Being Pregnant Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Being Pregnant Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Most people are alarmed by dreams about pregnancy, especially if they are not expectant.

However, there’s no cause for alarm, really, because these dreams usually highlight important things about your life.

Your subconscious is trying to communicate with your waking mind – to give a warning, good news, caution, or encouragement.

It could be a sign that a real-life baby is on the way, and you need to get ready for it.

To fully understand this dream, it’s important you remember what it makes you feel. Try to understand both the literal and metaphoric meanings.

Here’s a look at some common being pregnant dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Being Pregnant Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Being Pregnant

You can have this dream whether you are pregnant or not. Metaphorically, this dream shows you have the energy needed to engage in a creative process.

Dreaming of being pregnant suggests this is a good time to work on your goals. You have the resources to actualize your dreams.

#2 – Dream That You Have Just Conceived

Have you been thinking of starting an important project? This dream asks you to put the final touches on your planning.

It’s time to move from the theoretical to the practical. Don’t worry how small your project looks at the onset.

Keep growing it through the power of hard work and a positive attitude.

#3 – Dream of Being Pregnant and Giving Birth

Your projects are doing well, and some of them are about to mature. This is a heads-up that you need to get ready to accommodate the changes coming your way.

This dream could also mean you’ll receive new, life-affirming ideas to propel your life to the next level.

#4 – Dream of Being in Third Trimester Pregnancy

This dream shows your projects are at a very sensitive stage. Don’t allow anyone to take over the reins of your life.

Now, more than ever, you should pay attention to the important things in your life.

#5 – Dream of Being Pregnant and Going into Labor

Feeling pain in this dream indicates you are going through some emotional turmoil. You need to focus on things that cause you to drain emotionally.

Dreaming of being pregnant and going to labor asks you to resolve issues from your past. Deal with the cause of your anger, resentment, hatred, and jealousy.

#6 – Dream of Your Friend Being Pregnant

Thinking of collaborating with like-minded individuals, opens your life to a range of possibilities.

This dream encourages you to pool your resources in the planning stage of your projects. Allow those who care about you to have a say in your creative processes.

Dreaming of your friend being pregnant asks you to value relationships. The people you walk and work with could be your allies in your journey to success.

#7 – Dream of Being Pregnant and Having Morning Sickness

Although change can be uncomfortable and even painful, you should welcome it with open arms. Don’t be put down by the emotional hiccups you’ll experience in the initial stages of something new.

What you are working on is valid, and you should keep pushing on despite the hurdles on the way.

At the same time, this dream asks you to listen to your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t shrug it off.

#8 – Dream of Being Pregnant with an Ugly Baby

Being pregnant with or giving birth to an ugly baby shows you are not happy with certain areas of your life.

It could be that you have been working hard to achieve certain goals, only to meet failure. This dream reminds you that life does not always turn out as we expect.

You’ll encounter failure and unpleasant situations at times. This does not mean that your life is worthless.

#9 – Dream of Chatting with a Pregnant Stranger

This dream warns you against looking to others to make decisions for you. Your life is yours to run, and you shouldn’t have it any other way.

Dreaming of chatting with a stranger calls on you to take charge of your future. Your destiny is in your hands.

Although it’s okay to consult and compare notes with others, the ultimate decision concerning your life rest with you.

#10 – Dream of Being Pregnant with Twins or Triplets

You’re juggling a lot of things at the same time; this dream urges you to keep your wits about you. You need all the skills and talents you can muster to safely sail through this period of your life.

Fortunately, you have the resources to remain afloat regardless of how many issues you are dealing with.

As long as you are positively motivated, everything should turn out just fine.

#11 – Dream of a Pregnancy on the Head

If you dream of being pregnant or having a baby through your head, your subconscious wants you to be very careful about new concepts being peddled your way.

Not every idea you hear out there is good for your consumption.

So, although it is good to open your mind and heart to new ideas, learn to pick only what is right for you.

This dream suggests you start putting your skill of discernment to good use.

#12 – Dream of Having Pregnancy Symptoms

This is a sign that you’ll encounter some bumps in implementing your plans. It could be that you did not take into account all the factors on the ground during the planning stage.

You need to be careful because just a few changes in your work environment can send you hurtling down the wrong course.

This dream calls on you to anticipate changes and prepare for them.

#13 – Dream of Pregnancy Disappearing

In this dream, you are pregnant, but this pregnancy disappears as if by magic. This is a warning that unless you pay attention to the important aspects of your life, you’ll lose them.

You are likely to have this dream if you have lost focus on your goals and dreams. Lately, you have been spending your time and effort on mundanity.

It’s time you turned your attention to things that truly matter – your spirituality, for instance.

#14 – Dream of Finding Out You’re Pregnant

This dream alerts you that some good news is on the way. You’ll get a healthy bump of pay rise soon, especially if you have been working for it.

Dreaming of finding out you are pregnant suggests a financial breakthrough. You’ll get the means to cover any losses you’ve experienced in the past.

This is your cue to embark on the projects you had put on hold because of financial constraints.

#15 – Dream of Being Pregnant with an Inhuman Baby

You are going through a scary experience, and you are at a loss on how to proceed. This dream asks you not to succumb to fear.

Reach out for the support you need from those who’ve been here before you.

Someone close to you, or a counseling expert, will help you familiarize yourself with what’s happening in your life.

#16 – Dream of Being Pregnant for Your Ex

This is a common dream in women who’re in their second or subsequent relationships. It is a sign that a previous experience enriched you in ways you could have never thought possible.

You are now wiser and more mature because of what you went through in that relationship. In many ways, this relationship enables you to discover who you truly are.

You’ve been able to renew yourself because of it.

#17 – Dream of Being Unable to Get Pregnant

Try as you might, you can’t think of a way out of your current problem. Your creative process has come up against a seemingly insurmountable block.

You are unable to get something new started because of fear. Likely, you relate what you are about to do to something you did in the past, which ended in failure.

This dream encourages you to think in the present. Attack the issue at hand with victory on your mind.

#18 – Dream of Being Pregnant but Not Having the Symptoms.

In this dream, you feel and believe that you are pregnant, but you’ve got nothing to show for it. This dream indicates you’ve come to the end of your goals faster than you had planned.

Stop worrying too much about the project you’ve been pursuing. Use the energy to think of something new you can start.

#19 – Dream of Being Pregnant for Your Enemy

If your enemy impregnates you in a dream, you face serious spiritual attacks.

You have likely not taken good care of your soul, and this has left you naked to attack from evil forces. This dream urges you to prioritize your spiritual needs.

It’s time to double your efforts towards spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

#20 – Dream of Being Pregnant and Taking a Test

You’ll go through a period of trials and temptations. This dream encourages you to gear up for what lies ahead.

Most, importantly, you should have a positive mindset. If your mind can see it through, nothing should stop you from achieving.

Your successes and triumphs will be molded around your mindset.

#21 – Dream of Being Scared of Pregnancy

In this dream, you can’t bring yourself to think of carrying a baby to term. This is a sign that someone is trying to force some ideas down your throat.

It could be you are being intimidated into accepting perspectives you don’t agree with.

You need to come up with creative ways to extricate yourself from this situation.


Dreaming of being pregnant may not be an indicator of something physical. It could be a sign that you are a vision bearer.

If you have the ideas to transform your family and community, this dream urges you to implement them.

You will succeed in this undertaking because the stars are in perfect alignment for you.

It’s quite common for women of childbearing age to have this dream. Their subconscious uses it to communicate their readiness or desire for motherhood.

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