Beetle Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

Are you interested in the Beetle Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

The beetle spirit animal hates drama. It would rather make sacrifices and concessions than getting involved in unnecessary fights.

When this spirit animal comes into your life, it wants you to be diplomatic in resolving the issues in your life.

Put on your integrity in handling conflicts that touch on your interests.

What’s the Beetle Meaning and Symbolism?

Resilience and Tenacity

The beetle can move things many times its weight. They use this ability to build comfortable and impressive living conditions for themselves.


Collaboration and Teamwork

Beetles work in colonies to achieve their goals. For example, they work in large teams to build underground nests for their homes.

This spirit animal inspires you to work with like-minded people to achieve your common goals.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Beetles have been around for hundreds of millions of years. And although they are far smaller than many animals around them, they survive longer and better.

This is because this insect has mastered the art of working with its environment. Its life is a beautiful lesson on the power of flexibility and adaptability.

Symbolic Meaning of Beetle Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Beetle Symbolism in Christian Culture

Unlike the bald locusts, grasshoppers, and locusts, beetles are not listed in the ten plagues that terrorized the Egyptians in the Old Testament.

This is a good thing for the beetle, for Christians regard it in a favorable light.

In some manuscripts from the Early Church, the beetle is given Christ-like qualities. For example, this insect is lauded for its ability to change impure into pure.

This brings to mind the work Jesus did (and still does) on earth. He converts sinners into saints, and damnation into redemption.

Early Christians considered it good luck to encounter a beetle. It was a sign they would receive the salvation they had been praying for.

Harming a beetle was considered an ill omen in Christendom. Trampling on a beetle or killing one inadvertently was equated to sin.

In many parts of Christendom, the beetle was prescribed as a medicine to cure a number of ailments.

Beetle Symbolism in African Culture

In traditional African homes, the beetle was respected for the value it brought to farmlands. It was believed that a farm that hosted many beetles would have high yields.

This is probably because beetles brought in animal manure such as cow dung balls. They also aerated the land by digging nests into the earth.

Of all the beetles, the scarab beetle got the most attention in African cultures. The Egyptian rulers used this animal’s image in their seals.

This image was also used in charms and amulets in many African homes. The natives believed the scarab beetle had the power to send attacks of dark magic back to the sender.

It was a powerful protector against sorcerers and the powers of darkness.

In some African communities, the scarab beetle was taken to symbolize life after death. This came about because this insect laid eggs in balls of dung, from which little beetles would emerge.

Some communities in West Africa raise and sell beetles to this day. These insects get a ready market because they are thought to attract good fortune.

They can also be used to stabilize a relationship by eliminating unwanted rivals.

Beetle Symbolism in Native American Culture

Native Americans believed that woodland bugs carried evil spirits that made their children sick.

This belief was given credence by the fact that people tended to contract all sorts of diseases in homes infested with many bugs.

However, the beetle was given preferential treatment when it came to this classification. It was considered a good omen to encounter a beetle in your home.

Children were taught not to kill beetles as they were special spirits that invited positive energies of fertility, love, and protection in the homes.

Many Native American customs considered killing a beetle an ill omen. A dead beetle was bound to invite pestilences and disaster to the land.

It was believed that the beetle spirit animal would counter the negative impacts of other insects such as cockroaches and hornets.

In Native American culture, beetles were put on the same pedestal as bees and other benevolent insect spirit animals.

Beetle Symbolism in Celtic Culture

In ancient Celtic cultures, it was thought that the dung, spruce, darkling, and dor beetles were harbingers of evil.

The Celts believed that these insects acted at the behest of demons and other evil spirits to spread discord in the land.

However, the scarab beetle was believed to be a benevolent spirit animal that countermanded the work done by evil spirits.

The scarab beetle featured prominently in spiritual rituals because of its ability to hatch itself miraculously.

It symbolized the ability of spiritually connected beings to recreate themselves out of nothing.

Depending on which part of Celtic lands you focus on, beetles could be viewed either positively or negatively.

For example, the European rove beetle was highly appreciated in communities that engaged in full-time farming.

To those who were not so engaged in farming, this beetle was referred to as the devil’s coach. It was believed it brought evil closer to the people.

Beetle Symbolism in Eastern Culture

Since ancient times, the Japanese have regarded beetles as spiritual animals that helped deal with bad luck and misfortune.

Beetle pendants were a favorite in this culture as they were believed to ward off evil and attract the positive energies of wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

Japanese women were keen to keep beetles as pets because they made their husbands calmer and more agreeable, and their children well-balanced.

The Chinese, on the other hand, had conflicting views about beetles. While some looked at these insects as food with high nutritional value, others regarded them as a nuisance.

In some Chinese communities, beetles had great spiritual significance. They were believed to be connected to the Tian, the God of Heaven.

From this deity, the beetles received the power of creation, rebirth, and new life.

When the Beetle is Your Spirit Animal

Depending on the culture you subscribe to, beetles can be good omens or bad ones. However, when the beetle spirit animal comes your way, take it that this spirit guide wishes you no harm.

Spirit animals choose their subjects because they want to help them, not cause them grievances.

The beetle spirit animal is a sign of healing and recovery.

This is particularly important for you if you have been suffering from any form of spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical infirmities.

The beetle spirit animal also communicates health, wealth, and rebirth. It affirms that your dreams are very much valid.

Regardless of the impediments you have encountered on the way, don’t give up on your goals.

The Beetle Power Animal

Many cultures believe that beetles have a special connection with the sun or the divine. Call on this power animal when you desire to create a special connection with your spiritual guides.

The beetle power animal helps you gain the confidence you need to be a self-made person. From the very beginning, you were meant to be independent.

This power guide wants you to believe in yourself. Just like the beetle comes out of nothing and goes on to flourish, you can create a lot with the little blessings in your life.

With the beetle power animal on your side, you will exude a calm, collected, and composed persona.

Additionally, the beetle power animal alerts you when the Universe is reaching out to you.

The Beetle Totem Animal

Do you feel a powerful kinship with the beetle? Do you identify with its stellar qualities and traits? If this is the case, the beetle is likely to be your totem animal.

This totem equips you with the skills you need to thrive in a competitive world. For example, it teaches you to count your blessings.

Appreciate your background and beginnings, no matter how humble they look. The beetle animal totem reminds you that your yesterday does not determine your tomorrow.

People with the beetle as their totem are focused, resilient, and progressive. It’s unlikely that a beetle person will be on the same spot for long.

They keep on pushing forward, battling all odds to achieve their goals and dreams.

Beetle Encounters and Omens

An encounter with the beetle tells you to use your creativity and imagination to solve your problems.

You have the power to achieve great things with what most people would consider being meager resources.

Meeting a beetle signals the many opportunities around you. Be more observant of your environment and the people in your life.

You’ll realize that everything you’ve ever wanted to make a difference had always been within reach.

When the beetle comes your way, it wants you to be aware of your special relationship with the sun. You have the energy for love, light, and renewal.

Beetle Tattoo Meaning

You may want to find out what the beetle symbolism stands for in different cultures before you get a beetle tattoo.

This will put you in a good position to pick a design that is best suited to what you desire to express.

Beetle tattoos stand for positive energies. They are indicators of love, light, and rebirth. They could also be signs of healing, nourishment, and protection.

Choose wisely because, in some cultures, beetle tattoos stand for pain, ill omen, and even death.

Final Thoughts…

Beetles hold a lot of significance in many cultures from across the world. As you have learned, there’s something powerfully spiritual when this spirit animal comes into your life.

A close look at the meaning and symbolism of the beetle helps you understand a lot about your goals and dreams.

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