Dolphin Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

Are you interested in the Dolphin Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

The dolphin can be described as the philosopher of the animal kingdom. It has all the intelligent teachings you need to transform your life forever.

The dolphin spirit animal opens your mind’s eyes to existing and new opportunities. This is the kind of power animal you need when you’re looking to expand your life.

What’s the Dolphin Meaning and Symbolism?


Dolphins can travel very far in a single day. They are also fond of exploring the depths of the ocean. Clearly, the life of a dolphin signals a love for adventure and freedom.

This spirit animal wants you to open your mind concerning how you run your life. You don’t have to see everything from a narrow prism.



Dolphins’ brains are almost as big as humans’. More importantly, they use these brains to make intelligent decisions.

As your spirit guide, the dolphin wants you to put your resources to good use. It is for good reasons that you are richly blessed with a wide array of skills and talents.

Guiding Light

Do you need some extra guidance in your life? The dolphin totem can be your best ally. This spirit animal will help you make all the right decisions concerning your life.

Symbolic Meaning of Dolphin Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Dolphin Symbolism in Christian Culture

In Christianity, the dolphin symbolism is regarded as divine. This animal is seen as pure in spirit because of its helpful nature.

Many a time, seafarers are guided to safety by the dolphin when they encounter trouble out at sea. Christians look at dolphins as compassionate beings that can empathize and feel your pain.

This resonates very well with the Christian teachings of loving one another and being there for the less fortunate.

In some areas of the Roman Empire, members of the Early Church used the dolphin image to pass secret messages to each other.

This image was to convey love and compassion for what a certain group of Christians was going through.

For example, legend has it that the martyrs Felicitas and Perpetua received a lot of fish-coded messages days before they were forcefully taken to the arena and executed for their faith.

This gave rise to the symbol of the dolphin as Christ accompanying the faithful dead to the afterlife.

Dolphin Symbolism in African Culture

To the African people, the dolphin is depicted as a special spirit that accompanies the souls of the dead to the ‘Islands of the Blessed.’

It was believed that dolphins protected these souls from any black magic cast against them.

According to legend, the dolphin has the sacred role of protecting fishermen and seafarers.

If one met some catastrophe out at sea and jumped ship, they would be guided to safety by the dolphin spirit animal.

Tales abound of how this sea creature would literally carry someone on their back from the deep seas all the way to the safety of the shores.

This protection extended to anyone living near the shore of an ocean.

In Egyptian iconographies, dolphins are depicted as symbols of protection and freedom.

According to the Zulu of South Africa, dolphins played a crucial role in helping the people multiply and fill the earth.

Dolphin Symbolism in Native American Culture

Just like in most other cultures, Native Americans look at the dolphin as a benevolent being.

They believe that this sea animal has been given the mandate to save those who meet danger in deep waters.

Myths from some Native American tribes indicate that the dolphin is adept at saving people from being sharks.

One narrative from the Chumash tribe explains that dolphins and humans are related. According to the legend, the Earth Mother Hutash wanted people to cross over a tumultuous ocean.

To help them, she created a bridge through which they could walk. However, some people became afraid and unsure of their steps.

They looked down and were pulled by the wild waters below, whereupon they plunged into the ocean.

Likely for them, the Earth Mother Hutash transformed them into dolphins and they didn’t drown. This is why humans and dolphins have such a close working relationship in deep waters.

What do Dolphins symbolize in Celtic culture?

Different Celtic tribes had different perceptions of dolphin symbolism. Most of the tribes that lived near the oceans had positive myths about these animals.

The other tribes tended to tell scary stories about these creatures, likely because they did not interact with them as such.

To the Irish and other Celtic nations that were close to oceans, dolphins were seen as divine protectors of everything on the water.

They believed that these animals had been given the mandate to guard the gates of the seas and oceans they inhabited.

The Celts believed that dolphins had healing powers. This is likely because this animal is closely associated with the Water Element with all its healing properties.

If you told an ancient Celt about the Sacred Breath of Life, they would interpret this to mean dolphins.

It was believed that dolphins spread the positive energies of new beginnings. The influence of this spirit guide also enabled the natives to create the right balance in the body, mind, and spirit.

The Celts felt that dolphins represented the perfect balance between the Air and Water Elements.

Dolphin Symbolism in Eastern Culture

According to the ancient Chinese, the sighting of a dolphin indicated that the heavens were watching over you.

These animals were highly regarded not only because of their agreeable personalities, but also their spiritual significance to humans.

The eastern cultures regarded the dolphin as a sign of good luck and fortune. It was believed that interacting with this mammal would attract positive things.

According to Chinese mythologies, sighting the white dolphin was a sure sign that you were on the right path.

This means that your plans and projects were blessed. Seeing this spirit animal meant that one could get into their projects energetically, with no fear of failure.

The Japanese and the Koreans, as well, see dolphins as protectors of those traveling through oceans. They protected the people from attacks by dangerous underwater creatures and evil spirits.

When the Dolphin is Your Spirit Animal

Do you keep seeing a dolphin just about everywhere you look – in movies, magazines, and on TV? Does this animal appear frequently in your dreams?

Or, do you encounter real dolphins regularly and you feel a kindred kinship with this mammal?

These are clear signs that this is your spirit animal. This animal has chosen you because it wants to help you swim through the dangers and pitfalls in your life.

Your dolphin spirit animal will teach you the art of communication.

You’ll learn that communication is not only about producing words, but placing those words properly and using non-verbal cues of communication to accompany them.

As your spirit animal, the dolphin wants you to live your life to the fullest, and it is ready to guide you in this.

The Dolphin Power Animal

The dolphin power animal is all about happiness, having fun, and enjoying life to the fullest. Call on this power guide when you desire to add value and quality to your family life.

The power in this spirit guide enables you to reach out to the disadvantaged in your world. You’ll discover that you can be a compassionate, kind, and selfless person.

Deep down in your heart, this has been your greatest desire; the dolphin power animal will help you actualize your dreams.

With the dolphin power animal, you go about your endeavors with no worries. You know you’ve got the backing of a powerful ally.

The Dolphin Totem Animal

People with the dolphin totem are known for their superb communication skills. They not only express themselves clearly, but they are also very good listeners.

If you were born with this totem, it means you have the gift of empathy. You can use this to connect with the people that need your support to make meaning of their lives.

One thing about helping others selflessly is that it works in your favor. You that you attract more blessings by sharing the ones you already have with the less fortunate.

People with this animal totem live their life to the fullest. Although they know the value of work, they are keen to create the time to play and laugh.

They are driven by the desire to make their interactions with other humans as fulfilling as possible.

Dolphin Encounters and Omens

The dolphin spirit animal brings much energy into your life. An encounter with this mammal tells you to put this energy to good use.

A dolphin encounter reminds you that you are in charge of your own happiness. This means you should not wait for extrinsic motivation to make your life happen.

For anything you desire to achieve, look within for inspiration.

Seeing a dolphin is an invitation to freely partake in dolphin medicine. This animal has healing properties that will enable you to rise above the pain and hurts of yesterday.

Dolphin Tattoo Meaning

A dolphin tattoo indicates you are a happy fellow; you don’t allow the cares of daily living to rob you of joy.

You are well motivated to put a smile on people’s faces and lift the heavy burdens on their souls. This tattoo is a testament to your empathetic nature.

Your dolphin tattoo could also be a sign of the great bond you enjoy with nature.

Some dolphin tattoos communicate that you are at peace in both the Water and Air elements. You are free-spirited, independent, and determined to live your life to the fullest.

Have a candid talk with your tattoo expert to understand the symbolism of the tattoos on offer.

Final Thoughts…

When the dolphin spirit animal swims into your life, you’ll see things more clearly. What seemed impossible becomes possible.

Your head and heart get more balanced, and you become surer of the direction you are taking. Dolphin medicine empowers you to live a healthy, more focused life.

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