Crab Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

Are you interested in the Crab Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

When the crab spirit animal comes into your life, it wants you to be independent. This spirit guide dissuades you from clinging to other people.

It reminds you that you have everything you need to run all aspects of your life.

What’s the Crab Meaning and Symbolism?

Determination and Resilience

In everything it does, the crab displays a fearless attitude that few other animals can match. It rarely lets go of prey once it wraps its claws around it.

This is your cue not to let go of your goals and dreams.


Change and Growth

Crabs are constantly changing as they grow. Several times in their lives, they shed their old shells and put on new ones.

Keep challenging yourself to be better each new day.

Defense and Protection

Although crabs are basically non-aggressive, they fight viciously when threatened. They use their oversized claws, hard shells, and indomitable attitude to confront the enemy.

Resourcefulness and Opportunism

Crabs can survive in just about any environment because they are highly adaptable. They use their claws to grab food and direct it to the mouth.

And, they can eat just about anything in their environment – small fish, worms, shrimp, snails, plants, and barnacles.

Symbolic Meaning of Crab Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Crab Symbolism in Christian Culture

The crab feels very safe and protected inside its shell. This reminds Christians of the love and comfort they feel in their faith.

Christians believe that the love of Christ fully encompasses them and protects them from all forms of spiritual dangers.

The sideways movement of the crab also resonates well with Christian teachings about peace and non-violence.

A Christian is taught to avoid unnecessary confrontations and conflicts. One would rather concede space and sidestep issues that create a full-blown quarrel.

The crab’s strong grasp tells Christians to hold on to the faith. Once they are exposed to the Gospel of Truth, they should not deviate.

Crab Symbolism in African Culture

Africans believed that the crabs had a close connection to the gods of the water.

The ancient Mijikenda clans of the East African coast looked at crabs as special emissaries from the depths of the Indian Ocean.

The people were keen to keep out of the crabs’ path on the beaches. The Mijikenda elders used to hang crab shells in the kayas (traditional shrines) to ward off evil spirits.

The shells were also kept in homes as protective charms and amulets.

Dried crab lungs would be ground and used to make crab medicine, which was quite potent in healing mental and emotional conditions.

Some Mijikenda clans avoided eating crabs for fear they would anger the water gods.

Most African tribes along the eastern, western, and Mediterranean coasts held the crabs in high esteem.

In places where this crustacean was eaten, it was considered a delicacy.

To the Africans, the crab symbolized resilience and tenacity. It encouraged them to work hard to achieve their communal goals.

Crab Symbolism in Native American Culture

The Native Americans believed that the crab was a special messenger from the divine realm. It brought them precious lessons from the moon, to which it was closely connected.

The crab symbolizes a fresh start. It empowered one to find new strength to overcome the pain of loss.

Native Americans turned to the crab for emotional healing. Because this animal was closely associated with the moon, it had all the secrets to happy and healthy emotions.

Native myths indicate the crab as the carrier of the waves of life. People with the crab totem were content to ride the waves of life with little fear for tomorrow.

To many Native American tribes, the crab was a source of nourishment and sustenance. It was considered an honor to receive a basketful of crabs from your neighbors or friends.

Tribes that lived near the ocean routinely exchanged these gifts as a show of support for each other.

Crab Symbolism in Celtic Culture

Like the Native Americans, the Celts link the crab to the Moon. They felt that this crustacean has a lot of influence on our emotions.

According to ancient Celtic myths, the crab taught humans to hide their vulnerabilities behind smiles and pleasant words.

The crab walks sideways to remind people that they don’t have to be open with their emotions to everyone.

The Celts considered this advice from the crab spirit animal quite relevant, considering that not everyone you share your story with will help you.

From ancient times, the crab has been taken to be the icon sign of the zodiac sign Cancer. People under this sign are believed to be security-seeking, self-protective, compassionate, and nurturing.

These qualities were held in high regard in Celtic homes and families.

Crab Symbolism in Eastern Culture

Crabs and crab-related products have a ready market in the Far East because of their aphrodisiac qualities.

It is believed that a crab meal is good for couples as it enhances passion and romance in the bedroom.

It was common practice for a young couple to wear a crab talisman to improve their chance of having strong, healthy babies.

Apart from that, the ancient Chinese associated the crab with the sun, the giver of life. They believed that the crab had a special seat among the gods, which he would access by way of the ocean.

One could send the crab with entreaties to the divine realm. This spirit animal was particularly quick to fulfill requests for peace and harmony.

He was also closely linked to the positive energies of wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

However, in some quarters, the crab symbolism was not so positive. For example, among the Ye and the Okcho Korean tribes, an encounter with a crab was perceived to mean bad luck.

It was perceived to mean that one would be poisoned by their enemies. The people, therefore, had to be extra careful not to fall into this danger.

When the Crab is Your Spirit Animal

The crab spirit animal crawls into your life to teach you a thing or two about your life. It tells you to play your part in your community because your people need you.

You have been equipped with skills that can bring a lot of change if properly utilized.

Also, the crab spirit animal tells you not to over-rely on your colleagues or family. You are strong enough to pull your own weight.

The presence of this crustacean tells you to open your mind and heart to create new partnerships. Perhaps, your past experiences are preventing you from opening up to other people.

The crab spirit animal encourages you to lay bare the trauma, pain, and anger from your past. Decisively deal with these things to enjoy life to the fullest.

The Crab Power Animal

Do you feel like you have lost your path yet no one seems to care? Call on the crab power animal for the answers you seek.

The crab power animal gives you all the reasons to change your path. If you have been doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results, things don’t work that way.

You may have to move sideways like the crab, and try new approaches to achieving your goals and dreams.

The crab power animal advises that you remove yourself from all the noise and chaos. This will give you a good perspective of your life.

In case of any doubts, the crab power guide asks you to listen to your heart.

The Crab Totem Animal

People with the crab totem are sensitive souls. They are advised to take care that their sensitivity does not lead to their isolation.

The crab totem encourages you to explore your world without paying too much attention to your critics.

They have a right to speak and air out their opinions, but you have a right not to listen to them. This is another way of telling you to be self-reliant.

Don’t do things to please other people, do them because they are the right things for you.

The crab totem wants you to be single-minded and resolute in the pursuit of excellence. Once your thoughts lock on a goal, don’t let go until you hit your target.

Crab Encounters and Omens

A crab encounter tells you to move with the flow of life. Instead of fighting change, allow it to introduce new opportunities into your life.

Meeting a crab is a signal that you’ll get the help you need to navigate through the challenges in your life.

This is your cue to open your heart and mind to receive positive vibes from those who care for you.

Seeing a crab is an omen for healing. If you have been going through some emotional and mental turmoil, the crab offers crab medicine, which will bring peace and harmony into your life.

The presence of a crab asks you to invoke the psychic powers of this crustacean. You need these powers to identify, develop, and exploit your spiritual gifts.

Crab Tattoo Meaning

Wearing a crab tattoo indicates you are self-protective. You are keen not to expose yourself to anything that could injure your emotions.

Having a crab tattoo is a mark of self-reliance. Although you have a good number of friends, you want them to know that you can foot your own bills and carry your own weight.

People with crab tattoos are not afraid to try new things. This tattoo tells the world you are adventurous, and that you enjoy humor.

What’s the Meaning of Crab Dreams?

  • Dreaming of a crab shell means you feel vulnerable and overly exposed.
  • To see a crab drawing back into its shell means you feel over-protected. You need some space to do things your way.
  • Dreaming of a nervous crab means you are scared of some upcoming changes.
  • To dream of a consortium of crabs indicates you need liberation from some childhood trauma.
  • Dreaming of crabs fighting tells you to tread carefully, especially if you are getting into a new business deal.
  • A white crab in your dream signals a fulfilling future. Your relationships and family life are looking up.
  • To see a pair of crabs reminds you of your special role as a peacemaker.

Final Thoughts…

The crab spirit animal wants you to think outside the box to successfully navigate through life. If you have to move sideways to solve a problem, so be it.

This spirit guide teaches you to use the resources at your disposal to successfully reach your destination.

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