Are you interested in Dead Grandmother Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreaming of your dead grandmother puts you in touch with your feelings regarding your life experiences.

This dream alerts you that it’s time to let go of the old, and to invite new energies into your life. The old phase is gone, and you need to open your mind and heart to a new phase.

This dream tells that you that although new beginnings may not be easy, you need to embrace them and move on to new experiences.

This dream is likely to come your way at a critical phase of your life. Maybe, you are going through teenage or mind-life crisis.

Or, it could be that you are going through critical changes such as puberty or menopause. It may also come at a time when you are facing a serious crisis in your health, family, relationships, or career.

A dead grandmother dream encourages you to welcome the changes in your life with open arms. This is the only way you’ll invite the energies of growth and progress into your life.

As with all dreams, it is important that you pay close attention to the finer details of the dead grandmother dream.


Here’s a look at the meaning of some common dead grandmother dreams:

Some Specific Dead Grandmother Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing Your Dead Grandmother

This is a sign that you’ll find a solution to a problem that has been dodging you for some time now. You will no longer feel lost or helpless like a child.

In this dream, your late grandmother stands for love and security. She is the emotional pillar you leaned on whenever you felt cold or confused as a child.

#2 – Dream of the Funeral of Your Dead Grandmother

Although the face value of this dream may look negative or gloomy, it actually has a positive connotation.

It indicates that you will enjoy a long life of peace and happiness.

#3 – Dream of Your Dead Grandmother Smiling at You

This is a sign of good fortune and luck. The dream of your dead grandmother smiling at you means that you will soon have some new experiences.

You will encounter new friends, and your professional networks will tremendously improve.

#4 – Dream of Laughing with Your Dead Grandmother

This dream asks you to seek help for the problems and challenges you are going through. Stop acting like everything is fine.

If you are hurting inside, you need to confide in someone. Don’t be afraid to expose your issues to a trusted friend or counseling professional.

#5 – Dream of Arguing with Your Dead Grandmother

At face value, this dream may seem negative. But, the truth is that it indicates a lot of good things. It assures you that the efforts you are putting into making your life better will bear fruit.

It also indicates that you have the wisdom to make the right choices concerning your life. Grandmothers are powerful symbols of wisdom, experience, and knowledge.

#6 – Dream of Hugging Your Dead Grandmother

This is a sign that you could be having trouble with some of your current projects.

This dream calls on you to take stock of your businesses or ongoing projects, and find out which ones are not doing as well as they should be.

#7 – Dream of Your Late Grandmother Crying

This is a strong warning sign. You are being cautioned to tread carefully with your plans or projects, because some malevolent force is out to defraud you.

This dream calls on you to be strong in the face of spiritual and emotional attacks. You have the strength and resilience to deal with whatever life throws your way.

#8 – Dream of Your Dead Grandmother at Work

You should expect some significant changes in your career. You are likely to get a pay rise, a promotion, or move jobs altogether.

#9 – Dream of Crying with Your Dead Grandmother

This dream calls on you to take good care of all aspects of your life because you are likely to suffer an attack.

Regardless of the challenges ahead, you should keep pressing on guided by positive affirmations and visualizations.

You will overcome your tribulations when you least expect it.

#10 – Dream of Your Late Grandmother Taking You Away

Dreaming of your dead grandmother trying to take you away is a bad sign. It means that you are likely to experience some form of misfortune in the days ahead.

This dream calls on you to be careful in everything you do.

#11 – Dream of Your Dead Grandmother Paying You a Visit

This dream indicates change. Your relationships, family, or career will experience some transformations.

You are likely to change jobs or move houses.

#12 – Dream of Your Dead Grandmother Hugging Your Spouse

This may indicate hard times ahead. You will soon encounter some problems that you will have to work overtime to overcome.

Don’t worry, though. Your efforts will help you to deal with all these issues and problems. Maintain a positive mindset.

#13 – Dream of Dancing with Your Dead Grandmother

This is a very good sign indeed. It shows that things are finally opening up for you. If you don’t have an emotional partner, this dream indicates that love is in the offing.

You will encounter luck and good fortune in your financial dealings.

#14 – Dream of a Group Hug with Your Dead Grandmother

If the group hug involves strangers, this is not a good sign. It is an indication of possible failure in your plans and projects.

If the group hug involves other family members, there’s hope. You are being encouraged to keep putting in efforts as this will bring in the results you seek.

#15 – Dream of Being Kissed by Your Dead Grandmother

This is a sign of longing. It is a clear sign that you miss your departed grandmother and the love she used to give you.

You fondly remember her gentle, comfortable, and affectionate nature; and you wish that you could have it all back.

You wish you could hug her one more time.

This dream encourages you to move on and accept the changes that have been brought your way by Mother Nature.

#16 – Dream of Your Dead Grandmother Resurrecting

This dream tells you to slow down; you have been moving too fast for your own good. You need to get some time off your busy schedule and reconnect with your loved ones.

You may be feeling fatigued and you need to rest. It is okay to take some time off to tend to hobbies and interests.

#17 – Pregnant Woman Dreaming of Her Dead Grandmother

This is a good sign, for it tells of the love your baby will receive from the world. Your baby will be blessed with many gifts and talents, and she will be a blessing to many.

#18 – Dream of Your Dead Grandmother with Your Grandfather

This is a beautiful sign, and it asks you to enjoy the beautiful things in your life. Take time to savor your successes, and don’t be so much in a rush that you forget to pay attention to your loved ones.

#19 – Dream of Being Chastised by Your Late Grandmother

This dream brings to the fore your confusion and sense of worthlessness. You don’t seem to ever get your priorities right.

It is a sign of spiritual infirmities. You need to see your spiritual minister for advice, guidance, and support.

#20 – Dream of Your Grandmother in an Accident

This is not a good sign. It asks you to watch your steps, for something evil is stalking your life. This is a good time to re-establish your connection with your faith and Higher Power.

#21 – Dream of Your Grandmother Cooking

This dream relates to your health. Likely, you will suffer some health complications related to your stomach or digestive tract.

If you have not had a medical checkup recently, this is a good time to go for one.

#22 – Dream of Eating with Your Dead Grandmother

Again, this is not a good sign. It shows you are going through a serious internal conflict crisis. This dream encourages you to seek help from a friend or a counseling expert to help you deal with what you are going through.

#23 – Dream of Praying with Your Dead Grandmother

This is a sign of spiritual deliverance. It could be that you need help to see your life for what it truly is, and all you should do is to seek help from your spiritual minister.

#24 – Dream of Visiting or Sitting on Your Dead Grandmother’s Grave

This is a sign of your emotional burdens. You feel overwhelmed by everything that’s going on in your life, and you could do with some rest.

A little rest and some exercises will help to stabilize your emotional state.

#25 – Dream of Walking Side by Side with Your Dead Grandmother

This is a sign of your partner’s loyalty. If you are married or in a relationship, you need to appreciate your partner more because she will be faithful to you.

#26 – Sleeping on Your Dead Grandmother’s Laps as a Kid

This dream shows trust. It encourages you to enhance your partner’s confidence in you by being trustworthy.

You should not be suspicious of your partner for no reason, as this will breed resentment.


A grandmother is one of the most significant characters in our homes as she impacts the lives of many generations.

She is seen as a symbol of understanding, warmth, and tenderness by all. However; in the dream world, grandmothers don’t always stand for these stellar qualities.

Your dead grandmother dream will largely depend on its context and how you related to your grandmother while she lived.

It’s important you take into account such details for a correct interpretation.

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