Dead Person Smiling Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming about a dead person smiling is quite significant. Its meaning depends on who the person is, whether you knew them, and why they are smiling.

Smiles also defer, and it’s important that you pay close attention to the type and nature of the smile presented.

For example, one may smile with a calm, happy countenance. Another may give a smile that is close to a sneer.

A cynical smile may warn you of a repeat of the hard times you experienced with the departed. A kind smile may indicate that you have powerful protectors in the spiritual realm.

A caring smile holds the promise of a bright future.

Here’s a look at some common dead person smiling dreams and their meanings:


Specific Dead Person Smiling Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of a Dead Person Smiling at You

In this dream, you can’t clearly identify the deceased by their face, but you can tell they are smiling at you.

This is a sign that the hard times you’ve been experiencing are soon coming to an end. Your struggles to make your life better have not been in vain.

Gradually, you are getting better from the pain and suffering of past loss.

#2 – Dream of a Dead Relative Smiling at You

This dream draws attention to the memories you shared with this person. You can’t still come to terms with the fact that they are gone.

This dream indicates that you need to let go of your departed relative. Accept that they have ascended to a good place.

It’s time to pay close attention to your purpose in this world.

#3 – Dream of a Dead Person Gently Smiling at You

Having this dream assures you that you are not alone in this journey of life. Your departed friends and loved ones and looking down at you with favor from the Other Side.

They are concerned with your peace and happiness.

This dream calls on you to forget the departed, and to concentrate on making your life in this world count.

#4 – Dream of a Dead Man Smiling at You

This dream warns you against being too indulgent in everything you do. This dream reminds you of the virtue of moderation.

Take it easy. Don’t gorge yourself on too much food and drink, for this is counterproductive to your health and overall wellbeing.

#5 – Dream of a Dead Woman Smile at You

This dream reminds you that grief has a shelf life. This means that you should not mourn the loss of your loved ones forever.

Dreaming of a dead woman smiling at you tells you that fear, grief, and anxiety will stick with you as long as you allow it.

This means it’s up to you to make a decision to move on from the pain. It’s okay to seek help if you feel that doing things on your own is too difficult.

#6 – Dream of a Dead Child Smiling at You

This dream shows the strong bond that you’ve nurtured in your family. You need to lean on this strength to solve the potential problem you’ll encounter in life’s journey.

Having this dream reminds you that your family should always take precedence over everything else. By working closely with your loved ones, you can avert any threat targeting your family.

#7 – Dream of a Dead Ex-Lover Smiling at You

You are going through some serious issues that put your current love relationship at risk. These challenges have something to do with time management, jealousy, and faithfulness.

In some cases, this dream shows that one partner is on the verge of being paranoid. It’s important that both partners work together to find lasting solutions to these hardships.

#8 – Dream of a Dead Colleague Smiling

This dream shows that you learned well from a departed mentor or colleague. Even though you are sad that they are gone, you are happy that they took their time to show you the ropes.

The dead person has a special place in your heart, and you’ll always remember them for empowering you.

You are likely to dedicate any awards you win soon to their memory.

This sign could also mean that this person is still watching over you from the other side. As such, go about your business confidently.

#9 – Dream of Many Dead People Smiling

This dream shows that you are surrounded by people that want to make your life difficult. As such, you should be on guard not to fall into their traps.

This dream encourages you to listen to your intuition and inner wisdom. These are wonderful tools that will help you to weed out false friends.

#10 – Dream of Running Away from a Dead Smiling Person

You feel guilty for what befell the departed when they were still alive. You regret not helping them enough when they were with you.

This dream reminds you that blaming yourself in this way won’t improve things. Regardless of how guilty you feel; the deceased will not resurrect.

You need to accept this loss and deal with it in the best way possible.

#11 – Dream of an Annoying Dead Person Smiling

You are somewhat nostalgic about the annoying nature of the deceased. Although this may sound ironic, you feel anxious – guilty even – that this person is gone.

You wish they were around to annoy you in their characteristic way. You may even start to rationalize that their bothersome nature kept you on your toes.

#12 – Dream of a Dead Rival Smiling

Ironically, you feel that your rival is gone too soon. You’d wish they had stuck around a little longer to spur you on to greatness.

Sometimes, all that kept you going was the thought of your competitor having the upper hand. You’d not allow this to happen.

This dream means that you have to look for a new source of inspiration. You need to focus on something that will continually trigger your creative juices.

Seeing your dead rival smiling should challenge you to look for creative ways to motivate yourself.

#13 – Dream of a Dead Parent Smiling

Although it may not look like it, you are doing very well. This dream encourages you to keep going with your end goal in mind.

Your dead father/mother is smiling at you because you keep making the right decisions. You have chosen the right path, and you must be keen not to deviate from it.

#14 – Dream of a Person Who’s Not Dead Smiling from the World of the Dead

In this dream, a person who’s alive (you interact with them regularly) smiles at you from the world of the dead.

This means that your bonds with this person will grow stronger and healthier. You are likely to jointly start some pretty heavy projects.

This will work very well for you, especially when you master the use of your combined skills and talents.

Indeed, your relationship with this person may grow into something deeper and more intimate.

#15 – Dream of a Dead Friend Smiling at You

Your subconscious is calling on you to channel your feelings about your dead friends on positive things.

To achieve this, you have to come to terms with their death. You make things easier on yourself by taking up the projects your friends left half done.

Their smile from the other side tells you that they trust you with their endeavors, and that you can complete what they started.

This dream also means that your dead friend wants you to move on with your life. It’s okay to take time off to mourn them.

But, don’t turn this into your main preoccupation.

#16 – Dream of a Dead Stranger Smiling at You

This dream has more to do with yourself than with the dead stranger. If the stranger is smiling benignly at you, you’ll readily accept the realities of your life.

This means that you won’t have any trouble making the challenges necessary to move on after a major loss.

If the stranger’s smile is mean, however, you are in trouble. This dream alerts you that the going will be tough.

You must summon the courage and confidence to deal with the difficulties you’ll encounter moving forward.

#17 – Dream of a Dead Person Smiling Creepily

This dream indicates that danger will approach you from unexpected sources. It’s important that you guard yourself against falling into serious trouble.

This dream could also mean that you are surrounded by people that want to see you fail. This means that you should be very careful about the kind of people you let in on your secrets.

Some people may use intimate details about your life against you.


The meaning of a dead person smiling depends on the context of the dream. Although this is not a very common dream, its impact is huge.

You need to pay attention to the circumstances under which the dead person was smiling at you. What was their smile like?

How are you related to this person? What kind of feelings does this dream evoke?

Generally, a dream about a dead person smiling reflects your own feelings and circumstances. This dream brings to mind memories you shared with the departed.

In some cases, this dream points to the special protection you are receiving from the spiritual realm.

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