Are you interested in Drawing Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

The meaning of dreams about drawing can be simple or complex. It all depends on your thoughts and feelings, and what you are going through in life.

Generally, someone has a drawing dream because something has made a big impact on their life.

There’s a need to learn from your drawing dream and take advantage of the opportunities it points to.

Some Specific Drawing Dream Meanings


#1 – Dream of Drawing in a Dream

This is a sign of hope.

Your positive efforts will drive you from a place of pain and loss to one of glory. Don’t give up on your dreams even if the going has been unusually tough for you.

The good work you are doing to rectify any setbacks will not be in vain.

#2 – Dream of Stopping Drawing

This dream reminds you that a change is as good as a rest. If what you have been pursuing no longer gives you happiness, don’t be afraid to move on to something else.

Change your boring routine into something more exciting. After all, you deserve to be happy.

#3 – Dream of Drawing for Fun

How do you spend your free time? This dream suggests the need to occupy yourself with beneficial projects and hobbies.

Some of the worst habits people pick happen when they are not occupied. This should inspire you to make your leisure time busy with beneficial pursuits.

#4 – Draw the Portrait of a Friend

This means you feel good about yourself. You are not afraid to spread positive energy to those you come into contact with.

This dream also indicates you are no longer bothered by outward appearances. Your objective is not to make impressions, but to achieve inner peace and happiness.

#5 – Dream of Drawing a Portrait of Your Boss

This dream warns you against undercutting your colleagues for personal gains.

It could be that you have falsely been led to believe that the only path to success is by bringing other people down.

The truth is that your success will come from hard work, patience, and resilience.

#6 – Dream of Drawing a Portrait of Your Partner

There are certain aspects of your partner that do not make you happy. Before you ask them to change, determine whether this is part of their personality or it is just a passing thing.

Have a candid talk with your partner to iron out any kinks in your relationship.

Try seeing things from their end, and see whether this changes your attitude towards the issue you are grappling with.

#7 – Dream of Drawing a Portrait of a Stranger

Your positive aura will help you attract the kind of people you want on this journey. It will be fairly easy for you to link up with like-minded individuals.

These are the kind of people you need to work with. They can see the potential in you, and they’ll keep challenging you to put your best foot forward.

#8 – Dream of Throwing Away a Drawing

You have been going about your goals and dreams the wrong way. Your perspective is skewed, and this dream wants you to look at things from the right angle.

To achieve this, you’ll have to work on your mindset. Get rid of old thinking patterns and embrace new ones.

#9 – Dream of Someone Else Drawing Your Portrait

Someone is closely monitoring your life. They keep tabs on where you go, whom you talk to, and what you share on social media.

Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on how the dream ends.

If you are happy about the portrait being drawn, it means your stalker is a secret admirer with no ill intentions.

#10 – Dream of Someone Stopping You from Drawing

You have a hidden enemy amongst your friends. Motivated by jealousy, someone you have come to trust wants to drag your name in the mud.

Or, this person could be a jealous colleague who wants all your achievements for themselves. Keep your eyes open; you have a responsibility to protect your interests.

#11 – Dream of Learning to Draw

This dream indicates you need to change certain aspects of your life. You feel you are in a rut, and the things that used to give you fun and joy no longer do.

These things have not changed; you have. By changing your mindset, a whole world of possibilities is open to you.

#12 – Dream of Teaching Someone to Draw

This dream encourages you to use your natural skills and talents to make your world a better place.

You are wise, intelligent, and generous. Use these to help others make meaning of their lives. A look around you will tell you where your intervention is most required.

#13 – Dream of Teaching Yourself to Draw

Depend more on your own skills and abilities rather than giving all your responsibilities to other people.

The truth is that you have what it takes to change the course of your life. You just need to believe in yourself.

#14 – Dream of Children Drawing

This is a sign that a young person in your life or neighborhood needs your attention. If you are a parent, this dream inspires you to take better care of your kids.

Purpose to spend quality time with them regularly despite your other commitments.

#15 – Dream of Your Drawing Getting Lost

To dream of a drawing getting lost means you are slowly losing your individuality. Out of your desire to fit in, you are allowing other people to have more say in your decisions.

This dream warns you that if this goes on, you’ll soon lose your independence.

#16 – Dream of Drawing with Chalk

This dream encourages you to equip yourself with experience, for you will need it in the days ahead. Attach yourself to your mentors and get close to those who have been there before you.

Despite the good grades you acquired at school or college, it is your skills and abilities that matter at the end of the day.

#17 – Dream of Drawing with Charcoal

Make an effort to be less anxious and worried about life. You are so worried about tomorrow that you fail to take positive action today.

The best way to handle worry and anxiety is by working on your goals and dreams.

#18 – Dream of Drawing with Crayons

Your inner child is crying for attention. You are inspired by the dreams you had as a child. This is a good thing because it makes you more trustworthy.

All the same, take care not to act childishly, especially at the workplace. Your bosses value initiative and maturity over childish displays of emotions.

#19 – Dream of Drawing with Ink

This dream indicates you have allowed your skills and talents to lie in disuse. You need to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to be better today than yesterday.

The longer your gifts remain unused; the more likely you are to lose the gains you have made so far.

#20 – Dream of Drawing with Blood

You are involved in greedy and unethical practices. This dream asks you not to rob people of their achievements and gains.

Since there’s enough for everyone, you just need to keep working hard.

#21 – Dream of an Expensive Portrait

It is not by accident that you are in this world. You are meant to carry out a special mandate before your time is up.

You’ll know the meaning of true peace and happiness once you discover what you are doing in this world.


Dreaming about drawing indicates you need to fully express yourself. Likely, your thoughts and feelings have been bottled up for too long.

You want the world to know who you are and what you stand for. The most important thing is to believe in yourself.

This dream reminds you that your destiny is in your hands. You can draw it in any way you want.

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