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If you have dreamt of the devil, your dream must have fallen into one of the three types of devil dreams.

The first type arises from the negative energies at work in your life. According to dream psychologists, people that are extremely stressed or anxious are good candidates for devil dreams.

The second type originates from the toxic energies you are receiving from someone else. These bad vibrations get to work in your life, and they may manifest in the form of devil dreams.

The third type is more sinister – though very rare. In this dream, the devil actually pays a visit to the dreamer in their dream state.

Many people have reported being visited by the devil as they slept. The verdict on the truthfulness of this claim is still out. The debate about it is ongoing.


So, which type of devil dream did you experience?

In this article, we cover the most common devil dreams.

What’s the General Meaning of Devil Dreams?

Across the globe, many people blame the devil for all their misfortunes and woes. The devil is seen as the most negative element in the entire Universe.

However, having a devil dream does not mean that bad things will follow you. These dreams may actually have nothing associated with negative outcomes.

Most devil dreams serve to sound an alarm bell about some mistakes we are making in life. The dream serves as a warning if you have neglected certain aspects of your life.

This means that you don’t have to be petrified by your devil dream. All you need is to take a close look at your life and see the areas you need to work on.

The devil dream prods you to take positive action about your life.

Some Specific Devil Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream That You are the Devil

To dream that you are the devil means that your conduct is unbecoming. This is a warning that you need to keep your more unsavory behaviors in check lest they bring you down.

This is more so if you are involved in immoral behavior. To dream that you are the devil alerts you of the consequences that follow your actions.

#2 – Dream of Being Visited by the Devil

If in your dream the devil pays you a visit at home, you are likely keeping the wrong company. You are giving your plans and secrets to people that don’t want to see you grow.

The is a warning that you need to watch out whom you associate with.

#3 – Dream of Talking to the Devil

If you dream of speaking with the devil in hell, this is a good sign. It means that there will be a remarkable improvement in your personal and professional affairs.

If you have been going through a financial crunch, this dream tells you that things will start looking up.

#4 – Dream of Shaking Hands with the Devil

A close friend will expose you to some sort of temptation that will put you into trouble with your love partner.

This dream asks you to be alert for situations that may seduce you to break your vows.

#5 – Dream of Making Sacrifice to the Devil

This dream means that you are likely to be lured into using immoral means to achieve your goals. You will be driven by greed, with your only consideration being the end result.

Remember, every action you take has a consequence.

#6 – Dream of the Devil Calling You by Name

Although this dream petrifies most people, it should not make you lose your cool. It only means that you are moving through life guided by the wrong attitude and objectives.

You need to re-evaluate your priorities and choose to be guided by positive affirmations.


#7 – Dream of Serving the Devil

This is a sign that you have let go of your values and beliefs. You have become a people pleaser, doing only what will get you the approval of others.

This dream alerts you that you are putting yourself at the mercy of others. You need to regain your independence before they start manipulating you.

#8 – Dream of the Devil in the Shape of a Woman

You have many skeletons in your closet, and you are scared that your partner (male or female) will discover them.

This dream encourages you to open up to your partner. Let them know all about you. Secrets will only serve to kill your relationship.

#9 – Dream of Seeing the Devil on TV

This is a sign that you are putting too much faith in everything you read on social media.

This dream urges you to make your own findings before you act on everything you are told or read online.

#10 – Dream of Meeting the Devil in Disguise

If you dream of meeting the devil disguised as a human being, you must be careful of who you bring into your life.

Be wary of strangers, for many will not tell you of their true intentions. This is truer if you have come across some windfall recently. Or if you are looking to get into a business deal.

#11 – Dream of Laughing with the Devil

This dream indicates that you are the envy of many people in your community. They desire to be like you for the way you have so ably managed your life.

#12 – Dream of Your Neighbor Turning into the Devil

This is a sign that someone close to you will betray you. If you are keen on the people you keep around you, you’ll be able to avoid this betrayal in good time.

#13 – Dream of Being Scared of the Devil

This dream indicates that your past is finally catching up with you. Likely, you have made a series of bad decisions, and the results are starting to haunt you.

It’s never too late to turn your life around. Take everything positively and start choosing wisely. The tide will gradually turn in your favor.

#14 – Dream of Killing the Devil

You feel unstoppable in your quest to make your world a better place. This dream encourages you to keep going.

You have all the qualities needed to achieve your goals and dreams.

#15 – Dream of Marrying the Devil

Your marriage or love relationship is in trouble, and you may be aware of this. You need to encourage effective communication in your relationship to set things right.

If this is not possible, do not be afraid to move on.

#16 – Dream of Making Love to the Devil

This dream warns you that someone close to you will break your trust. This is likely to be someone you love or one that you hold in high esteem.

The betrayal is likely to come from your family, partner, or colleagues.

#17 – Dream of Being Possessed by the Devil

This is a sign that you no longer feel in charge of your life. Things are happening so fast, and you can’t seem to understand where you fit in all this.

It is a sign that you need to rid your life of all negative energies.

#18 – Dream of an Exorcism

Dreaming about seeing or taking part in an exorcism means that you desire to seek justice for some wrongs perpetrated against you.

This dream encourages you to keep fighting for what you believe in. You have what it takes to deal with all the problems in your life.

#19 – Dream of Fighting the Devil

This means that you have severe internal conflict. You are suffering from turbulent emotions that threaten your plans and goals.

This dream encourages you to work on your fears, uncertainties, and insecurities.

#20 – Dream of Making a Deal with the Devil

This dream indicates that you are alienating your family and friends because of your negative attitude. Things have not always been like this.

Something happened in your life that forced you to change your attitude towards those you love. This dream calls on you to take stock of your life and find out what went wrong.

#21 – Dream of God Meeting the Devil

This indicates that you are scared of the future. You feel insecure and uncertain about your position and that of your loved ones.

Also, this dream shows that you are going through a deep moral conflict. You feel that you can no longer distinguish right from wrong.

#22 – Dream of Devil Possessing Your Partner

This dream shows that someone close to you is being misled. This may affect your relationship with them.

This dream is a sign that you need to be careful about the kind of people you introduce to your partner and loved ones.

#23 – Dream of Being Chased by the Devil

This is a sign that you carry too much baggage from the past. You are reeling under the burden of past mistakes and failures.

This dream asks you to focus on what matters. You need to move forward with confidence.

#24 – Dream of Being Attacked by the Devil

This dream warns you of an impending attack either on your health or your finances, or both. This is your cue to take quick action to stem any flow of negative energies into your life.

At the same time, this sign calls on you to maintain a high level of discipline when it comes to money matters.



When many people think of the devil, they think of all kinds of negative things. They associate the devil with something catastrophic happening in their lives.

Dream psychologists note that most devil dreams are associated with our inner fears and worries.

Devil dreams reflect the negative emotions we are experiencing as we go about our daily endeavors.

To understand your devil dream meaning, you must consider all the details connected to the dream.

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