Are you interested in Rice Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

It’s perfectly reasonable to think and dream about certain foods. Dreams about rice use culinary imagery to pass a special message about your life.

You’ll be able to understand the rice dream better if it is your staple food – or if it features prominently in your diet.

Generally, dreams about rice are positive. They indicate growth, wealth, and abundance. Those who internalize the message of this dream tend to succeed with ease.

Seeing rice in your dream shows that your financial plans are going well. This means that you’ll soon improve the economic situation in your family and community.

Of course, the exact meaning of any dream depends on its context. You need to pay close attention to your rice dream to capture the finer details it brings into your life.

At the same time, you should relate it to your life circumstances.

Here’s a look at some common rice dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Rice Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Planting Rice

This dream tells you that your projects will materialize if you are patient enough. This should tell you to keep working hard with a clear focus on your goals.

Although things may not happen as fast as you’d like them to, everything will fall into place at the right time.

#2 – Dream of Harvesting Rice

You have all the resources to create your dream life. This dream encourages you to make the right decisions in your career.

This is a good time to consider taking your professional growth to the next level. Don’t be scared of taking up more responsibilities.

Having this dream shows you have the opportunity to expand your business concerns.

#3 – Dream of Being in a Rice Farm or Field

Dreaming about visiting a rice paddy shows you are gathering the materials you need to succeed. This dream encourages you to gather the right information before you make an important move in life.

Your level of success depends on how prepared you are to deal with the changing times.

#4 – Dream of Eating Rice Porridge

This dream tells you that someone cares for you in real life. Likely, this person has romantic feelings for you, and they’ll soon let you know about it.

This is a good dream to have if you are going through a period of pain and suffering. It tells you that someone will work with you to aid in your recovery.

#5 – Dream of Serving Boiled Rice

The good things you are involved in will attract lots of praise from others. You’ll soon see yourself being elevated in social settings.

People admire what you are doing with your life and they’d like to emulate you.

#6 – Dream of Eating Coconut Rice

This is a sign of surprise blessings. You’ll receive some rewards you didn’t expect.

It seems that someone has been closely monitoring your progress, and they know you can do with a financial boost.

#7 – Dream of Lemon Rice

Your love relationship is headed for a rough patch. You’ll have serious disagreements with your partner about the use of family resources.

It seems that either or both of you are being extravagant. You need to have a sit down with your partner to resolve this matter.

#8 – Dream of Being Served Fried Rice

You are about to reap the rewards of your hard work. You have been diligent and faithful in your responsibilities.

Your positive attitude is about to pay off big time. This should motivate you to work even harder on your next assignment.

#9 – Dream of Throwing Leftover Rice

This dream warns you against being wasteful. You need to conserve the resources at your disposal. If you have more than enough rice, take it that you need to take up more responsibilities.

It indicates that you are not fully putting your skills and talents to good use.

#10 – Dream of Selling Rice

Your growth and success are pegged on how well you support others. It’s by helping others make meaning of their lives that you open more opportunities into your own life.

This dream encourages you to pursue your goals with your family, friends, and colleagues in mind. It subtly reminds you that you are not an island.

#11 – Dream of Vomiting Rice

This dream calls on you to pay closer attention to your mental and physical health. You are likely to face some real threats to some aspects of your health in the days ahead.

You can mitigate the effects of this by taking positive action today. Watch your diet and take up healthy practices such as regular exercises.

#12 – Dream of a Bowl of White Rice

This is a sign of growth and prosperity in your family. This dream suggests that your efforts to create a happy and peaceful family will bear fruit.

#13 – Dream of Sushi Rice

Move through life courageously and confidently. This dream suggests that you’ll achieve a lot if you expect good things to come your way.

This is another way of telling you to be guided by positive affirmations and visualizations.

#14 – Dream of Glutinous Sticky Rice

More often than not, your reputation precedes you. This is your cue to embrace positivity. Many people look up to you for guidance, and you wouldn’t want to let them down.

The good work you have been doing will contribute to an increased flow of clients and customers.

#15 – Dream of Sweet Rice

You are keen on your looks. People with this dream tend to be very good dressers.

It could also mean that you are looking for the perfect look to get you through some upcoming interviews.

When it comes to personal grooming and dressing, you are a quick learner.

#16 – Dream of Donation Rice

In this dream, you are involved in the distribution of rice meant to help victims of natural calamities. This dream indicates that your efforts are opening many opportunities for others.

You are keen to help those who look up to you make meaning of their lives.

#17 – Dream of Buying Cooked Rice

You are a good homemaker. This dream indicates that you are interested in the comfort and wellbeing of your loved ones.

You try your best to create the best décor and ambiance at home. Your visitors regard your home as a place of warmth and contentment.

#18 – Dream of Dead Rice Crops

This dream warns you of getting involved in anti-social behavior.

You may eventually alienate yourself from your community if you continue with your poor habits and bad manners.

This dream calls on you to conduct yourself in a manner that befits your stature.

#19 – Dream of Rice Raining from the Sky

Dreaming of rice rain shows warns of fighting with your family over money matters.

If monetary issues are not handled well, they may cause irreparable damage, leaving the family in disarray.

This dream reminds you that the quality and health of your family relationships should rank high in your list of priorities.

#20 – Dream of Sharing Rice

This dream draws attention to your generosity. You are happy to share the little you have with others in a similar position as you.

Your kindness and compassion are enabling you to appreciate life for what it truly is. Also, these qualities are drawing you closer to your goals and dreams.

#21 – Dream of Eating Rotten Rice

This dream tells you that although you have many problems to deal with in real life, you are not ready to deal with them.

Burying your head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich will not solve your problems. You need to face the challenges in your life head-on.

#22 – Dream of Scattered Grains of Rice

There are loopholes in your business venture making you lose a sizable chunk of your earnings. This dream asks you to take good care of your finances by sealing off these loopholes.

You deserve to enjoy the fruit of your labor. If need be. Seek the services of an expert to help you with accounting.

#23 – Dream of Dirty Rice

This dream suggests that you’ll soon have to do something to escape punishment. You don’t want to face the consequences of your actions.

Dreaming of dirty rice reminds you that every action has a result. You’d better learn to live with the results of your work.

If you can’t come up with acceptable ways to set things right.

#24 – Dream of Rice Water

This dream indicates tough times ahead. This dream encourages you to come up with effective ways to deal with the challenges you’ll soon encounter.

If you are well prepared for this, these challenges will be a walkover. If you are not, you’ll have to work extra hard and seek external help to clear your path.

#25 – Dream of Washing or Cleaning Rice

This dream suggests that you need to go through spiritual cleansing to see your life more clearly. Likely, you have been battling issues related to emotional pain and turmoil.

It’s possible to break free if you seek spiritual healing.

#26 – Dream of Cooking Rice

Your colleagues and bosses have come to trust you for the high level of commitment and dedication you display.

Don’t be surprised if you are given more responsibilities. Although new responsibilities can be quite challenging, they come with many great opportunities.

#27 – Dream of a Rice Bag

This dream suggests that you have the support you need to achieve your goals and dreams. If you are going through some tough times, this dream encourages you not to suffer in silence.

#28 – Dream of Uncooked Rice

You have been chosen to play a bigger role in your team or organization. Your rich array of skills and talents has won you a spot at the high table.

However, how things move going forward will depend on how well you utilize your gifts. This is your cue not to allow them to go to waste.

#29 – Dream of a Rice Cooker

Dreaming of using a rice cooker shows that you’ll soon acquire some material possession. If there’s something you’ve been working hard to own, it will soon be yours.

Maintain focus on your goals and dreams.


Dream of having rice in your meals indicates good things to come. It’s about fertility, success, growth, and prosperity.

In some communities, rice is offered as a sacrifice to the gods. It is used as a prayer item in times of hardship and adversity.

Dreaming of rice shows you yearn for peace. You desire to enjoy a long life of contentment and happiness.

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