Dragon Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

Are you interested in the Dragon Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

In modern-day legends and myths, dragons are often portrayed as villains. However, a look at ancient cultures from across the world reveals that dragons have both positive and negative traits.

If the dragon is your spirit animal, you will learn that it is both fierce and highly protective.

What’s the Dragon Meaning and Symbolism?

Ruler of the Elements

Dragons can handle the 4 elements efficiently. This makes these mythical creatures the masters of the Universe.

Indeed, there are 4 types of dragons named after the 4 elements.

Longevity and Good Fortune

In many cultures from across the globe, dragons are a classic example of creatures that never seem to age.

They are often seen as symbols of wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

Magic and Protection

Dragons are often depicted as having the body of a huge snake with two powerful wings, with which they ride the sky.

They are also said to breathe fire with which they blast their targets.

Symbolic Meaning of Dragon Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Dragon Symbolism in Christian Culture

In the Bible, the dragon is depicted as a representation of everything evil. Christians believe that anyone or anything that kills people will find it hard to get into God’s Kingdom.

Christians also view the dragon as a warmonger. Instead of creating peace with its enemies, this mythical bird wages war, destroys property and kills indiscriminately.

In the Book of Revelation, the dragon is said to be Christ’s adversary. Here, it is depicted as the beast, the Anti-Christ, and the controller of false prophets.

The Bible indicates that the dragon will be set loose on the earth during the end times when sinners and evil-doers will face its full wrath.

In some biblical accounts, the dragon is equated to Satan, the ruler of Hell.

Dragon Symbolism in African Culture

In most African legends and myths, the dragon and serpent are one and the same. Some myths indicate that the two are separate, but that they work in cahoots.

In Egyptian myths, the dragon is linked with the power of water. This beast is said to be very close to Seth, who later came to be associated with Lucifer.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the dragon carried out its destructive plans underwater, only to emerge and cause havoc above the ground.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the dragon was responsible for the deluge of the River Nile.

Oftentimes, these floods and deluges were destructive and would cause untold suffering to the population.

However, some myths indicate that the goodness of this beast could be seen when it brought rain and fertilization to the land.

Dragon Symbolism in Native American Culture

The Native American version of the dragon can be said to be the mythical Thunder Lizard. This creature found its way into myths when the people discovered the remains of dinosaurs.

The Native Americans believed that the dragon was there from the very beginning, and that it helped the Great Spirit with creation.

The Native tribes along the Californian coast believed that at the very beginning, there were two Gods – Thunder and Nagaicho.

The two deities collaborated to create the earth and fill it will all things, living and non-living. However, before long, a huge flood swept everything away.

It fell on the dragon to carry Nagaicho on his back to the bottom of the ocean, where they recreated everything that had been swept away by the flood waters.

Dragon Symbolism in Celtic Culture

The dragon features heavily in Celtic mythologies. The Celts believed that this beast had control of the 4 elements and cardinal directions.

The druids are said to have had a very special relationship with the dragon. It is from this mythical creature that they got their ancient wisdom, knowledge, and vitality.

Myths indicate that the dragon was the custodian of the entryways into the sacred realms. One had to have the dragon’s permission to access the world of the dead.

According to the ancient Anglo Saxons, the dragon had psychic and prophetic powers. It would impart wisdom on anyone it favored, but would utterly destroy anything that crossed its path.

Myths about dragons were so alive that this beast found its way onto the Welsh flag with the motto the red dragon leads us!

Dragon Symbolism in Eastern Culture

In China, there are dragons almost everywhere you look – from restaurants to casinos and temples. The Chinese use the dragon to express imperial majesty and power.

According to myth, the sky was divided into 9 heavens – with a dragon in charge of each heaven. Dragons were said to be the protector of the emperor.

They also advised him on the important military, economic, and spiritual matters.

The Chinese believed that dragons were so powerful that they would cause whirlwinds, thunder, lightning, and rain.

Dragons had a close connection to the sun and moon. Indeed, a common motif in China depicts two dragons playing with the sun.

Myths from other parts of Asia indicate that people came from dragons.

The Vietnamese believed that dragons are the guardians of the human race since they were there at the very beginning.

They took part in the creation of humanity.

When the Dragon is Your Spirit Animal

The dragon spirit animal comes into your life to open your mind to the world around you. With the knowledge and wisdom of this spirit guide you’ll be able to unleash your full potential.

The dragon spirit animal is all about growth and progress. It helps you protect your finances and expand your empire.

Also, this mythical creature enables you to rise above the pain and hurts of yesterday. It gives you the power to get rid of anger, resentment, and hatred.

You need this kind of support to build bridges over the chasms that separate you and your loved ones.

The Dragon Power Animal

Before you summon the dragon power animal, it is best that you equip yourself with everything there is to know about them.

Allow your mind and heart to grasp what dragons are, and what they spiritually stand for. This will give you a good foundation on how best to interact with them.

Once you have understood this concept, allow the dragon power animal to guide you. The important thing to remember is that your power guide cannot mislead you.

As such, you should have no misgivings about giving yourself fully to your power animal.

One way of acquainting yourself with this power guide is by keeping it close to you. Collect pictures or videos of the dragon and have a look at them every time you desire to connect with it.

The Dragon Totem Animal

Were you born with the dragon totem? Then, you’ll find yourself protecting those you love. People with the dragon totem are known for their fierceness.

All the same, you need to take care that you don’t use your strength and fierceness for the wrong reasons.

Use these qualities to create and not to destroy. Use them to promote the betterment of everyone in your circles.

The good news is that if you ask your totem guide for support, it will direct you towards good and not evil.

Dragon Encounters and Omens

An encounter with a Fire Dragon is a sign that you should take up leadership roles. To do so, you may have to transform yourself at a personal level.

Seeing a Water Dragon tells you to take charge of your future. This encounter reminds you that your destiny is firmly in your hands.

The sight of an Earth Dragon is a reminder that you have everything you need to sustain your needs.

An encounter with an Air Dragon is a sign that you should embrace change. This encounter encourages you to move with the flow of life because this is the only way to victory.

Dragon Tattoo Meaning

A dragon tattoo indicates that you are close to the supernatural and the real of true magick.

This tattoo indicates that you accept the blessings in your life with gratitude and humility. You are a spiritual person, and you’d like to use this gift to better your life.

Having a dragon tattoo is a sign that you’d like to create a strong connection with your dragon totem. You desire to get to know it better to invite it even closer into your life.

People with a dragon tattoo understand that the Law of Karma is very active in your life.

This means you act morally and ethically in the full knowledge that the energies you put out there always come back to you in one form or another.

What’s the Meaning of Dragon Dreams?

  • To dream of changing into a dragon indicates you are in charge of your life. Keep making the right decisions; everything will work out fine for you.
  • Dreaming of a dragon taking to the sky means you are under the protection of the dragon spirit animal.
  • To dream of riding dragons means your troubles are behind you. In a little while, you will welcome lots of positive energies into your life.
  • Dreaming of a talking dragon means your projects will mature within the stipulated time. Everything will work out according to plan.
  • To see dragons chasing each other across the sky show you’ll regain control of your life. You’ll get the support you need to face the hardships along your path.
  • To dream of killing a dragon shows you feel resentful about some happenings in your life. It could be that you feel stressed over some unmet goals.
  • Dreaming of being attacked by dragons shows some hardships with your goals and dreams.

Likely you are going about your hardships the wrong way, and you may have to re-evaluate your strategies.

Final Thoughts…

Although dragons have been portrayed negatively in some quarters, these mythical creatures are hostile only to those with evil intentions.

As your totem animal, you stand to gain a lot from the dragon’s hidden goodness.

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