Cricket Spirit Animal Symbolism and Dreams

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The chirping of crickets is unmistakable. It is almost impossible to ignore this sound from one of the world’s most symbolic creatures.

Crickets chirping is actually their love song. They produce this sound to attract potential mates.

Interestingly, this animal will stop singing the moment they encounter problems – such as the presence of predators.

If the cricket spirit animal has sought your attention, it’s asking you to take a closer look at your relationships.

Are you happy with your partner? Do you give them the attention and pleasure they need? The cricket spirit guide is giving you the energy you need to put your love life in order.


There’s likely something amiss with your love life or connection to your family. It could also mean some of your friends and acquaintances are not true to their word.

The cricket spirit guide is warning you against taking those you meet in life’s journey at their face value.

People from many cultures across the world use cricket amulets for guidance and protection. For example, in ancient Greece, the cricket talisman is used to offer protection against the evil eye.

Cricket amulets are also used to provide good luck and good fortune for the wearer.

What’s the Symbolic Meaning of the Cricket Animal Totem?

The cricket spirit animal asks you to discover your soul song. This is the song that empowers you to remain true to your personal truths, beliefs, and values.

Cricket teaches people to speak their minds. If you find yourself struggling with words and being unable to express yourself clearly, the cricket spirit animal will sort you out.

This totem animal uses music to provide you with healing energy.

Those with this spirit totem are good communicators. They are true to their promises and they handle others gently and with consideration.

Also, people with the cricket spirit animal are keen to take positive action concerning their lives. If they desire to see some changes in their lives, they go ahead and initiate it.

They don’t sit around waiting for things to sort themselves out. These people are action-oriented, and this turns them into great achievers.

The cricket spirit guide stands for patience and calmness. This animal tells you to create meaningful connections with others.

This means that you need to display a high level of discipline in the way you handle your emotions. Cricket spirit animal is all about harmony and balance.

The presence of this animal in your life encourages you to be courageous and confident. You need to face life as it is.

Open your eyes to the many possibilities and opportunities around you. The cricket animal guide wants you to appreciate that you have everything you need to achieve your goals and dreams.


Symbolic Meaning of Cricket Totem Animal in Various Cultures

Symbolism of Cricket in Christian Culture

Crickets are mentioned severally in Christian literature.

For example, the Gospels record that John the Baptist ate crickets in the wilderness as he sought to create a spiritual connection with his divine life purpose.

The cricket symbolism according to Christian culture stands for different things. For example, this animal indicates resilience and perseverance.

It shows that you will make it despite the hurdles on your path. You just need to hold on to your dreams.

This animal stands for a spiritual journey. It is said that one can hear the chirping sounds of crickets when they have an out-of-body experience.

These sounds stand for the journey you have to take to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

In many Christian communities, this journey is indicated by the training a new devotee undergoes before they are fully integrated into the faith.

The Bible has it that crickets indicate the spirit imprisoned inside one’s body. This is your cue to work for your spiritual liberation.

In particular; the small, green cricket, indicates spiritual liberation. Its presence in your life encourages you to start afresh.

Seeing a black cricket signifies danger. These crickets are known for the destruction they cause to crops.

According to the Bible, God sent seagulls to eat crickets that were destroying people’s crops. It’s only when the people turned to God that they were saved.

This tells you that you need to establish a strong connection with God, who will save you from danger.

Symbolism of Cricket in African Culture

Crickets can be found in almost every part of the African landscape. The African variety of the cricket can be quite aggressive.

They stand for power, strength, and willpower.

In South African communities, crickets are taken to be a good sign when they sing in the gardens. However, these communities don’t welcome these animals into their houses.

Bush crickets have a strong armor that protects them from predators and the vagaries of nature. This shows resilience and endurance in the face of hardships.

Various African myths depict Cricket as a symbol of sexual productivity. This stems from the fact that male crickets choose young virgin crickets to mate with.

It was believed that if an area had an infestation of crickets, the people would give birth to many children in the coming years.

This was good news considering that children were a symbol of wealth and affluence in the African culture.

The more wives and children one had, the more respect they attracted from their peers. In this context, the song of the crickets was seen as a blessing from the gods.

Traditional Africans also used the song of the cricket to predict the weather. The chirping crickets would indicate that the land would soon have ample rainfall.

It was a sign that people should start preparing the land for planting.

Symbolism of the cricket in Native American Culture

The meaning of the cricket in the Native American culture depended on the practices and beliefs of the particular tribes.

Most of the tribes in the East welcomed the songs of the cricket as a sign of good luck and good fortune.

Those to the West interpreted the chirping of the cricket to indicate hard times ahead. This image was magnified if you happened to find the cricket hidden in your personal items.

Finding a cricket in the house called for a shaman to cleanse the house and its inhabitants. This would protect the home from misfortune and bad luck.

Also, crickets were used to predict the movement of the big game. For example, the Cheyenne tribe relied on these insects to predict the movement of buffalo herds.

In some Native American tribes, the cricket was eaten as a meal. They viewed the cricket spirit animal as a symbol of nourishment and good health.

Symbolism of Cricket in Celtic Culture

Among the ancient Celts, the Cricket takes a mysterious disposition. The Celts regarded these insects as bringers of good luck and fortune.

Celtic mythology has it that crickets would keep bad fairies away.

This animal is also closely seen as a source of wisdom. This probably stems from the fact that the cricket has been around for hundreds of years.

It stands for the wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence that come with age.

Having a cricket spirit guide in the Celt culture encouraged them to understand their world. They believed that the cricket has the entire history of the world at its fingertips, so to speak.

Like the Native Americans, the Celts used this insect to predict the weather. The pace and frequency of the cricket’s chirping would indicate what was in store in terms of changes to the weather pattern.

For example, the Celts believed that these insects would chirp fast if it was going to be hot. This was a prediction of the coming summer.

Myth has it that one can calculate temperatures based on the number of chirps made by the cricket.

Symbolism of Cricket in Eastern Culture

In most Eastern cultures, the chirping of crickets is taken to be pleasant music that talks of good times ahead.

This animal is a most welcome addition to Chinese gardens and compounds. Actually, some cultures encourage people to catch and cage crickets in their homes.

In this way, the people would be assured of cricket music at all times.

Some people equated the presence of the cricket with life itself. It is said that an ancient Chinese emperor kept a cricket in his house to signify his health and overall wellbeing.

As long as the cricket kept singing for him, he was assured of long life and good times ahead.

Many people kept these insects as pets. As such, they were a popular item of trade in pet shops and other markets.

The number of eggs laid by the cricket is also significant.

The Chinese would predict how successful the days ahead would be based on the number of eggs their ‘personal’ crickets laid.

As a spirit animal, the cricket was closely associated with such stellar qualities as courage, resilience, determination, and persistence.

In China, the cricket was linked to summer while it was linked to autumn in Japan.

What’s the Meaning of Cricket Spirit Animal?

The cricket spirit animal is synonymous with good luck and good fortune. When the cricket chooses you, open your mind and heart and welcome it into your life with open arms.

This spirit guide wants you to know that you are on the right path to success. The things you have been praying for are within reach.

This is the best time to fortify your spiritual standing. The cricket totem animal asks you to create a solid connection with the spiritual realm.

It inspires you to open your mind’s eye and to see all the opportunities and possibilities in your life.

This insect can sometimes be very quiet. It leaps through the dark without its characteristic song. This tells you to work in silence.

Don’t be the kind of person who blows their own trumpet for every little achievement. The cricket spirit guide teaches you the importance of humility.

Move on quietly with implementing your plans. Let the world praise you for what you have accomplished, and not what you intend to do.

And, even when the praises are not forthcoming, don’t deviate from your chosen path. Focus on the bigger picture.


What’s the Meaning of Cricket in Dreams?

Dreaming of the cricket indicates introspection. This dream calls on you to look inwards for the solutions you seek to solve the hardships you are going through.

At the same time, this spirit guide comes into your dream to ask you to let go of old energies. It encourages you to outgrow your old thinking habits and patterns.

Likely, you are laden with too much emotional baggage. This is slowing down your progress, and you find yourself unable to achieve your personal and professional targets.

The cricket dream asks you to take care of this state of affairs. The crickets are singing in your dream because your spirit guide wants you to believe in yourself.

You have the skills and talents to turn your life around.

This insect keeps leaping into your dream to discourage you from allowing stress, anxiety, and worry into your life.

Your cricket spirit guide is asking you not to concentrate too much on what could have been. You need to rise above the failures and mistakes of yesterday.

Every day gives you a chance to start afresh.

The cricket spirit guide calls on you to re-examine your goals and dreams. Focus on attracting the things you want to see in your life.

The cricket song in your dream encourages you to look to the future with hope and optimism.

Final Word…

In most cultures, the cricket is taken as a symbol of good luck and fortune. As a spirit animal, the cricket affirms that your dreams are valid.

It’s possible to live the kind of life you’ve always envisioned for yourself and your loved ones.

When this animal comes into your life, open your mind and heart to the positive vibes it brings. Your cricket spirit guide is providing you with the guidance you need to live your life to the fullest.

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