dream of Being Unable to Close a Broken Door

There are some aspects of your past that you can’t undo. This dream asks you to rise above the painful memories of your past.

Learn to focus on the possibilities ahead of you rather than what could have been.

#21 – Dream of Entering Through a Broken Door

This is a sign that a new person will force you to make changes to some basic aspects of your life. This could be a new boss who’ll pressure you into putting in more work hours.

Or, it could be a counselor who’ll show you the need to dedicate more time to your family. Either way, a major change is about to happen.


Did you recently have a broken door dream? This could be a warning against allowing negative energies into your life.

Perhaps, you have been too indecisive of late, and this does not augur well for your goals and dreams.

A broken door dream urges you to take charge of your life. Don’t allow past experiences to negatively influence the trajectory of your life.

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