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A good number of people use the pentacles and the pentagram interchangeably. But, the truth is that the two are not one and the same.

A Pentacle is an object that has magical qualities. Pentacles contain magical symbols and signs. On the other hand, a Pentagram is a type of Pentacle.

A Pentagram is a five-pointed star that stands for the five elements. Each of the points stands for each of the five elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether.

When the Pentagram is held up, it stands for benevolent forces. Upside down, it becomes the sign of Baphomet.

A Pentacle is a magical object with sigils.

Historically, both the Pentacle and the Pentagram have been used to communicate the magic of nature.

They reveal some of the signs and symbols that exist within the magical realm.

What is the Symbolic Meaning of the Pentacle?

A Pentacle is any magical object with sigils that communicates love and light. It is a symbol of good and pure magic.


A Pentacle is closely connected with the invisible forces that control the North, South, East, West, and the Spirit.

It also stands for the 5 key elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether. This symbol is closely associated with gods and goddesses.

The five points of the Pentacle are joined by a circle, which creates an image of peace, equilibrium, harmony, and balance.

It is used to invoke the powers of the Spirit and the Divine.

Pictorially, the Pentacle is encased in a circle indicating the unity of purpose in nature. This tells us that we are all linked to the Universe.

The circle in the Pentacle reinforces our love for Nature.

Used as an amulet, the Pentacle protects the wearer from negative influences and debilitating energies.

It allows the wearer to exude positive auras, and to attract the kind of energies they desire to see in their lives.

The Pentacle has been used by many cultures for many centuries. For example, it has been a popular item amongst the Wiccans.

Additionally, certain Christian sects take the Pentacle to be a holy symbol that wards off evil and unwanted energies.

Indeed, some Christians take this symbol to stand for Jesus Christ. The five points of the star are taken to represent the five wounds of crucifixion.

How Do the Wiccans Use the Pentacle?

The Pentacle is one of the chief symbols used in religious expression amongst the Wiccans. They use them as charms and amulets.

The Pentacle is engraved in everything they can lay their hands on…bracelets, coffee mugs, leggings, scarfs, T-shirts…just to mention but a few.

Indeed, the Pentacle is the most revered and easily recognizable symbol amongst the Wiccans. A Pentacle that’s is covered from wood is used to show the beauty of Mother Nature.

The Wiccans also like using Pentacles that are made of silver. This kind of Pentacle links the wearer to the celestial bodies, and heightens their psychic abilities and senses.

Made from gold, the Pentacle puts the wearer in touch with their mental faculties. This means that the wearer is able to tap into their mental energies to achieve their goals and dreams.

Generally, Wiccans use the Pentacle as a talisman for personal and communal protection. This symbol has special energies and magic that the wearer needs to keep evil at bay.

Practitioners of modern witchcraft use the Pentacle to cast and break spells. They use this symbol to shield their clients against vulnerabilities.

Oftentimes, people place the Pentacle in or around their house for protection. This shields anyone associated with their homes from evil influences.

Does the Pentacle Signify Evil?

Across the ages, some people have cast a dark light on the Pentacle. For example, the French poet Eliphas indicated that the points of the Pentacle signify the devil.

This was taken up by a number of people, with some indicating that the two points of the inverted Pentacle stood for the dark powers of Satan.

Since then, that notion has been taken up and widely circulated in the mainstream and social media.

Indeed, the Church of Satan threw itself into the fray by stating that the Pentacle brought about demonic possession.

Well; for every argument against the Pentacle, many have risen in support of this symbol.

For example, it is believed that the inverted Pentacle does not actually denote the devil, but indicates the Sigil of Baphomet.

Many people have also pointed out that the adherents of the Church of Satan have no business commenting about the powers of the Pentacle.

After all, many of these adherents are professed atheists and may not have had any interactions with this symbol.

What is the Symbolic Meaning of the Pentagram?

Like the Pentacle, the Pentagram is a 5-pointed star – but minus the circle. It is drawn using one continuous line, creating a mental image of continuity and completeness.


The Pentagram has been used by humans as an image of spiritual expression since time immemorial.

Records of this symbol exist as far back as 5 millennia. Its images have been found in almost every corner of the world This means that it has been used by almost every culture in the globe.

The Pentagram symbol was widely used to ward off evil and invite positive energies. From ancient ages, people have worn objects that feature the Pentagram.

Some cultures, such as the ancient Greeks, regarded the Pentagram as a symbol of success and excellence.

Does the Pentagram Signify Evil?

People with the Pentagram as their talisman find it easy to put their minds over their physical needs.

This is because the Pentagram provides them with the spiritual shielding they need to focus on the important things in their lives.

The Pentagram easily negates the evil influences that may attack anyone associated with it. This symbol pools the positive energies that make bad spirits powerless.

Some Satanists have adopted the inverted Pentagram as their symbol of power. However, other people, as well, have used the inverted Pentagram as a sign of their spiritual expression.

For example, the Wiccans use it in some of their covens to show ranking.

Because the inverted Pentagram is closely associated with Satanists, Wiccans and practitioners of modern witchcraft prefer to use the Pentacle.

The Difference Between Pentacle vs. Pentagram

The Pentacle is a 5-pointed star that is set within a circle. On the other hand, the Pentagram is a 5-pointed star without a circle.

In both the Pentacle and the Pentagram, the five points stand for the 5 elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether.

Both the upright Pentacle and pentagram stand for protection. The Pentacle has the added qualities of balance and harmony represented by the circle.

Both symbols, when inverted, stand for Satanism and the Occult.

Many believe that the pentacle provides a higher form of protection because of the added element of a circle.

Overall, the difference between the two is only physical. In modern times, most people find it okay to interchange between the two.

In conclusion…

It has been a point of confusion for many when it comes to the differences between the Pentacle and the Pentagram.

Indeed, even the Wiccans and practitioners of modern witchcraft get confused by the Satanists, who prefer to use the goat’s head (the inverted Pentagram) instead of the Pentacle.

Whichever way you look at it, both the Pentacle and the Pentagram are powerful enough to ward off evil.

They have been used since time immemorial by Pagans, Christians, Wiccans, and a host of other people as religious symbols.

The only difference between them could be that the Pentacle is encircled while the Pentagram isn’t.

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