Seashell Symbolism and Meaning

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Seashells remind us that our souls are an important part of our existence. Without the soul, our bodies resemble empty shells.

As the soul ascends to the Other World, the body takes the shape of an empty shell. In this aspect, seashells remind us of death.

They symbolize that we are sojourners on earth and that eventually, the soul of everyone must embark on its beautiful journey to the spiritual realm.

The symbol of seashells is not meant to scare us. Rather, it allows us to embrace who we truly are and where we stand in the Universe.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Seashells?

White seashells are used in some communities as symbols of good luck and fortune. It is believed that grinding white seashells would attract good luck into your home.


Also, seashells are connected to some spirit animals. All sea mollusks represent a spirit guide that can gently conduct you through the challenges of life.

An encounter with the shell of a snail implies that your spirit guide is a snail. By studying this animal closely, you’ll understand the changes you need to make in your life to elevate it.

At their very basic, seashells indicate divine protection from spiritual attacks. They cover you from any roving evil eyes that may kill your dreams or compromise your goals.

Seashells provide you with a solid connection with the angelic and spiritual realms. They remind you that although you are vibrant in this world, you are a traveler destined for the higher realms.

This is meant to encourage you to make the best of your time in this world. Your time here is limited; it does not serve your higher purpose to waste it.

Seashells also remind us that our bodies are sacred because they house the soul, which has a direct connection with the divine realm.

The connection of seashells with water is a powerful reminder to take charge of your emotions. Learn to express yourself confidently, truthfully, and wholly.

Hidden Messages Behind the Seashell Symbolism

#1 – You’ll Get Money

In some cultures across the globe, seeing a seashell indicates you’ll get money. Some people grind white shells in the hope that this will attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

Finding a seashell is the Universe’s way of telling you not to have money worries.

#2 – The Flight of the Soul

Seashells remind us of what our bodies look like after our souls take flight. The seashells symbolize that we are all on a journey.

We are destined for the higher realms, and we should live like people on a special journey. Essentially, the seashell tells us to live our lives meaningfully, for our bodies house our souls.

#3 – Spiritual Connection

Seeing seashells in water points to a spiritual connection. You do not merely exist in the physical realm. At all times, your soul is trying to establish a link with the angelic and spiritual realms.

At the same time, seashells symbolize spirits. It’s a sign that spirits from the Other Side are trying to get in touch with you.

It could be that your departed loved ones are trying to reach out to you. However, you need to be careful as you interact with spirits because not all of them are of the benevolent kind.

#4 – The End of a Season

An empty seashell indicates the end of a season, project, or life. This does not have to point to physical death.

It could be a sign that an important phase of your life has come to an end, and you should get ready for new beginnings.

Dreaming of empty seashells calls on you to evaluate your performance so that you can lay good strategies for what lies ahead.

#5 – Immortality

Some seashells have been lying around our coastlines for hundreds – even thousands – of years. When you hold one in your hands, you can feel the amazing journey the seashell has undertaken.

You can be sure that most of the seashells you find around when you are born will still be here long after you are gone.

The endless journey of a seashell through oceans, beaches, and homes reflects your own journey through eternity.

It is a tacit reminder that your journey through the vastness of the Universe does not end with your physical death.

#6 – Resistance to Pressure

Seashells are tough and strong; they don’t dissolve in water. They don’t give in to the pressure of waves and tides.

The seashell tells you not to give in to the pressure that threatens to compromise your values and principles.

Seeing the seashell is the Universe’s way of telling you to keep going even when the odds are stacked against you.

Like a seashell, you are strong enough to fight any tides and waves thrown against you.

#7 – Life’s Powerful Journey

A seashell symbolizes the powerful journey you have to take to achieve your goals and dreams.

While some people believe that you don’t die until you accomplish your soul mission, others believe that you are reborn after death to complete the journey you had started.

Either way, the seashell indicates that you have to embark on your journey confidently and courageously.

#8 – Reformation

Grinding a seashell changes its form, which can be equated to reformation.

Seashells bring an important message from the Universe that you need to change your form to achieve your goals and dreams.

Any change you have to undertake should start with your attitude. When your mindset is right, everything else about your life will fall into place.

#9 – Strength and Protection

The seashell encloses an animal inside to protect it from harm and danger. For example, when a snail senses danger, it quickly retracts inside the shell where it feels adequately safe and protected.

Seeing or dreaming of a seashell is a reminder to protect your vulnerabilities. You need to build a strong spiritual shell around yourself to keep you safe from enemies.

#10 – Hidden Secrets

The seashell symbolizes secrets kept from the world. You can’t see what lies inside the seashell unless you closely examine it.

Through this symbolism, the Universe wants you to get in touch with your hearts. It is obvious that you have kept a good chunk of your life hidden from yourself.

The spirit world wants you to get in touch with the hidden aspects of your life to concentrate better on your goals and dreams.

#11 – Relaxation

People use seashells as decorative items in homes, offices, and restaurants because they give a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Well-arranged seashells send a subtle message that you should leave all your worries behind and concentrate on having a good time.

Some surfers wear seashell necklaces as a sign of identity that they are cool guys to hang out with.

#12 – Take Charge of Your Life

Through the seashell, the Universe asks you to take charge of your life. Do not cede control of your life to anyone because you that the best-placed person to craft your destiny.

The seashells remind you to embrace your uniqueness and use it to shine your light on the world.

What Do Broken Seashells Symbolize?

Love, Romance, and Friendship

It is common proactive for lovers or romantic partners to wear equal halves of a broken shell. This lays emphasis on their feelings for each other even when they are far apart.

Each half of this seashell can be worn as a necklace in the knowledge that joining both halves makes a full.

Such people feel attached more to each other when they wear seashells as a symbol of their love for each other.

Sadness, Loss, and Grief

When a seashell breaks, it means it has served its purpose and can be thrown away. It is a sign of loss, sadness, and grief.

A broken seashell could be a pointer that you feel broken inside for losing someone or something that you were greatly attached to.

Dreaming of a broken seashell indicates that you’ll soon grieve over an irreplaceable loss.

What’s the Meaning of Seashells in Polynesian Culture?

The Polynesians look to seashells as symbols of peace, knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom. The seashells teach people there’s a lot of depth of peace they can get from nature.

The Polynesians believe that the Universe sent them an abundance of seashells to bless them. Seashells are meant to open people’s eyes to the deep connection they enjoy with nature and the ocean.

For this reason, the Polynesian cultures and beliefs have been developed around seashells, the sea, and creatures of nature.

What’s the Meaning of Seashells in Christianity?

According to early Christians, seashells indicate that God would come back to earth to redeem it from moral decadence.

Seashells symbolize the souls that would be redeemed and allowed to enter the Pearly Gates of Heaven.

Some Christians believe that seashells are meant to encourage them to seek salvation through baptism.

Although most of these beliefs have no grounding in the Bible, they are featured in many Christian myths and works of art and literature.

It’s for this reason that Christians Priests and Pastors use seashell-shaped dishes during baptisms.

The Meaning of Different Types of Seashells

Shark’s Eye Seashell

This seashell stands for spiritual growth and progress. It encourages you to use your spiritual intelligence to make decisions affecting all aspects of your life.

Bivalves Seashells

This seashell encourages you to listen to other people’s opinions. It’s good to take into consideration how your actions and attitudes will affect others.

Florida Crone Shell

The Universe uses this seashell to teach you the importance of secrecy. You don’t have to share all details about yourself with all and sundry.

Banded Tulip Shells

The Universe wants you to accept yourself for who you are and what you stand for. In the same way, learn to accept other people for who they are.

Snail Shells

This seashell teaches you the importance of patience, resilience, and hard work. These are important ingredients for success.

Gastropod Seashells

The Universe is calling on you to use your rich imagination and creativity to solve the challenges in your life.

Final Thoughts…

Human beings have interacted with seashells for centuries. The ancient Egyptian looked at seashells as a symbol of humankind.

Although various cultures have different symbols for seashells, all agree there’s something spiritual about them.

In almost all cultures, there’s an unstated agreement that seashells stand for the inevitable journey the soul takes as it leaves the physical world.

Seashells are an affirmation that there’s life beyond the physical.

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