What Do Cold Hands Mean Spiritually?

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Have you ever felt as frosty as a snowman on your hands? Cold hands are caused by a diminished flow of blood to that area of the body.

This is likely to be the result of being in low temperatures with your hands out in the open. It could also be due to health complications such as lupus, anemia, and diabetes.

However, you need to understand that everything that happens to your body goes beyond the physical.

Your hands experience the spiritual energies swirling around you, and they may react in a variety of ways – including getting cold.

In your bid to understand why your hands are so cold, don’t forget to interrogate the spiritual reasons.

What Causes Cold Hands – a Spiritual Explanation

You are Going Through a Sorrowful Period

Your hands are perpetually cold because your heart weighs heavily with sorrow. It could be that you are grieving over the loss of someone or something that meant a lot to you.

cold hands meaning

Although this loss may not have happened recently, the cold hands are an indication that you have not gotten over it.

Cold hands are a reflection of the deep anguish you feel in your heart.

Likely, this person helped you fulfill some important obligations in your life. Maybe it is a parent who fed and clothed you when you were young.

Or, it could be your partner or a dear friend who gave you the courage to face the world. Your cold hands could also be the result of grieving for a dear pet that left this world unexpectedly.

You Are Ruled by Fear of the Unknown

Your cold hands bring to the fore the uncertainty and doubt that rule your life. You are scared of moving forward because you don’t know what lies ahead.

Cold hands indicate you don’t want to act on your desires for fear of failure. It could be that you are afraid of taking up additional responsibilities at your workplace.

You may be getting cold hands because you are scared of approaching a potential partner. Although you admire and desire this person, you don’t make any moves for fear of rejection.

All these fears find expression through cold hands.

You Have Become Spiritually Unresponsive

Cold hands alert you that your soul hungers for attention. Likely, you have been spending all your time and energy on material pursuits, to the detriment of your spirituality.

Your responsive time on spiritual matters has become slow. As the days go by, your strength is waning and your spiritual health is deteriorating.

Cold hands jolt you back to reality. You need to turn things around before it is too late.

You Are About to Start a New Phase

The warmth you were accustomed to in the old phase of your life is slowly ebbing out. As this happens, your hands become colder and colder.

But, don’t let this alarm you because with every ending you have a new beginning. Your cold hands are urging you to prepare for a new phase.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Cold Hands

The Universe sends you cold hands to indicate that you have stopped using some of your skills and talents.

For example, your creativity and imagination lie in waste. Like the absence of blood circulation cuts off all warmth from your body, your lack of creativity is stifling your growth.

Likely, you have become close-minded – and your progress has suffered as a result. Having cold hands tells you to put your abilities to good use to achieve your full potential.

Through your cold hands, your angels are asking you to move from a state of inactivity. It’s high time you moved on by facing the challenges in your life.

Could it be that you are under the yoke of certain fears that you forget all about your goals?

This is a good time to break those yokes because the divine realm promises to be with you every step of the way.

This should give you the confidence to go back to working for your life goals.

Having cold hands also indicates that the spirit of your loved ones misses you. Maybe it is long since you thought about them.

They want you to know they are close by, and that you can always reach out to them for old times’ sake.

In Africa, it was believed that having cold hands was a sign your ancestors were calling out to you.

It is believed that your hands would get cold because it might have been long since you served your forefathers any form of libation.

Hidden Messages Behind Cold Hands

#1 – Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity

If you are into business, cold hands mean you are going to be prosperous. This is your cue to keep working hard; the Universe is working with you to achieve your financial targets.

#2 – Release Fear from Your Heart

One of the reasons you find it hard to achieve your goals is because you have allowed fear to reside in your past.

You can’t do anything without the voice of fear drawing your attention to impossibilities. Fear kills you slowly because it prevents you from making any attempts.

This means you can’t truly tell what you are capable of.

By making your hands cold, the Universe wants you to overcome all forms of fear. You need to move forward confidently, in the belief that you were born to win.

#3 – You Have Suffered Heartbreak

Having cold hands indicates that you have been disappointed by your partner. Cold hands are a sign that you have been betrayed by someone you fully trusted.

The Universe sees your pain, and your angels can hear your prayers. They want you to know they will hold your hands during this hard time.

#4 – Lack of Creativity

Having cold hands is a sign that you suffer from a lack of creativity. You have allowed your mind to close up to new ideas, and this is slowly grinding your life to a halt.

By sending you cold hands, the Universe wants you to open up your mind. You have a lot to learn from those you encounter in life’s journey.

By opening up your mind, you embrace the opportunity to unleash your creative genius.

#5 – You Have Become Unproductive

Having cold hands is a sign that you are no longer as productive as you used to be. Perhaps, your lackluster attitude to life has made you run out of ideas.

Your angels and divine guides want you to be more productive. To achieve this, you must purpose to stop being lazy.

You must embrace a positive mindset moving forward. A positive attitude encourages you to look at possibilities instead of impossibilities.

#6 – Your Dead Loved Ones Are Reaching Out

When your hands go cold, it is a sign that your departed loved ones are reaching out to you. The veil between this world and the netherworld has been open, and your loved ones are close by.

They want to let you know that they are okay. At the same time, your loved ones are assuring you that you are not alone in this journey.

They are keenly monitoring your every move.

#7 – Your Soul Craves Attention

Having cold hands indicates that your soul hungers for attention. Likely, you have been focusing too much on other areas of your life and neglecting your spiritual needs in the process.

Tend to your soul to protect yourself against spiritual attacks. Every aspect of your life becomes compromised when your spirituality is weak.

You may want to slow down and give yourself time to shift your priorities. In everything you do, your spiritual health should come first.

Is It Dangerous to Have Cold Hands?

Cold hands are a physical manifestation of what’s going on in our spiritual circles. Cold hands reflect the state of our mind and soul.

Whenever you find that your hands are getting cold, try to find out what your angels are trying to communicate.

You’ll realize this phenomenon has got something important to do with what’s happening in your life. It talks to the situation and circumstances you are going through.

Cold hands are not a sign of danger, spiritually speaking. Rather, they tell you that the divine realm is paying attention to your needs.

Cold hands assure you of the divine support you need to actualize your goals and dreams.

How Can I Get Warmth Back to My Hands

Now that you know the cause of cold hands, it shouldn’t be hard to bring back warmth to them. You should start by reflecting on your life to determine what’s spiritually ailing you.

Oftentimes, the physical realm works hand in hand with the spiritual one. As such, it is a good idea to visit your doctor to help you determine any medical causes of your hands getting cold.

Always bear in mind that for every spiritual action, there’s a physical reaction.

This should help you mentally bridge the gap between what’s happening in the physical and your spiritual needs.

Final Thoughts…

Although the spiritual and physical realms exist in different planes, the Universe has a way of merging them when your divine guides want to communicate with you.

Having cold hands is an effective channel the Universe uses to link you up to the divine realm.

Cold hands alert you to do something concerning your spirituality to maintain track of your goals and dreams.

Although your hands could be cold due to physical or medical reasons, never overlook the spiritual meanings involved.

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