Are you interested in Walking on Water Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreaming of walking on water refers to your ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems.

This dream draws attention to your unique ability to deal with the difficulties in your life while maintaining focus on your goals and dreams.

Those who heed the message of this sign eventually become hugely successful. This is because it helps you to discover and put to use your hidden skills and strengths.

Having this dream indicates you have every reason to celebrate your accomplishments. In spite of all the hurdles you’ve had to deal with, your journey has been hugely successful.

But, you are not yet done.

Roll up your sleeves and get back to work. Going forward, you’ll have to achieve what most people consider impossible: success.

This dream reminds you that the journey ahead is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll face many challenges in all spheres of your life.

But, what is to be expected of someone destined for success?

Here’s a look at some common walking on water dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Walking on Water Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Walking on Still Water

You are going through a good phase of your life. You are relaxed, comfortable, and looking to the future with hope and great expectation.

But, don’t get too comfortable. This dream urges you to challenge yourself for higher goals. If you are too comfortable, it means you are not growing.

Raise the bar higher and work towards it. If your targets don’t keep you busy most of the time, they are not high enough.

#2 – Dream of Walking on Flowing Water

You are at peace with your emotions. This dream indicates you have managed to cut off the wilder edges of your emotions.

You are no longer put off balance by the various changes happening in your life. You have learned the importance of action rationally even under duress.

The flowing water in your dream signifies the free flow of emotions. You have conquered many aspects of life by taking charge of your emotions.

#3 – Dream of Walking on Turbulent Water

Your strength is forged through trials and hardships. If you look back with a critical eye, you’ll realize that you have seen it all.

There have been good, times, bad times, and ugly times. You have safely navigated through all of them.

This dream is a testament to the battles you have fought and won. You are proud to wear your scars proudly as badges of valor.

Get ready for more battles ahead. You still have more victories to claim.

#4 – Dream of Walking on Blue Water

Your mind is clear, and you know exactly where you are headed. Although it has not always been like this, you have managed to put your past firmly behind you.

This dream indicates you are on the right path to spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

You clearly understand the importance of inculcating integrity, commitment, truth, and dedication in your daily activities.

Also, this dream indicates your determination to keep negative energies at bay.

#5 – Dream of Walking Through Neck-Deep Water

This dream cautions you against promising more than you can deliver. Your problem is that you tend to be a people pleaser.

Unless you do something about this, it will be your downfall. You see, you can’t please all the people all the time.

Sooner than later, you’ll get too tired to move on. Not to mention that some unscrupulous individuals will take advantage of your desire to please.

You may find yourself doing all the donkey work for an ungrateful lot.

#6 – Dream of Walking on Green Water

This dream encourages you to fuse your wisdom and intuition with your feelings. The more deeply you feel about an issue, the heavier you should rely on your intuition.

Your emotions, on their own, cannot steer you to your destiny. You need to logically think an issue through before you take steps to handle it.

Green is the color of money. Dreaming of walking on green water is a sign of monetary gain. You will receive an increase in your income.

If you have been reeling under the weight of debts, this dream indicates they will be sorted.

#7 – Dream of Walking on Ocean Water

You will be invited to participate in a lucrative money-making venture. This will be a great opportunity for you to work for the material comforts you’ve been dreaming of.

All the same, be careful about what you get roped into. Not all money-making deals agree with your beliefs and values.

If you desire to achieve true financial freedom, listen keenly to your intuition.

#8 – Dream of Walking on Muddy Water

Something is not right in your life. Lately, you’ve been feeling lost, confused, and disorganized. You have been disoriented by some events you didn’t expect to witness.

This dream indicates a lack of clarity. You need to open your eyes to what’s happening around you. It could be that you are afraid because of the mistakes you made in the past.

Well, rest easy. We all make mistakes; don’t castigate yourself too much for missing a few turns. As long as you are willing to set things right, you are good to go.

#9 – Dream of Walking on Water Inside Your House

This dream indicates you feel invaded by an influx of negative emotions. Likely, you are receiving all this from your association with negative people.

These people want to make as much money as possible regardless of who they hurt in the process. They are cruel and greed-driven.

If these are the people you have decided to walk with, you can expect misfortune to visit you right to your house.

This dream is a gentle reminder that choices have consequences.

#10 – Dream of Walking on Deep Water Mass

Dreaming that you are walking on a deep lake, sea, ocean, or pond asks you to tread cautiously. Keep your eyes on the changes happening around you.

Some of these changes may cause havoc on your family, career, and relationships if you don’t handle them right.

This dream also means that your problems, no matter how deep, are solvable.

#11 – Dream of Walking on Water with Your Partner

You will enjoy great experiences with your partner in the days ahead. You have been working hard to nurture your relationship, and you are about to reap the fruits of your labor.

Nothing is likely to come between you and your partner now that you have been working so closely together.

This dream reminds you that the strength of your relationship is very much tied to your emotional health.

#12 – Dream of Walking on Poisoned Water

A particular situation has made you numb and cold. You are uncertain on how best to move forward. Your insecurities cannot allow you to work on the most basic of your goals.

Every time you want to move forward, you anticipate failure and loss.

This dream calls on you to get a grip on yourself. Refuse to live in fear by being courageous enough to break your limitations.

#13 – Dream of Walking on Dirty Water

This dream draws attention to the toxic situations you find yourself in. You should be strong enough to thrive despite the toxicity.

It goes without saying that you should do your best to remove yourself from your current situation. If you can move to an environment that supports your growth and progress, the better.

However, you must be alive to the fact that you’ll never find yourself free of challenges.

#14 – Dream of Sleep Walking on Water

You have an active imagination. You spend most of your days conjuring all kinds of scenarios. You make and lose money in your mind.

You overpower giants and the biggest hurdles in your life.

Well, your life won’t change much unless you translate these thoughts into action. On its own, imagination will not help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Faith must be accompanied by action.

#15 – Dream of Walking on Pond Water

Your emotions seem to be running out of control. A little change in your circumstances creates turbulence in your emotional balance.

This is likely to throw you off your trajectory. You need to regain control of your emotions. Nothing good can come out of your life if you are at the mercy of your emotions.

Your thoughts, pans, and actions will totally be out of line.

#16 – Dream of Walking on River Water

This is a sign of good luck. You have embarked on a journey that will enable you to meet the right destiny helpers.

Your partner, family, and friends will be very instrumental in the journey ahead. This should inspire you to treat others respectably.

#17 – Dream of Walking on Clear Water

Your thoughts are clear, and you have a perfect understanding of where you are going.

This dream indicates that you have planned well, and you have remained true to your beliefs and principles.

At the same time, this dream calls on you to freely express your feelings. Things become easier to manage when you resist the urge to bottle up your emotions.

#18 – Dream of Walking Under Water

Everything in your life seems to go wrong. Your plans are getting undone right before your eyes – from your finances to your career and love relationship.

You need to have a clear understanding of what’s happening. This is your cue to still your life and listen to your intuition.

You’ll discover that your problems are spiritual in nature, and they need a spiritual solution.

#19 – Dream of Walking with a Colleague on Water

This dream indicates you are about to make a lucrative business deal. You have been working hard to position yourself favorably in your line of work.

This is about to pay off big time.

#20 – Dream of Walking Fast on water

What are you running away from? This dream indicates you are struggling to handle some issues in your life.

You find it easy to bury or run away from them. Either way, this will have serious repercussions in the near future.

The most effective way of handling your challenges is by dealing with them head-on.

#21 – Dream of Walking Slowly on Water

You need to take your life a bit more seriously. You see, success cannot be built on all play and no work.

Create the right balance to have enough time to work for your goals and dreams. Never sacrifice your dreams for temporary pleasures.


As it is often said, water is life. However, it can also drown and kill. Dreaming of walking on water generally talks about the need to create the right balance in your life.

Moving forward, you have to make the decision to let go of the past. You can’t concentrate on your goals and dreams with past baggage weighing heavily on your back.

Dreaming of walking on water encourages you to keep moving on despite the obstacles on your path. To achieve this, you have to start by taming your emotions.

You are destined for greatness – don’t allow anything to interfere with your destiny.

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