Grand Rising Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

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The term grand rising is used about a magnificent sunrise. Some people use grand rising and good morning interchangeably.

However, the term grand rising is thought to carry more weight, although good morning is more commonly used.

Besides morning greetings, grand rising can also refer to the sun’s power.

It indicates that the sun is a powerful cosmic body with significant spiritual influence on our lives.

What Does the Phrase ‘Grand Rising’ Mean?


This phrase is a tribute to the sun’s power and magnificence. Since ancient times, the sun has been worshiped as a god.

It sits at the center of our system, where all the other planets can go around paying homage.

Although the phrase grand rising was commonly used for good morning in the past, it is now used to describe the sun’s magnificence.

Grand rising indicates that the sun is coming up one more time to give us a brand new day. It symbolizes that your work and purpose in this world are not over.

Grand rising reminds you to keep working hard. You owe it to yourself and your family to do your best with the resources at your disposal.

When someone tells you ‘grand rising,’ they remind you to show gratitude for another opportunity to change your life story.

You have a lot to thank the Universe for. Everything in your life is a blessing, from your health to family and friends.

Remember this the next time things seem to fail to work in your favor.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Grand Rising?

The word grand rising is commonly used to refer to the rising sun. However, this term can also be used as morning greetings.

In the spiritual world, grand rising draws attention to the power and influence of the sun in our lives. Here, the sun represents the positive energies we receive from the divine realm.

It is not difficult to understand why the sun has been revered in many cultures across the globe. It is the primary source of light and warmth in our system.

As such, saying grand rising to someone means you wish them clarity. You pray for a sudden surge of positive energies to enable that person to understand their life better.

In some cultures, it is thought that chanting the word ‘grand rising’ up to 7 times clears the mind and cleanses the heart.

It is believed that this word has the power to bring the sun’s positive energies into your life. As a result, things that seemed too hard to handle became solvable.

Also, the word grand rising enables you to pay closer attention to the possibilities in your life rather than the impossibilities.

Grand rising also means the power to rise from a disadvantaged position. Hearing this word gives you hope, mainly if you’ve gone through a rough patch.

This word is meant to uplift your emotions when you feel depressed.

Differences Between Good Morning and Grand Rising

Deeper Meaning of Good Morning

Good morning is a word used in the morning as a form of greeting. It is courteous to say when you meet or communicate with someone first thing in the morning.

Spiritually, the word good morning goes beyond mere greetings. Instead, it signifies that you wish the other person well.

It is a prayer that you hope opportunities open up for them, and that they need to meet their goals for that day.

Saying good morning to someone means you’ve opened your heart and mind to a new opportunity.

Because you are projecting positive energies into the Universe, you’ll be paid in kind by your angels and spirit guides.

The word good morning indicates new beginnings for you and your loved ones. The past is gone, and you have a chance to start afresh.

Great and fortunate things are about to happen in your life. Fresh energies are being sent into your life daily.

The Universe is gently guiding you toward your goals and dreams. Saying good morning affirms you are positively motivated.

You expect good things to locate you, ready to take advantage of them.

Deeper Meaning of Grand Rising

The term grand rising can be used in the same way as good morning. Saying the word grand rising in the morning indicates you’re releasing a burst of fresh energy into your life.

You are moving through life filled with optimism and great expectation. With this kind of energy and cheerful disposition, all the good things you’ve been praying for will start manifesting in your life.

Grand rising is synonymous with good luck and fortune. Some people chant this word in their prayer rituals to cleanse their environment and create room for positive energies.

Being surrounded by good vibes signifies you are on the right path to accomplishing your goals.

Additionally, the word grand rising shows you are in the Universe’s good books. You’re grateful for the excellent work your angels and other divine guides have been doing in your life.

As a result, you’ll keep rising from one glory to the next.

When Should You Say ‘Grand Rising’ or ‘Good Morning’?

Grand rising is a more forceful form of good morning. Although both are said in the morning to greet people you’ve met for the first time that day, grand rising is a prayer of hope and success.

It’s like telling someone that now they’ve made it to a new day; they should give it their all to achieve success.

Both good morning and grand rising are used to show that your soul, mind, and body function as one.

You are wholly prepared to face what lies ahead, and you’ll not give up regardless of the challenges on your path.

The energies you attract by wishing someone grand rising can get you started during the day. This is because this term is the most appropriate to use early in the morning.

Since good morning can be said anytime before noon, its energies will sustain for the better part of the day.

These terms can be said whenever you feel strong and hopeful about your future prospects. They affirm that you won’t give up regardless of what’s happening in your life.

The Symbolic Meaning of Grand Rising

#1 – New Beginnings

Like good morning, the word grand rising is used in the morning to express hope for a productive day. Saying this word indicates you won’t allow the failures and mistakes of the past to bog you down.

You are grateful for the new day, for it provides you with an opportunity to have a fresh start.

The message and meaning of grand rising will likely come your way if you have been lamenting about missed opportunities.

#2 – A Powerful Comeback

Using this word affirms that you have not given up. Although you may be down, you are not out. You are determined to make it in this life despite the odds stacked against you.

Chanting this word shows you’re resolute and single-minded about your goals and dreams.

#3 – Power Over Your Adversaries

The term grand rising indicates you won’t allow your adversaries to have the last laugh.

You are determined to overcome the impediments placed on your path and occupy your rightful position in the Universe.

You appreciate that your life in this world is not an accident. As such, you have no apologies to make for being so focused on your goals.

#4 – Strength and Tenacity

Using the word grand rising enthusiastically shows you are strong enough to rise from adversity. You don’t get put down easily.

This word shows you are well prepared for what lies ahead.

#5 – No Turning Back

Your life is moving in one direction – forward. Regardless of how tough things have been, you won’t allow the past to dictate your future.

You acknowledge there’s nothing much you can do to change yesterday. But you can do something today to make your tomorrow brighter.

#6 – Blessings from the Universe

Saying the word grand rising confidently invites an outpouring of blessings from heaven. Know that the Universe’s got your back whenever you encounter this word.

#7 – Exponential Potential

Grand rising signifies you have the potential to achieve all your goal and dreams. So don’t allow anything to limit you.

You will accomplish as much as your mind can conceive.

#8 – Unleash Your Hidden Abilities

Grand rising is closely associated with sunrises. So, where does the sun hide before rising up? Does it really disappear during the night? Not really.

It would be best if you allowed your hidden abilities to manifest – as the sun does every morning.

#9 – Good Luck and Fortune

Your day will start well, develop well, and end well. Hearing this word invites positive energies, and everything you do will result in peace and laughter.

Is Grand Rising a Good Omen?

When you hear the word grand rising instead of good morning, it means you’re invited to partake of all the good things of that day.

In this respect, this term is a good omen; it indicates all your dreams will come true.

Good morning is a cheery greeting that gives you hope – especially if you’re faced with uncertainty.

On the other hand, grand rising gives you more than hope. It tells you to take action. You’re the most suitable person to change the story of your life.


The term grand rising indicates the beginning of a brand new chapter in your life. Seeing or using this word is the clearest signal that you have decided to let go of the old, retrogressive habits.

You are looking to the future with great expectations. You strongly believe the Universe is working with you to improve your life.

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