Maze Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming about a maze indicates some form of uncertainty, confusion, and self-doubt. It seems you are going through some issues that make you feel lost.

However, not all dreams about mazes are negative. It’s important that you pay attention to the details of your particular dream to understand what it means.

Most maze dreams encourage you to face the issues in your life head-on. If you feel you have lost your liberty in any way, this dream calls on you to re-take it.

Only you have the power to determine your future.


Some Specific Maze Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Maze

This dream encourages you to face your fears. What is it that is pulling you back from achieving your goals and dreams?

By facing your fears, you give yourself the chance to regain lost freedom.

#2 – Dream of Being in a Maze

This dream suggests that some events from your past make you feel lost and confused. At times, you think there’s no way out of your pain and confusion.

But the truth is that you can find the way out of the maze of life by being positively motivated. Your mind has the power to change your loss to victory.

#3 – Dream of Entering a Maze

Problems arising from internal conflicts prevent you from seeing your life for what it truly is. You feel that you are good enough to achieve your goals and dreams.

But, this is just an illusion. A change of mind will open your eyes to your true purpose in this world.

#4 – Dream of Going Around in Circles in a Maze

This dream prepares you for the turns and twists of life. Don’t expect your life to progress in a straight line.

Be ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with the various learning curves you will experience.

#5 – Dream of a Maze with No Way Out

This dream points to your role in helping solve an existing family conflict. Is there an unresolved matter in your family?

You are in a good position to help the other members navigate their way around it. With your intervention, the warring parties will see the need to find a solution to the problem.

#6 – Dream of Getting Lost in a Maze

Getting lost in a maze indicates you are not so keen to work on your challenges. The truth is that those problems will not go away unless you act on them.

This dream encourages you to take every challenge as an opportunity for growth and progress.

#7 – Dream of Getting Out of the Maze

Although some people find you hard to work with, they respect your tenacity, resilience, and hard work.

You are not easily put off by difficulties. This makes you one of the most welcome additions to any problem-solving think tank.

#8 – Dream of an Office Maze

This dream warns you to get ready for some work-related challenges that may affect your family life.

Things will become a bit more complex at the office, and you may have to work longer hours than usual.

Come up with creative ways to compensate for your family and loved ones so that they don’t feel cut off from your life.

#9 – Dream of a Maze in Your Bedroom

This is a sign that issues of trust have started to creep into your love life. This dream encourages you to work closely with your partner and arrest this matter before it gets out of hand.

Encourage each other to be more open in your dealings with one another.

#10 – Dream of a Stair Maze

Work hard to gain the social and financial muscle you’ve always desired. This dream happens to encourage you that this is doable.

You can turn your life around through hard work, a positive attitude, and patience. Remember, social and financial success are not things you built overnight.

#11 – Dream of a Maze in the House

Dreaming of a maze in the house shows discord in your social and professional circles. Someone is working overtime to create a wedge between you and either your social friends or workmates.

The sooner you find out who this person is, the better.

This dream also urges you to keep clear of people whose intentions in your life are unclear.

#12 – Dream of a Maze Door

This dream indicates the dilemma you’ll have to face from time to time to make the right choices. Your life will be full of challenges, and you’ll have the pick the right options to thrive through it all.

Whether things turn in your favor or not depends on your mindset. A positive mindset has a way of attracting good luck and making you land the right choices.

#13 – Dream of an Underground Maze

A plan you have put into motion may not work out as expected. Likely, you’ll not find the support you need to see it through.

Or, it could be that you’ll run out of options before you achieve your goals and dreams. This dream urges you to think outside the box to find the answers you seek.

#14 – Dream of Mice in a Maze

This is a sign that someone is closely monitoring your life. and, until such a time you verify their intentions, you need to be very careful.

You see; some people will follow your life to help you out. Others have more sinister motives.

#15 – Dream of Building a Maze

You are making your life more complicated than it should be. It is likely that in a bid to create an impression, you spend all your earnings and savings on friends.

Well, although it is not bad to be generous occasionally, learn how to take care of your finances.

#16 – Dream of Bringing Down a Maze

Whatever was giving you motivation has disappeared, and you now feel lost and confused. This is because you tend to rely on external factors to motivate you.

This dream challenges you to pay closer attention to intrinsic motivation. The best kind of motivation is the one that comes from within.

#17 – Dream of a Mirror Maze

This dream encourages you to create the right balance amongst all aspects of your life. Your outer beauty should reflect what is on the inside.

This is only possible if you are willing to harmonize the material, spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of your life.

#18 – Dream of a Giant Maze

Although you’ll face a lot of challenges in the days ahead, you have the resources to create your own happiness.

This dream encourages you not to allow hardships to kill your desire to thrive. With the right attitude and effort, all your dreams will come true.

#19 – Dream of a Tiny/Small Maze

Regardless of how small a problem appears, don’t ignore it. What seems inconsequential today may as well be tomorrow’s biggest burden.

You’ll spend far much less resources and time handling small challenges than big ones.

#20 – Dream of a Dark Maze

This is a sign of bad luck. Something evil lurks on the horizon, ready to strike when you least expect it.

Dreaming of a dark maze should not scare you, however. Rather, you should be happy that you have gotten the heads-up to get ready to deal with whatever that’s coming your way.

#21 – Dream of Finding Children in a Maze

You feel disappointed that some dreams from your childhood are yet to be fulfilled. The truth is that not everything you wanted as a child will come to pass.

This dream encouraged you to move on with the times. Forget the past; look to the future with hope.

#22 – Dream of Helping Someone Out of a Maze

This dream shows your willingness to pass on skills and knowledge to the younger generation. Your desire is that they should not have to find a way through life as blindly as you did.

If you can make the world a better place in this way, you’ll be a happy person.


Your maze dream relates to your thoughts and feelings.

You’ll discover it has something to do with what’s going on in your life – particularly if you have some plans about your future.

Some maze dreams help you to discover the changes you need to make in your life to win back your freedom.

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